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This NPC can be found in Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj. On kill: +100 Reputation withBrood of Nozdormu until Exalted +300 Reputation withCenarion Circle until Exalted. A guide to Silithid Royalty in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ40) with strategy advice (including role by role summary), explanations of abilities, and full loot. This page lists the loot found on bosses in the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj. Trash Mobs in AQ20 have a small chance to drop epic and rare items, however these are not specific to the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj. The trash mobs also drop the the uncommon scarabs and rare idols needed for the Ahn'Qiraj loot quests. All the bosses in the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj also have a chance of drop one of several enchanting.

This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition.
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This is the loot tables/trade tables documentation for Bedrock Edition 1.16.1.

Version: v1.16.1

Getting Started[edit]

Creating Loot Tables[edit]

  • Loot table and trade table JSONs are created in subfolders of the root behavior pack folder; loot tables in the loot_tables folder and trade tables in the trading folder. Some vanilla files belong in subfolders within those folders, such as the newer villager trades.
  • Example of a loot table file named custom_loot_table.json at loot_tables/entities folder:
  • From this example, we can see that the loot table would drop one string.

Applying Loot Tables[edit]

  • Applying loot tables on an entity requires the minecraft:loot component in your entity. Refer to the Entities documentation to learn more about entity components.
  • Applying loot tables on a block requires the minecraft:loot component in your block. Refer to the Blocks documentation to learn more about block components.
  • Applying trade tables on an entity requires the minecraft:trade_table or minecraft:economy_trade_table component in your entity.


  • Crash
    • The game will crash if your loot table has bad syntax when spawning an entity with equipment, killing an entity, breaking a custom block outside creative, opening edited chest loot, fishing, or interacting with an entity that drops items.
    • The game will crash if the trade table has bad syntax when opening the trade UI or loading the world, or will display the trades blank.
  • Equipment Table
    • Only a helmet, chestplate, Illager banner, leggings, elytra, and boots can be equipped in an entity's armor slots.
    • An entity can't wear a carved pumpkin, mob heads, or custom armor, but can hold one in its main hand.
    • Items that can be placed in player off-hand such as a shield can be held in an entity's off-hand.
  • Trade Table
    • 'wants' key in trade tables does not currently accept items with functions, meaning that it will display the item in trade but will accept any item that matches this item, even if it's not named, enchanted, or has custom lore.
    • Trade table behavior-component must be added in as a component group in 'component groups' and not added directly in the 'components' or the trades will all render blank even though the JSON may use the correct syntax.
    • Economy Trade Table behavior-component works in both 'component groups' and 'components'.
  • Enchant
    • Random enchants will not work on items that can't be enchanted in game (e.g. diamond, stone, apple), but weapons, tools, and armor can.
    • Enchants with 'levels' will use XP levels to enchant with a range of 'min' to 'max'.


  • Conditions are mainly used to allow specific loot table entries to be used.
  • Conditions are optional.
  • Conditions can be used in loot table functions. Check Functions section for more information.
  • Loot table condition example:


Returns true if the defined actor's properties were executed.

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
entityString'this'The entity to test. The value must be only 'this'.
propertiesJSON Object{}The entity's properties; 'on_fire' and 'on_ground' are used for now.


Returns true if the actor's mark variant is matched to the value.

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
valueInteger64Tests for the actor's mark variant (if it has one).


Returns the condition true if the actor of the loot table is killed by the player.


Returns the condition true if the actor of the loot table is killed by player or entities that has owner.


Sets a random chance of the specified value.

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
chanceDecimal0.0The random chance of the value.


Sets a random chance of the specified value. Looting enchantment increases the random chance multiplier.

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
chanceDecimal0.0The random chance of the value.
looting_multiplierDecimal0.0The multiplier for the chance if the target entity has the looting enchant that affects the actor.


Sets a random chance of the specified value based on the level difficulty.

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
default_chanceDecimal0.0The default random chance if the level difficulty is not assigned.
peacefulDecimal0.0The default random chance if the level difficulty is in peaceful. Omitting this field will set the value to 'default_chance' field.
easyDecimal0.0The default random chance if the level difficulty is in easy. Omitting this field will set the value to 'default_chance' field.
normalDecimal0.0The default random chance if the level difficulty is in normal. Omitting this field will set the value to 'default_chance' field.
hardDecimal0.0The default random chance if the level difficulty is in hard. Omitting this field will set the value to 'default_chance' field.


Sets a max regional difficulty random chance of the specified value.

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
max_chanceDecimal0.0The maximum random chance value allowed.



Increases the likelihood of the enchants being powerful. Example:


Will enchant the item completely random but do note 'treasure': true will increase the chance of a better enchantment.

Aq 40 Loot List


Will only use enchantments that can be used on gear such as looting, silk touch, mending, etc., 'chance' increases likely hood that it will be enchanted at all, example: 0.5 = 50%, 1.0 = 100%.


You can specifically enchant gear.

  • See Enchants for all possible enchantments.


Will drop or give a damaged item with 0.5 = 50% damage remaining, 0.75 = 75% damage remaining.


Will drop or give a block item with a data value. Example: white wool is 0, black wool is 15.


Will drop or give a written book with author's name and book title.

  • Do not try passing the limit of text per page in the JSON file or the game may crash upon dropping the book or when the player tries opening the book in-game after picking it up/collecting it.
  • rawtext is supported pages to translate strings and do other cool stuff, see rawtext documentation for more information.
  • When using rawtext remember to use escape for special characters like ' and


Will drop or give a chest, dispenser, dropper, etc. with a custom loot table.



Will drop set items in a given range.

  • When used in 'gives' in villager trades, villagers will give the player 1 to 3 items upon loading the trade initially.


  • For drop loot, will increase the dropped amount of items using the looting enchantment
  • For equipment gear, will increase chance to drop by percentage of items using the looting enchantment.


Will drop a smelted item's result. Example: beef => cooked beef, iron ore => iron ingot. This example also shows how to access entity properties such as 'on_fire', 'on_ground'.

  • Refer to Conditions for loot table conditions.


Will drop a sheep's color wool based on the 'minecraft:color' behavior component For example, 'minecraft:color':0 will drop white wool.


Aq 40 Loot Table

Will drop an illager banner item ('type': 1). Types 0 and 2+ are unused.


Will drop a map that has an X marking a location.

  • Value is /locate command name, such as 'monument', 'mansion', 'village', 'stronghold', 'temple', 'ruins', 'shipwreck', 'pillageroutpost', 'buriedtreasure', 'mineshaft', 'endcity', 'fortress', 'ruinedportal', 'bastionremnant'. These only work in the correct dimension, with ruined portals being locatable in both the overworld and nether.


Will set enchantments randomly using the players' current enchantment seed in the player.dat, or local player to choose the enchantment when initially loading the trade on the entity.

  • Can only be used on trades; this will not work on chest loot, entity drops, entity equipment, fishing loot, or block drop loot.
  • 'base_cost' is the min number used when generating a range for the enchantment.
  • 'base_random_cost' is the max number used when generating a range for the enchantment.
  • 'per_level_random_cost' is the max cost number used when generating a range and is the cost of XP needed to attach the enchantment to an item using an anvil.
  • 'per_level_cost' is the min cost number used when generating a range and is the cost of XP needed to attach the enchantment to an item using an anvil.


Will choose a random block state value using the 'block_state': 'value'-specified, example, 'coral_color', 'flower_type', 'sapling_type'.

  • Uses the internal block state names. Check bedrock edition's block state names for the key.
  • This does not set the damage or data values on the block but instead sets the block state in NBT on the item when dropped.


Will drop or give a non-block item with a data value. Example: effects of suspicious stew or tipped arrow.


Will drop or give an item with custom lore on it. The recommended amount of characters per line is 37, including spaces. Going past this may cause characters to display offscreen on lower resolutions, consoles, or mobile devices.


Will drop or give an item with a custom name.


Will set a spawn_egg item to an entity identifier. If 'id' is omitted as a parameter, then it will drop its own entity identifier.


Will set leather armor with random dye.


Will set material of items based on trader type.

  • Can only be used on trades.


aqua_affinityspeeds up how fast you mine blocks underwater
bane_of_arthropodsincreases attack damage against arthropods such as spiders, silverfish, etc.
blast_protectiondecreases blast and explosion damage
channelingsummons a lightning bolt at an entity when the enchanted trident is thrown, note: the entity must be in the rain
curse_of_bindingprevent removal of armor from armor slot
curse_of_vanishingitem will disappear upon death, instead of dropped.
depth_striderspeeds up how fast you swim under the water
efficiencyincreases how fast you can mine
feather_fallingdecreases fall damage and teleportation damage
fire_aspectsets entity that is hit to be on fire.
fire_protectiondecreases damage caused by fire damage and lava damage
flamemakes arrows on fire so when they hit an entity it sets them on fire
fortuneincrease block drops from mining blocks such as gold ore, diamond ore & redstone ore, etc.
frost_walkerfreezes water into ice blocks so you can walk on top of the ice
impalingincreases attack damage against sea creatures such as squid, drowned, cod, etc.
infinityallows you to shoot an infinite amount of arrows
knockbackincreases knockback damage against all entities, (entities will fly backwards)
lootingincreases the loot quantity dropped when the entity is killed
loyaltyreturns the trident to the entity after throwing
luck_of_the_seaincreases chances of catching valuable items while fishing
lureincreases the chance rate of fish biting your hook from your fishing rod
mendinguses the players XP to mend their tools, weapons and armor
multishotallows the entity to shoots 3 arrows at once but only uses 1 arrow from the entities inventory
piercingarrow can pierce through multiple entities while flying
projectile_protectionreduces projectile damage from arrows, fireballs, tridents, etc.
protectionnormal protection against attacks, fire, lava, and falling
punchincreases knockback damage against all entities with arrows, (entities will fly backwards)
quick_chargedecreases the amount of time it takes to reload with a crossbow.
respirationincreases underwater breathing & helps you see underwater better use on helmets,
riptidepushes the player forward when enchanted trident is thrown while in water or when you are in the rain.
sharpnessincreases attack damage on a sword or axe.
silk_touchmines the blocks that can't be mined under normal means, e.g. Grass Blocks, Pathway Blocks, Ice.
smiteincreases attack damage against undead entities like zombies, skeletons, etc.
soul_speedIncreases the speed of the player while walking on Soul Sand and Soul Soil.
powerIncreases all the damage dealt by a bow when applied.
thornscauses damage to the attacking entities.
unbreakingchance of not reducing durability when using an item.
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So with AQ on the horizon, I wanted to share my ideas on loot priority, gear setup, and ultimately, who gets what purple pixels put into their toons bags.
The Prophet Skeram
Plate LOL. Nothing interesting here.

The Bug Trio
Priest Prio.
My reasoning is druids and shamans have the Wild Growth Spaulders available to them from MC with higher +healing.
Druids and Priests benefit more from +healing while shamans gain more from mp5. But god damn, this is a sexy ring.
ShamanPrio. (with conditions)
This is a slight upgrade from the Silithus Lord neck. However, this is an upgrade from Jin'do's Evil Eye for Priests and Druids, but we should get the pre-C'thun BIS from the AQ20 Ossirian the Unscarred Head hand-in quest.
Battleguard Sartura
+Healing does far more for druids than it does for shamans. Additionally, spirit. =)
NO Prio.
Lok'Amir or Jin'do's Hexxer will most likely be in the hands of the Druids/Shamans, while the exalted Cenarion Circle mace or Fang of Korialstrasz in the Priests hand. Obviously, in order to be considered they have to have a suitable mainhand.
Fankriss the Unyielding
Priests want to maintain their 3 piece set, and that generally consists of the bracers, robe, shoulder, gloves. Pick 3. Additionally, Priests have the Truefaith Vestments chest item. The upgrade for a Shaman or Druid in getting this item is considerably larger than for a Priest.

Aq20 Loot Table

NO Prio...but Priest...kinda
This item is used primarily for Loatheb. The reason I put Priest Prio, is only due to the ability Priests have to increase our spell critical by 25% for a spell, and a crit heal will make a larger shield than a non-crit obviously. HOWEVER, if a Druid has the 5/5 Improved Regrowth and has the 50% crit modifier on it, AND if HoT's trigger a shield, then perhaps Druids should be first? Or next? I'm not certain. Also something to consider is that for Loatheb we will be gearing differently, but also Healing Touch gets full 100% power from +heal gear, while most other heals are less. This item needs to be tested.
Princess Huhuran
Spirit. Leather. Lots of +heal. Obvious drood item.
Druids have the Wasphide Gauntlets which are a linear upgrade from the T2 gloves, also gloves generally are one of the pieces that Druids want to maintain for their 3pt2. These gloves have a ridiculous amount of regen on them. Priests should think twice before jumping on these however, because the 3 piece must be maintained in AQ gear.
NO Prio.
The high +healing, in addition to the regen makes this the linear upgrade for Priests and Druids from their Cauterizing Band/Pure Elementium Band BIS set from BWL +. Also an upgrade for Shamans from Ring of Blackrock.
The Twin Emperors
Leather. High +Heal. This is an upgrade from Corehound Belt or Sash of Mercy.
NO Prio. Gear Dependent.
Here's the thing with this item. Its high +heal. So yay Priests/Druids. However, Priests maintain their 3pt2 by BRACER, then shoulder, chest, glove...pick 2 others. Druids via BRACER, shoulder/leg, GLOVE. And shaman want regen. So this is basically whomever it would be the biggest upgrade for/who wants it.
Get off our pimp hat yo! BiS for all healer classes, and BiS for style as well. Holy shit this thing is good. Its a huge upgrade for any healer. If you have Crystal Adorned Crown or Deviate Growth Cap, you should let those without it get this first however. Even so, its BiS until 8 piece T3.
NO Prio.
We all have the same selections ultimately. This is an upgrade for any healer class.
NO Prio.
Same as above. Spirit! ITS A PRIEST ITEM. High +Heal! ITS A DRUID ITEM! MP5! ITS A SHAMAN ITEM! The answer is yes to all 3.
NO Prio.Priest?
Ok so here's the thing. This is literally the BEST IN GAME for Priests. Period. When going 8p Faith (Tier 3), and the different options you have, since you have 9 pieces of T3 to choose from, this is literally the best thing you can have equipped. Given perfect itemization of course, but it is literally ENDGAME perfection. Belt of Faith, Earthshatter Girdle, Dreamwalker Girdle. But back to gear that will be available. Priests are upgrading from either T2 Belt, ZG Belt (Shoulder/Belt Combo), or Firemaw's Clutch or Whipvine Cord. Druids are going from Vek's Belt, Corehound Belt or T2 Belt. Shamans are going from T2 Belt, Whipvine Cord, or Corehound Belt. So, it IS Best in Game for Priests, but it would be an upgrade for everyone involved. So there is that.
NO Prio.
Man, how I'd REALLY like to say Priest. But this is one of the many reasons why guilds who were progressing in Naxx still did AQ40.
FROMImperial Qiraji Regalia HANDIN:

Aq20 Loot Table

(Chance drop from all bosses)
AFTER killing the Twin Emperors, you can handin the Imperial Qiraji Regalia and 3x

Aq Loot Table Vanilla

Elementium Ore

Ahn'qiraj Loot Table

for this:
NO Prio.

Aq 20 Classic

It's amazing for all classes. Put this in your hands and you basically have a perfect balance of high +Heal AND the best Regen setup you can get for mp5.