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Casino Special Employee Licence

A Casino Special Employee Licence is required if you are employed by, or work in, a casino and you:
  • move, exchange, or count money and chips
  • operate or maintain gaming equipment
  • are involved in the conduct of gaming
  • work as casino security
  • hold a managerial role that authorises you to make decisions
  • are directed to apply for the licence.

If you are a licence holder, you are required to renew your licence every seven years.

Legislation governing Casino Special Employees:

So, rather than judging casinos by the existence of an Australian license or not, you can apply some of these filters to spot a good casino. Australian Dollar Currency A top-quality Aussie casino will always provide the AUD as a standard currency not to burden players with currency exchange fees or any other inconvenience. You will require this licence if you intend to establish and operate a casino in New South Wales. Only one casino licence may be in force at any time in NSW. When a casino licence is available, the Authority will publicly invite expression of interest for applications. Your licence will be subject to conditions as outlined in the legislation. Nov 10, 2017 Because there is currently no regulatory body in Australia that specifically licenses and regulates online casinos (and no announced plans to create one), there is no online casino license to speak of in the country for the foreseeable future. Since the Interactive Gambling Act became law in Australia back in the year 2001 it has been illegal for any online casino or in fact any type of online gambling site to offer their services by way of advertisements in Australia.

Additional information

Your privacy

We handle your personal information in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

Your information is collected by Liquor & Gaming NSW (L&GNSW) to be used for the purpose of processing your application and may be disclosed to other Government agencies for this purpose.

You have the right to request access to, and correct details of, your personal information held by us.

Applying for a licence

The application process for this licence is rigorous. Use the information in the steps below to ensure you have everything in place for a straightforward process.

Application cost $255*:

  • if you are employed by a casino, your employer will pay for your application
  • if you are contracted to work for a casino, you will pay for your application.

* Fee increases with CPI on 1 July each year.

​Collect and scan the below list of documents to submit with your licence application:

  • a credit report issued by a national credit reporting body within the last three months.
    Your name and date of birth must exactly match the official name on your birth certificate, or any name change documents issued since then - like a marriage or deed poll certificate.
  • an overseas police certificate issued within the past six months if you have moved to Australia within the past twelve months.
  • proof of eligibility to work in Australia - this could include a birth certificate, passport or citizenship certificate for Australian and New Zealand citizens or valid working visa for non-Australian citizens.
  • photo identification like your passport, Australian driver licence or an Australian Government issued photo card.
  • the last Australian income tax return which you have lodged and the notice of assessment, or the overseas equivalent.
  • proof of change of name documentation like your marriage or deed poll certificate, if applicable.
  • any court records relating to any present or past civil or criminal court proceedings to which you are or were a part, if applicable.
    A criminal check will be required by your employer after submission so all criminal charges and guilty verdicts must be disclosed with your application. Findings of guilt do not automatically disqualify you from being issued with a licence but are handled on a risk assessment basis.
  • current New South Wales security licence - where applicable.

Application Forms

Complete the two submission forms once you've collected and scanned all your relevant documentation.

  1. CAS300 Casino special employee licence probity form PDF, 1238.07 KB
    You will need an authorised witness to sign and witness your signature on the statutory declaration in the Probity Form. This form is used to determine your suitability to hold a casino special employee licence.
  2. Casino Special Employee Online Application
    Attach a copy of all your scanned documents and your completed, signed, and scanned Probity Form.

Change of circumstance form

If you have an existing licence and your circumstances change, notify the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (ILGA) in writing within 14 days with the following form:

Renewal Forms

You will need to renew your licence every seven years. L&GNSW will send a text and email notification to you when it's time.

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  1. Online renewal form - attach all documentation required and the above CAS300 Probity Form.

​Criminal history check

A criminal history check is required for all Casino Special Employee applicants. This may require you to provide finger and palm prints. If you are employed by the casino, your employer will arrange this.

All criminal charges and guilty verdicts must be disclosed with your application. Findings of guilt do not automatically disqualify you from being issued with a licence but are handled on a risk assessment basis.

Assessing your application

Your application will be submitted to your employer for their review, or to L&GNSW directly if you are a contractor. Your employer will contact you if they require further information and will lodge the application on your behalf with L&GNSW.

Before granting you a Casino Special Employee Licence, ILGA has to be satisfied that you are a suitable person to hold a licence. For that purpose, ILGA will make an assessment of your:

  • integrity, responsibility, personal background
  • financial stability
  • general reputation having regard to character and honesty.

ILGA uses the information provided in the online application, probity form, the criminal history check, and other attached documents to assess your suitability.

You may be granted a Provisional Casino Employee Licence pending determination of your application.

If your information changes between your application being submitted and the application outcome you must notify ILGA immediately by completing the form: CA0040 Casino special employee - notify/update details form PDF, 698.51 KB.

Further information may be requested before granting your licence. Failure to provide information requested by the Authority may result in the refusal of your application.

Note: If you are employed directly by a casino, contact your employer if you have a question about your application.

If you are employed as a contractor at a casino, contact L&GNSW if you have a question about your application.

Application Outcome

You will be notified via email of the outcome of your application.

As a Casino Special Employee you must comply with all of the provisions of the Casino Control Act 1992 and the Casino Control Regulation 2019.

A casino special employee must:

  • wear a clearly visible form of identification approved by ILGA
  • not gamble in the casino
  • not seek or accept any gratuity, consideration, or other benefit from a patron
  • you must advise in writing of any change in circumstances that may impact your licence.

Changes in contact and circumstances that may impact your licence

Licence holder must notify ILGA in writing within 14 days of:

  • a change to your name or contact details
  • an involvement in criminal, civil or alternative dispute resolution proceedings
  • a change consisting of the obtaining of judgment against you
  • a suspension or termination by a casino operator
  • your exclusion from another casino
  • any disciplinary action relating to any other liquor, gaming, racing or wagering authorisation, including any jurisdiction outside of Australia.

Changes in your financial circumstances
Notify ILGA as soon as possible of changes in your financial circumstances including:

  • becoming bankrupt
  • applying to take the benefit of any law for the relief of bankrupt or insolvent debtors
  • compounding with creditors or making an assignment of remuneration for their benefit
  • entering into a compromise or scheme of arrangement with creditors.

Complete and submit:CA0040 Casino special employee - notify/update details form PDF, 698.51 KB

A Casino Special Employee Licence is valid for seven years unless:

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  • your circumstances change, and you surrender your licence to ILGA
  • your licence is cancelled by ILGA
L&GNSW will send you a text message and an email notifying you that your licence is about to expire.
The email will include important information you need to renew your licence, including the renewal and licence numbers.
  • You can continue to work provided that your renewal application was lodged with L&GNSW before your licence expiry date.
  • If you do not lodge your renewal before the expiry date then you are not able to continue working.

Speak to your employer if you do not receive an email notification 90 days before your licence expires.

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Renewing your licence

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There are three steps to renewing your licence:

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  1. Collect and scan the documents required that are outlined in the form at Step 2
  2. Complete the form: CAS300 Casino special employee licence probity form PDF, 1238.07 KB
  3. Complete the online renewal form and attach all documents and the form from Step 2. Note: you will need the renewal number that was emailed to you for this step.