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  • Playing on an online casino site in Australia means that you are most likely playing a pokie game developed by a company like Aristocrat. Trusted software companies like this are the backbone of online gambling in Australia.
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The majority of Australia’s online betting sites are licensed in the Northern Territory, although some hold multiple licenses. BetEasy, Sportsbet and Bet365 are all regulated by the Northern Territory Government, while Palmerbet holds gambling licenses in the Palmer brothers’ home state of New South Wales.

Our Top Picks for the Land Down Under.

Australians love to gamble, whether it involves playing at an upscale casino or wagering on the results of a coin toss down at the pub. Online gambling in Australia has also been on the rise in recent years, a trend that’s expected to continue as more residents obtain Internet service or mobile devices.

Best Australia Gambling Sites of 2020 – We like to gather together lists of top gambling websites, and this time we’ve done the same for our Australian visitors. Without further ado, here’s our list of best gambling sites for Australia.

What Do These Sites Have In Common?

  • All Aussie-friendly deposit methods available (like POLi and Paysafecard).
  • Great promotions, great software, great service.
  • Each of these sites caters to customers from !

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The Cost of Aussie Gambling

According to recent studies, the average Australian resident spends AUD $1,172 on gambling each year. More than 80% of the population engages in some form of gaming, with annual losses falling into the range of $20 billion. In 2014, the gambling industry generated $5.44 billion in tax revenue for the nation.

While the largest percentage of yearly gaming expenditures go to land-based options such as pokies (slot machines), the online industry is beginning to close the gap. Australians spend AUD $960 million annually on Internet gambling, with more than half of this going to licensed virtual bookmakers.

Most residents view online and land-based gaming as harmless fun, but opponents point to a number of causes for concern. Gamblers who play on a weekly basis are estimated to spend around AUD $7,000 annually, and those with addictions can run through almost $1,500 per hour (with an average loss of $21,000 per year).

Teenagers are also becoming more involved in online gambling, with a recent poll finding that 2% have tried real-money gaming sites. Considering that 18 to 24-year-olds play pokies more than any other age group, it’s not surprising that the younger generation would quickly turn to the Internet as their source of entertainment.

Why do Australians Love to Gamble?

There are two main schools of thought on this subject. The first involves the history of the nation and a long-standing idea of “big risk, big reward.” Settling Australia was no easy task, and those involved often faced a hardscrabble and sometimes lawless existence. Gambling was a way to pass the time, and it also held the promise of immediately improving their lot in life (at least for a little while).

This acceptance (and sometimes love) of gambling has been passed down through the generations. While their counterparts from other nations carefully watch bank balances and fret over every expense, the classic Aussie throws caution to the wind, risks his paycheck on a potential profit, and then buys a pint for his mates.

The second opinion on the subject has to do with money and marketing. Pokies and other gaming options are available in hotels, pubs, and other public places, so the average Aussie is constantly bombarded with opportunities to gamble. Combine this with the government’s reluctance to interfere with a cash cow that generates billions in tax revenue, as well as no taxes on player winnings, and you have a situation where residents become willing slaves to the gaming industry.

Interactive Gambling Act of 2001

The most significant piece of Australian legislation involving online gaming is the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. Put in place by the Commonwealth Parliament to protect citizens, it prohibits Australian-based companies from offering Internet gaming to residents. For those who enjoy virtual gambling, however, there are a number of convenient exceptions.

Firstly, offshore gambling sites may legally offer their services to Australian players. However, they may not advertise their sites via radio, television, or billboard ads.

Sportsbooks and lotteries operate under a different set of rules. If either one of these services is licensed to operate a land-based business in an Australian state or territory, then they may also provide a virtual counterpart for customers within the licensed region.

If an online casino wants to base its operations in Australia, it can legally offer its services to players residing in other countries. The only exception involves nations that prohibit offshore gambling and have sent a formal request to Aussie authorities.

Stiff financial penalties are in place for any operation found in violation of the Interactive Gambling Act. Individuals directly involved with the offending organization can be fined up to $220,000 per day, while the actual company faces a $1.1 million daily penalty.

Online Regulation in Australia

The nation’s most important piece of legislation involving gambling was put into place by the Commonwealth of Australia, but territories and states usually have free reign to make their own decisions. If you’d like to know more about the land-based and online gambling regulations within a specific part of Australia, I suggest visited the official website of one of the following government bodies:

New Australian Sports Betting Sites

  • The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (Richmond, Victoria)
  • Tasmanian Gaming Commission (Hobart, Tasmania)
  • Independent Gambling Authority (Adelaide, South Australia)
  • Office of Liquor, Gaming, and Racing (Haymarket, New South Wales)
  • Department of Racing, Gaming, and Liquor (East Perth, Western Australia)
  • Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (Brisbane, Queensland)
  • ACT Gambling and Racing Commission (Canberra, Australian Capital Territory)

Please note that the Northern Territory isn’t included on the above list. Oversight in this region for everything from prostitution to gambling was once overseen by the Licensing Commission, which existed from 2000 to 2014. This commission has been abolished, however, and replaced with a position known as the Director-General of Licensing. At this time, no website exists for the individual or their office.



To the best of our knowledge (disclaimer: we’re not lawyers and this information is for entertainment-purposes only), online gambling in Australia is legal, but there are certain requirements that need to be met. An Aussie-based gaming site can offer their business to foreign clients, but homegrown customers are prohibited. Gaming sites outside of Oz are perfectly within the law, and they can provide services to any citizen that meets the minimum age requirement.

Australian gambling sites games

Welcome to Here you’ll find everything you need to know about betting online in Australia and which sites offer the best odds, widest range of markets and top notch service and support.

The online bookmakers that we recommend have all been put to the test by our team of experts and before we list them on our site we make sure they meet all expectations in every way. You can enjoy legal online betting at any of the sites that we promote and we point you in the direction of bookmakers that are licensed, ensuring you always enjoy fair, safe punting. We only recommend the best Australian betting sites that we trust and make use of ourselves and Australians will be able to bet on their desktop or mobile at our top rated bookies.

When it comes to the best online betting sites in Australia there are an enormous amount of opportunities for punters to wager on a myriad of different markets and choosing a bookmaker can be tough as there are so many Australian betting sites featuring attractive incentives and promotions. To assist you in making the correct choice has narrowed down the top bookmakers online and reviewed and rated them for your convenience. This means that you can read up on a specific site before signing up and you can learn more about what each bookie has to offer, giving you the chance to make an informed decision about where to bet without any hassles.

Top Online Betting Sites in Australia

5/5100% Match up to $250
24.9/5100% Match Bonus

The best Australian betting sites that we recommend are all Australian-friendly and accept AUD deposits and offer payment processing options that are best suited to this region. We know that players in Australia make us of a wide range of banking options and our top-rated online sportsbooks offer everything from debit and credit cards to a massive variety of ewallets. You can bet with complete peace of mind at the sites that we recommend as they all make use of the latest in encryption technology which ensures your banking and personal data is protected at all times. By using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer data encryption software, online sportsbooks are able to guarantee complete safety and security by only ever transferring your personal and financial information across iron-clad lines that are impenetrable to would-be thieves. The bookmakers that we ate highly are also easy to navigate and have a user-friendly interface both on their mobile and desktop options and even beginners can get in on the action.

Getting the best odds is an important part of betting online and it can mean the difference between just breaking even and a huge win. We’ve searched for the bookmakers that offer punters the most favourable odds and the lowest margins, and the Australian betting sites you find here all give you the best chance of winning with sports or at horse racing betting sites. We’ve compared the odds at best betting sites in Australia across the web and found the bookmakers that consistently offer great odds in every market.While many punters still enjoy using traditional brick ‘n mortar TAB outlets, they may not realise that online sportsbooks have the ability to offer highly competitive odds thanks to lower overheads. TAB outlets and other land-based bookies will have higher running costs in terms of the number of employees and premises rentals than online sportsbooks, and it’s for this reason that online bookies are able to offer better odds and better payouts to punters.

Mobile Betting Australia

Australian Gambling Sites Real Money

Thanks to the joys of mobile technology punters are able to enjoy the best of online sports betting at any time of the day no matter where they are. Our top-rated online sportsbooks have all been optimised for mobile use and many have apps that can be downloaded directly onto your mobile device or tablet. You will have full access to the widest range of tote betting online markets and the most lucrative odds whether you’re commuting, on your lunchbreak, or just during a free moment during the day, and all sites function perfectly on Windows, Android and Apple devices as long as there is an active internet connection. Not only will you be able to view the odds on an upcoming match you’re keen on, but you’ll be able to place your bets even if you’re far away from your desktop computer.

To ensure that every Australian punter always has access to the sport or activity they want to bet on we’ve also endeavoured to recommend the Australian betting sites that cater to the widest range of preferences. At our recommended online bookies you’ll find an array of sports betting opportunities with local events such as the Caulfield Cup, Cox Plate betting and local sporting leagues such as the AFL betting well catered for. Additionally, you’ll be able to bet on a plethora of international matches, tournaments, leagues and races and even local events like Australian political betting action. Horse racing, soccer, rugby, cricket and every other sport you can imagine is covered and even the less common ones such as handball and volleyball are open to bets. For fans of entertainment betting there’s an abundance of opportunities, and political and financial betting is also available at almost every top rated bookmaker online.

The Many Benefits of Online Betting

The most obvious advantage to betting online or via your mobile device instead of at a land-based sportsbook is the sheer convenience of it. Internet access gives you the kind of comfort and freedom that you simply don’t have with traditional wagering options!

Australian Gambling Sites Websites

Bet At Your Convenience

You can stake from anywhere when you’re doing it online, from your home, office, or commute between the two, while you’re out on the town or while you’re standing in a queue at the grocery store. As long as you’ve got internet access, you’ve got a way to win big.

Generous Bonuses

Then there’s the bonuses and promotions that online sportsbooks make available to not only incentivise new signups but reward regular bettors as well. You can earn real Australian dollars simply for doing what you would be doing anyway, staking on the outcomes of Australian Football League, Rugby, Cricket, Soccer, and Tennis games, not to mention Horse, Greyhound, and Harness Racing and Motorsports.

Betting & Market Options

Australian Gambling Sites Free

The variety of markets online is enormous, as well, and there is just so much more for you to bet on when you take your business to online bookmakers. It is essentially as easy as doing a quick online search, finding the game, tournament, or race that you’re interested in, and then placing a bet.

Best Australian Sports Betting Sites

You will find that the sites that we’ve rated favourably after reviewing them thoroughly all make a point of giving their bettors as much choice as is possible. You’ll be able to wager on Boxing matches, MMA bouts, and Swim meets as easily as you will be able to stake on Arm Wrestling, Curling, Darts, eSports, and WWE clashes.

Safety Guaranteed

Safety is no issue online either, thanks to our help and the quality of the sites we suggest you stick to. People used to worry about operators making off with their money, their sensitive personal and financial information being compromised, and withdrawals giving problems. But, as reasonable as they once were, these fears are no longer necessary.

Thanks to the work we do on your behalf, you can relax and concentrate on making decisions regarding which team, athlete, or manager to bet on, compiling your research and making sure you know all the latest news instead of worrying about being hacked!

Australian Gambling Sites

Due to the demands of online licensing and regulation, sites that cheat bettors don’t last very long, and wouldn’t pass the tests we set them in the first place, so you are safe when you work with us. And, because of the stringent rules they have to follow, these operators wouldn’t be able to get away with your money even if they wanted to. You can trust them with your data too. They use the very same SSL Encryption technology that most online financial institutions do to protect it.

Online sports betting is also a great way to win a bit of extra money. Why not put your ample knowledge of the world of sports to work for you?

Australian Gambling Sites Videos brings you all the best Australian betting sites in one place and makes sure that every bet you place is with the very best in the online bookmaking business.