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Should you be a fan of the traditional UK AWP type slot machines, you may be interested to know that they can be found online and what's more you can play them for free or for real money
There are only a few online sites that have these type of slot machines available as most sites only cater for the USA type slot machines, that said the site we have featured below is ideal for UK players and what's more they also have a generous new player bonus to give you bankroll a bit of a boost.
Usual feature on the machines include nudges, feature trail, win streak and the jackpot repeat chance that has proved a real winner for UK slot machine players. The site below has many UK type AWP machines available and they can be played with nothing to download as they are powered by flash - So no waiting around
Royal Vegas Casino - The best UK Awp slot machines
Unlimited Nudges
Jackpot Repeaters
Feature Trails
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Gambling comes in many forms. Bingo, casino games, lotteries, and poker are some of the most-popular ways to gamble. But one form of gambling that you might not know about, or at least haven’t heard about much, is amusement with prizes (AWP). AWP refers to a specific type of gaming that’s similar to a slot machine. Our sCore Central Control System can be used as a central monitoring solution for online gaming channels, vlt machines, lottery and sportsbetting products. It is effective as a stand-alone solution, but can also be integrated with a Responsible Gaming and an Anti-money laundering module, that add a jurisdiction-wide policy covering all operators in the market. Random Runner AWP by Novomatic is an online slot machine which is based on those absolutely classic arcade style gambling games that you might find in your local pub or amusement park. In fact, AWP literally means “Amusement With Prizes”. Online Fruit (AWP) Slots Royal Vegas Online Casino not only specializes in bringing you the very best in online video slots action, but also lines the board with some of the classic, time-honoured varieties, like classic fruit slots.


There is a range of slot machines that you will find available at various different casino sites that are known as AWP’s, and if you are not based or living in the UK then you may never have come across this type of slot machine before, and as such this guide is worth reading as it will let you know how those types of slot games have been designed.

An AWP slot is one on which you will find plenty of bonus games and bonus features are going to be awarded to you as you play each of those slot games, and AWP means Amusement with Prizes. These types of slot machines were designed originally and still are designed in such a way that they are low stake slots but ones offering plenty of entertainment value to players.

The online version of AWP’s or Fruit Machines as they are also known as designed often as three reel slots, and as such when playing them you often have just one single pay line on offer, however some AWP’s will offer you more than on payline. Read on for more information on who to play AWP’s and where you can find them available online.

Differences between Online and Land Based AWP’s

There are going to be quite a number of chances in regards to the way that land based and online AWP machines play and payout, and as such if you are thinking of moving over some of your land based playing action online then you will of ours need to know what those differences are.

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The one great advantage of choosing to play real money AWP machines online is that those machines do tend to have much higher payout percentages than any AWP game you will find on offer in a land based gaming or gambling venue.

Many Fruit Machines in land based venues have very low payout percentages that could be as low as just 72%, however when you make the very smart decision of playing online AWP games you ill often find the payout percentages are set in the mid to high 90s range and as such the online games will pay you more of your stakes back as winning payouts over the long term, so you will win more when playing he online AWP’s!

What are the Bonus Games and Bonuses Features?


There will be many different types of bonus games and bonus features that can and will be regularly triggered and awarded to you when playing AWP slot games online, so one thing you will always need to do before playing any of those slot games is to look at the pay table and consult the help files to see how the bonus games are initially triggered and how they play off.

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However, some of the most commonly found AWP slot game bonus features and bonus rounds are based on a bonus board type of game, on which you have to spin a number reel or roll a dice to find out how many positions you will move around the bonus board,

The trick in playing off any AWP slot game bonus board feature round is to know when the best time to collect your accumulated winnings is, for if you continue to play off that bonus game you could lose everything you won up until that point in time.

Also many AWP slot games offer nudges and hold features a lot so you will always find there is something going on and on offer to you when playing those types of slot games!

Where Can I Play Online AWP’s?

Not every casino site is going to be offering you a range of AWP machines to play, and a such to help you find a casino site that s going to be giving access to exactly the type of slot machines and slot game you are looking to play we have a range of casino reviews we cordially invite you to check out.

Also be aware that many of our newly approved mobile casino sites do tend to offer players a much larger range of AWP games, and as such it may be beneficial for you to consider signing up to a mobile casino set if those are the type of slot game you prefer playing.

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Another final thing to keep in mind is that every single one of the casinos we have chosen to present to you and review on our website has a large range of special bonuses that you are going to be able to clam, including some very high valued welcome bonuses if you have never played at those casino sites before. So please have a good look round as those generous slot game related bonuses will be there for the taking!