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  • Another popular Call Bet (or Announced Bet) is the Tiers Du Cylindre bet. We have illustrated this below on a French Roulette table layout. The bet means literally “Thirds of the Wheel”. It is also called the Series 5/8 bet Play the Tiers du Cylindre on 32Red’s Premier Roulette Here It covers around one third of the wheel as follows.
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On this online roulette method site you will discover the traps to avoid and recommended methods to win at online roulette.

Roulette lets you choose to gamble on a number, group or color or a combination of numbers. Roulette is the perfect game to get instantly rich if you have a massive token threshold (Over 20000). DublinBet the best online casino for roulette As an online roulette player you should probably know the most famous online casino DublinBet. If you don't know it you can visit their website and read the rest of the article. Dublinbet, Lucky31, Fatboss and CasinoExtra are part of the same group, so you can find the same tables as those presented below. The return of DublinBet DublinBet was one.

Below are guidelines on how to win at roulette.

Winning at Roulette: Before depositing at an online casino (preferably live).

To win at roulette you will have to deposit at an online casino.

First of all, it is important to learn more about the casino. The minimum is to type on Google “Reviews Dublinbet Casino” or other. You will have a general opinion if there are any, via forums and other specialized sites such as Bonus No Deposit Casino. You should take comments that are too complimentary or too negative with a pinch of salt, we all know that some of the opinions are made up. The most important thing for you is that when you deposit at a casino, you can get paid when you win, because you will win at roulette.

Secondly never accept bonuses on online casinos, there is always a trap in general you must bet between 30 and 50 times your deposit. This leaves you with little chance of regular withdrawals and more likely to be scammed if the casino does not want to pay you in the end.

Finally, don’t bet more than you can afford. In general I recommend to play for a time as short as possible, to stop playing after a gain or loss of 10% of the invested capital. You have to know how to manage your limits so that you don’t lose everything in 10 minutes.

Onwhich casino to deposit so as not to lose at roulette?

You can deposit at any casino taking care of the above recommendation (bonus, reliability, payment and withdrawal method, HTTPS). Dublinbet, Lucky 31 , Fatboss Casinoand CasinoExtra are excellent casinos that the community recommends. Deposit your money at the right online casino, tested and verified, to avoid any problems.

How to win at roulette? My answer in 2 words

Whether you win or lose, knowing when to stop is the key!

What deposit/withdrawal method should I use to win at roulette?

I recommend that you be wary of credit card deposits. Personally I use mainly Neteller or Skrill. This avoids leaving my bank details everywhere on the Internet.

If you ever use your Credit Card, check that you are in HTTPS (S= Secure).

How to play and win roulette like a professional.

Of course it is advisable to use methods / strategy that works (more or less well). That’s the basis! When you are the owner of a company you absolutely must have a strategy, otherwise you will never earn money. Here it’s the same thing, you must have a strategy to win at online roulette.

If you play on electronic roulettes, the best trick is to play between 5 and 10 methods in a random order. Why would you tell me? Simply because the casino identifies how you play and adapts to it. If you play the famous hawk martingale method (doubling on a simple chance when you lose) the casino will start to come out series of 5 then 10 then 15 red in a row. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

I always recommend playing at Live casinos with live dealers. The best thing is when there are players at the table, it makes you feel even more comfortable. If you are in Europe, Dublinbet Casino has many live tables from a real casino. There is often someone playing at the same time as you.


If you have little money, you should bet little and increase the limits as you go along.


Set monthly rather than daily goals because you will want to do everything to win at roulette every day, when it is not always possible. You have to know how to accept to lose and win the next day. The important thing is not to lose everything on a whim (it’s happened to me before…) (we all say to ourselves somewhere in our heads “I’m going to get my money back” the problem is that we want to do it again right away… Wrong strategy). If at the end of the month you are in the positive (even 1€) it is GREAT, and don’t forget that you could have lost everything.

Don’t play with your emotions. Apply the roulette method you play and don’t play random numbers because it’s your birthday, you saw a license plate with the number 9… all this will make you lose unnecessarily.

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The methods I recommend to win at roulette:

One of my favorite roulette methods for full numbers is the 120 method or how to win on the 0. Easy to understand, ideal for a small budget because there is almost no need to double, excellent result for me. Sometimes a little long, especially live, to combine with other methods.

A second method of roulette that I regularly use is the line bet roulette method. Also suitable for small budgets, very good result if you expect a gap. My last roulette method, the straight up, is exceptional with 100€ in 20 minutes, result to beat. 🙂

The roulette method I give when you subscribe to the newsletter is also interesting but more dangerous, you need to have at least 200 coins in front of you. I regularly win 2 to 3 times in a row. Reply to the email if you want to know how to apply it properly.

Finally, the idea of the method on dozens and columns is interesting and similar to the line bet method. I also recommend it.

I also play the ACCOUSUR roulette method that my father bought. Excellent result but difficult to handle. If you know it we can talk about it. 🙂

Is it possible to win at roulette in the long run?

Everything is possible as long as we give ourselves the means to achieve our goals.

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Method, rigour and composure are all you need to succeed. Without a roulette method you will not get anywhere! Without rigour you will play with your emotions at any moment? and you will end up losing. You need composure because sometimes you put a lot on the table and you say to yourself: “I hope it will come out”, if you are unlucky and it doesn’t come out, you will need rigour to be able to stop.

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Winning at Roulette: The final word

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Follow the tips above and I guarantee you that you will improve and generate profits.