Led Lights For Poker Table

Building a lighted poker table can give your home poker game something that most of your other friends just can't offer... Something different. In this section I will show you exactly how to build a poker table with lights and give you the lighted poker table plans for free.

  1. Led Light Strips Poker Table

This build cost of this table is slightly higher than that of the standard oval poker table as you will need one additional sheet of wood, to raise your railing, as well as a string of rope lights. The presentation of the completed project more than offsets the additional costs in my opinion.

Led light strips poker table

How to build a poker table with lights. This lighted poker table build is very easy and does not require any specialt. The poker table features a solid wood panel with steel legs for strength and durability. Its playing surface is made of waterproof speed cloth, which is the preferred dealing surface for professional dealers and cards slide with ease when dealing on. The poker table also features an extra-thick armrest for comfort during long games. Bar Lighting Billiard Lamps Dogs Playing Poker Pool Table Light Some of the lamps and furniture we make - rustic - kitchen lighting and cabinet lighting - montreal - AES Mobile Studios Playing Card Poker Room / Pool Table Light – Tiffany Style Simulated Stained Glass Hanging Lamp. This means How To Build A Poker Table With Led Lights you can play more since you How To Build A Poker Table With Led Lights have more cash and this really improves your chances of winning. The best way of taking advantage of the top casino bonuses is by finding a promotion or an offer that best suits you.

Led Lights For Poker Table

To following is a complete guide on how to make a poker table with lights, but you can have the lighted poker table plans emailed directly to your inbox, along with all of our other free poker table plans, by going to our Poker Table Plans page and entering your name and email address. Be sure to also stop back by BYOPT and share some photos of your lighted poker table after you are finished with your build. Thanks!


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Customize Your Poker Table With Lights


UPDATE: Complete Step by Step instructions are now available for How To Build a Poker Table With Lights

There is no better way to make your poker table 'pop' than to add some lighting effects to it. There are several ways to go about this. You can have standard rope lights, chasing lights, flashing lights, or any combination that you can come up with. This page will deal with adding one rope around the table and you will be free to modify it however you like.

Recessed Lighting

What we ideally want to do is have light on our poker table without actually seeing the lights. To achieve this goal we use recess lighting. All you have to do is make a slight modification to the raised railing plans to make a space for your rope lighting. Below is a cross section of what your railing should look like.

To attach your lights all you need is staples and zip ties. Attach your staples to piece E and zip tie your rope light to the staples. Then run the rope all the way around the table. Drill an outlet for your lights to reach power and you will have a really nice lighted poker table.

Led Light Strips Poker Table

For more variations on your poker table visit our variations section. Also if you have ideas of your own be sure to let us know in the forum on through the contact page. If you build a poker table and our plans helped out give something back. Share some photos of your table.