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Craps practice + I hit the All-Tall-Small in 15 shots! Author: Jesse Published Date: November 24, 2020 Leave a Comment on Craps practice + I hit the All-Tall-Small in 15 shots! Total Page Visits: 10 - Today Page Visits: 3. I played craps at Cromwell last fall and if my memory is correct, their tables have switched to all/small/tall. I enjoy the firebet so I will be keeping an eye on this thread for any other current sightings in vegas! For a bad odds bet, it can be a nice cherry on top of a heater. All Small, 34 to 1, 2-3-4-5-6; All Tall, 34 to 1, 8-9-10-11-12; All or nothing at All, 175 to 1, 2-3-4-5-6-8-9-10-11-12; Marc asked if someone could determine true odds on those bets. That’s not as simple as it might seem because these are not one-roll bets like any craps, or a bet on one result compared to another like a hard 10.

  • Las Vegas Craps Odds. Most craps tables on the Las Vegas Strip offer 3/4/5 times odds. This means that a player can wager three times the flat bet on a 4 and 10, four times on a five and 9, and five times on a six and eight. The maximum win with odds on any of these numbers equals six times the flat bet.
  • These are the four hardway bets. Obviously, a 1+1 and 6+6 roll exist, but these have other names: Snake Eyes for the 1+1 and Boxcars for the 6+6. Since snake-eyes and boxcars are two of the three craps rolls, bets on the number combination are treated differently.

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* Warning – If You Play Craps – You Will Lose *

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Craps ATS – ALL TALL SMALL Side Bet – Fun but hard side bet to try to win at craps!

Apr 17, 2020

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Fire Bet

The Fire Bet pays based on how many unique points a shooter can make before sevening out. Please see my page on the Fire Bet for the rules rules and analysis.

Different Doubles

The Different Doubles pays based on the number of distinct doubles the shooter rolls before a seven. Please see my page on the Different Doubles for the rules rules and analysis.

Ride the Line

Details about this side bet can be found in my Ride the Line page.

Muggsy's Corner

This is a simple side bet that wins if the come out roll is a seven or a 'point-7' (point established and seven on the next roll). For the full rules and analysis, please see my page on Muggsy's Corner.

Hard Rockin' Dice

This set of three side bets, originally called the Hot Hand, can be found at the Hard Rock Cincinnati. They if various sets of totals are rolled before a seven. Please see my page on Hard Rockin' Dice for more information.

Low Dice, High Dice

All Tall Small Craps Odds Chart

This pair of bets are based on the total of the dice in one throw. The 'Low Dice' bet pays 1 to 1 on totals of 3 to 6 and 5 to 1 on a total of 2. The 'High Dice' pays 1 to 1 on totals of 8 to 11 and 5 to 1 on a total of 12. The following return table on the Low Dice bet shows the house edge is 5.56%. The High Dice bet is the opposite so has the same house edge.

Low Bet

3 to 6140.38888910.388889
7 to 12210.583333-1-0.583333

Card Craps

In some jurisdictions, namely California, dice alone may not determine the outcome of a bet. In the game of 'Card Craps' 24-card decks are used each consisting of ranks ace to six in all four suits. Two cards are drawn to simulate the roll of the dice. If the suits are different the 'roll' stands. If the suits are the same, then the roll is ignored for all craps bets. The odds on all craps bets are the same as if dice were used.

However, there is an extra bet called the 'No Call.' This bet pays 3 to 1 if the two cards are suited, otherwise it loses. The house edge depends on the number of 24-card decks used as shown below.

Card Craps - No Call Bet

DecksProbabilityHouse Edge

Midway Bet

The Showboat in Atlantic City I'm told has a Midway bet in the normal location of the Big 6 and Big 8 on a total of 6 to 8 in the next roll. A hard 6 or 8 pay 2 to 1, and all other totals of 6 to 8 pay 1 to 1. The following table shows the house edge is 5.56%.

Midway Bet

Hard 6,820.05555620.111111
Soft 6,880.22222210.222222
All other200.555556-1-0.555556

Bonus Craps (Small, Tall, & All)

Bonus Craps is a set of three side bets, the Small, Tall, and All. For all the details, please visit my Bonus Craps page.

Four Rolls no Seven

I hear that Sam's Town in both Las Vegas and Shreveport offer this bet. The bet wins if the shooter can go four throws without rolling a seven. A win pays 1 to 1. The odds are as follows.

Four Rolls no Seven


Golden Dice Challenge

The 'Golden Dice Challenge' is a craps side bet found at the MGM Grand in Detroit. The bet pays according to the number of pass line wins the player has before a seven-out. For purposes of the side bet, a win may be made either by rolling a 7 or 11 on the come out roll, or making a point. Rolling a 2, 3, or 12 on the come out roll does not affect the bet. There is a maximum win of $5,000.

The following return table shows the pays, probabilities, and return from each event, based on a $1 bet.

Golden Dice Challenge Return Table for $1 Bet

20 or more5000 to 10.0000080.037819
17 to 192000 to 10.0000370.07358
15 to 161000 to 10.00010.099877
13 to 14100 to 10.0003250.032478
11 to 1250 to 10.0010560.052806
9 to 1025 to 10.0034340.085858
7 to 810 to 10.0111680.111678
5 to 65 to 10.0363160.181578
0 to 4Loss0.947557-0.947557

Assuming the maximum win is $5000 the following is the house edge for various bet amounts.

Golden Dice Challenge House Edge by Amout Bet

BetHouse Edge

7 Point 7

7 Point 7 is a craps side bet, which debuted at the Orleans casino in Las Vegas, in late 2008. I have also seen it at the Hard Rock in Macau under the name 'Double Trip Seven.' The bet wins if the player gets a seven on the come out roll, or the dreaded 'point 7,' where the player sevens out on his second roll. The following table shows a house edge of 5.56%.

7 Point 7 Return Table

7 on come out roll20.1666670.333333
Point 730.1111110.333333

Sharp Shooter

The 'Sharp Shooter' is a side bet in craps spotted at the Hooters casino in Las Vegas in March, 2009. I hear it was removed in 2014.

The bet is made when a new shooter takes the dice, and pays according to how many times he makes a point. The following table shows what each number of points made pays and the probability. Pays have been converted to a 'to one' basis, to be consistent with the rest of this page. The lower right cell shows a house edge of 21.87%.

Sharp Shooter — Return Table

10 or more2990.0001220.03644
2 or less-10.933047-0.933047

Double Trip Seven

I noticed this bet at the City of Dreams in Macau in August 2009. It is the same thing as the7 Point 7 bet aleady described.

Point Seven

I saw this side bet at the 2009 Global Gaming Expo, and in June 2010 at the Las Vegas Hilton. It is licensed by Casino Gaming LLC. It is a side wager made on the come out roll. If the player rolls a point, and then a seven on the second roll, the bet pays 7 to 1. All other outcomes lose. The following table shows the house edge is 11.11%.

Point Seven



Replay is a craps side bet I spotted at the Boulder Station on September 16, 2010. It pays if the shooter makes the same point at least 3 times before sevening out. For my full analysis, please see my page on the Replay side bet.

Twice as Nice

Twice as Nice is a side bet that has been seen at an unknown casino in Biloxi. It wins if the shooter throws any specific pair, including a total of 2 and 12, twice before a seven. For example, rolling a hard 10 twice before a 7. Wins pay 6 to 1. The following table shows a house edge of 29.40%.

Twice as Nice

All tall small craps odds against

A win of 7 to 1 would have a house edge of 19.31%, and 8 to 1 would be 9.22%.

Pete and Repeat

Pete and Repeat has also been seen at the same mystery casino in Biloxi. It wins if any total is rolled twice before a 7. Wins pay even money. The following table shows a house edge of 5.79%.

Pete and Repeat


Double D

In April 2012 I heard this side bet was being offered at the Harrington Raceway casino in Harrington, Delaware. It pays if the shooter makes at least four unique doubles before he sevens out. Come out rolls do not count. The following table shows all the possible outcomes, what they pay (on a 'to one' basis), the probability, and return. The lower right cell shows a house edge of 14.71%.

Double D

0 to 3-10.969696-0.969696

Broad Bar 12

In April 2012 I heard this side bet was being offered at the Harrington Raceway casino in Harrington, Delaware. It acts like a place bet, winning on any double except 6-6, and losing on seven. The following return table shows the a house edge of 1.52%, per bet resolved.

Broad Bar 12 — Not Counting Pushes

Double, except 6-61.16666750.4545450.530303

Hot Roller

On December 27, 2013, a member of my Wizard of Vegas forum posted about seeing this side bet at the Dover Downs casino in Delaware. It pays based on how many 'completed points' the shooter gets before rolling a seven. The shooter completes a point when he rolls it in all possible ways. For example, to complete a point of eight the shooter would need to roll a 2+6, 3+5, and 4+4. Following are the complete rules.

  1. The bet may be made only on a come out roll.
  2. The bet will be resolved when the shooter rolls a seven.
  3. The bet pays according to how many 'completed points' the shooter achieves.
  4. To complete a point, the shooter must roll the given total all possible ways. The following list shows all the ways to roll each total.
    • 4: 1+3, 2+2
    • 5: 1+4, 2+3
    • 6: 1+5, 2+4, 3+3
    • 8: 2+6, 3+5, 4+4
    • 9: 3+6, 4+5
    • 10: 4+6, 5+5
  5. The player must complete at least two points to win. The following table shows how much each number of completed points pays.

Hot Roller Pay Table

6200 to 1
550 to 1
420 to 1
310 to 1
25 to 1
0 or 1Loss
All tall small craps odds chart

The following table shows the probability and contribution to the return for all possible outcomes. The lower right cell shows a house edge of 7.50%. There are certainly much worse things you could bet on in craps.

Hot Roller Return Table

0 or 1-10.912360-0.912360

My methodology was a random simulation of 28 billion resolved bets.


Repeater is a set of craps side bets I noticed at the Suncoast casino in Las Vegas on April 6, 2015. The idea is that the player must roll a given number a specified number of times before a seven. For bets on 2 to 6, the player must roll that total the same number of times as the total itself. For example, for the bet on the number five to win, the shooter must roll 5 fives before a seven. For totals of 8 to 12, the player must roll the total 14 less whatever the total is. For example, on a total of 11, the player must roll an eleven 14-11=3 times before a seven.

The following is what each specific bet pays:
  • 2: 40 for 1
  • 3: 50 for 1
  • 4: 65 for 1
  • 5: 80 for 1
  • 6: 90 for 1
  • 8: 90 for 1
  • 9: 80 for 1
  • 10: 65 for 1
  • 11: 50 for 1
  • 12: 40 for 1

The following table shows the probability of winning and house edge of each bet.

Repeater — Suncoast Rules

(for 1)

At Caesars Palace I noticed they added a 'Dealer Envy' win to the same Suncoast pay table above. The following table shows the return to the player, the dealer, and the total.

Repeater — Caesars Palace Dealer Envy Rules


It should be noted that the player can achieve the same thing by parlaying place/buy bets. Here is the same chart for the better of place and buy bets. This assumes a buy bet on the 4 with commission on a win only (effective odds of 59 for 20), place bet on the 5 paying 7 to 5, and place bet on the 6 paying 7 to 6.

Place/Buy Parlay Strategy

(for 1)

Note how the house edge is lower on the 4 and 6 making place/buy bets, but greater on the 5.

According to the patent application for the Repeater Bets there are some other variants, as follows:

  • Variant 1: Come out rolls don't count. In this version, the player can only lose on a 'seven out' but any numbers rolled on a come out roll don't help either. The patent application doesn't specifically say that other numbers on a come out roll don't help, but it is implied by saying that the casino may choose to let the player turn the repeater bets on and off on a come out roll. Why would any player turn them off if the player could only advance on a come out roll and not lose?
  • Variant 2: The player may also bet on a 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12. The win and number of rolls required are the same as the mirror image number below seven. For example, a player must roll 6 eights on the eight bet, which pays 90 for 1.
  • Variant 3: The player may also bet on a 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12. However, unlike variant 2, the player must still achieve the given number that many times to win. For example, for a bet on eight, the shooter must roll 8 eights before a seven to win. The odds under this variant are shown below.

Repeater — 'Variant 3' rules

(for 1)

Under 7, Over 7

All Tall Small Craps Odds Against

The over and under 7 are a pair of side bets I noticed at the New York, New York on January 6, 2017. You can find them where the Big 6 and 8 bets used to be. Both bets pay even money bets and win if the next roll is over/under a 7. So, a total of 7 causes both to lose. The probability of winning is 15/36=41.67% and the house edge is 16.67% (ouch!).

Hard Way Place Bets


On May 30, 2017 I noticed place bets on the hard ways on the craps tables at the Orleans casino in Las Vegas. These would win if the specified hard way, for example 5-5, where rolled before a total of seven. Each bet pays 5 to 1.

The following return table shows a house edge of 14.29%, ignoring rolls that neither win nor lose.

Hard Way Place Bets


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  • Las Vegas craps survey — The max odds bet allowed at each casino.
Written by: Michael Shackleford