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There is an almost unlimited supply of casino-style games you will have no problems accessing and playing on an iPhone, however, if it is card games and Blackjack games, in particular, you are fond of playing then the following guide will certainly be of great interest to you.

Download Blackjack and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎The Best Blackjack game is out now! Bet big to win big, or play the long game and prove you can beat the dealer! Here are all the best Blackjack apps for iPhone that you can download from the App Store. It is not a simple matter to find the best gaming applications, especially, when it’s narrowed down to a small bubble of Blackjack games. There’s nothing more irritating than downloading something for money and realizing that the app is just not what you were looking for to avoid this, we.

Below we are going to be introducing you to several different fully iPhone compatible Blackjack games that have been designed and launched by a range of different companies, and we will be enlightening you on what makes each of these games playable from a players point of view!

Most Played real money iPhone Blackjack Games


Ok, so you want to play Blackjack on your iPhone, well one thing you will need to be looking for is a very low house edge variant. For by playing such a game and playing off every single hand dealt out to you perfectly you are going to get the best chances of winning, or at least more of your stake money returned to you over the long term! Have a look at to get the latest list of top 10 real money blackjack casino sites.

With that in mind, we shall now give you an idea of the range of iPhone compatible Blackjack games you will be able to access on such a device and we will also enlighten you on the all important house edge on each variant too. So make sure you do only ever play the lowest house edge variants to ensure you get a planet of play time and winning opportunities from your bankroll.Classic Blackjack – Many mobile casino game designers will have a variant they call their Classic Blackjack game, however you should always be looking for the Microgaming designed variant, for their single hand game has the most appealing house edge of any Blackjack game. When playing it perfectly you can get the house edge down to an awe-inspiring 0.13%!

Blackjack Switch – Playtech are both a casino software and casino game designer whose list of games is almost endless, however, they did design one of their best variants many years ago, and that game is Blackjack Switch. When playing it you have to play two different hands, so need to place two initial wagers, but by doing so you can then go on to swap one card from each hand to the other hand, and playing it optimally sees the house edge being just 0.16%!

Single Deck Blackjack – There are many different Blackjack game variants on offer to you no matter at which mobile casino site or which mobile Blackjack app you download, and what you should be looking for are variants that utilize just one deck of cards in the shoe, for those games do tend to have a much lower house edge than games with more than one deck of cards in their shoe!

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Standard Blackjack – Make sure you do always take a look at what unique variants are offer at any mobile casino site you sign up to and play at for no two games will be offering you the same payouts gameplay rules and house edge. NetEnt software powered iPhone compatible mobile casino sites will have a handful of different variants on offer but with a house edge of a reasonable 0.40% their Standard Blackjack game is the best one those casino sites have on offer to players.

Playing iPhone Blackjack Games Optimally

Let us now give you a few pointers in regards to how you should be playing Blackjack games on an iPhone to ensure you are getting the maximum winning opportunities and always playing the variant you have chosen optimally too!

Best Blackjack App Iphone

Blackjack Hand Payout – You should avoid playing any Blackjack game variant offering 6 to 5 as a winning payout for players winning Blackjack hand, for that is lower than the more industry standard payout of 3 to 2, and over time your bankroll will suffer if you choose to play those much lower paying variants.

Don´t Split 10´s – One of the easiest playing moves to remember and one that you should always ensure you put into live play is in regards to when you have been dealt out a pair of tens, by far and away the very best Blackjack playing strategy will call for players to always stand a pair of 10 valued cards and never split them if the variant you are playing allow you to split such a pair!

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Always Split Aces – You have just found out that you should never, ever split a pair of 10´s or a pair of 10 valued cards, however, there are some cards that you should always split when you have been dealt out a pair of them and one such hand is a pair of Aces. As such if you are playing Blackjack on an iPhone and you are dealt out such a pair then the most strategic way to play a pair of Aces is to split them to form two new hands.

Can I Play Zero House Edge iPhone Blackjack Games?

We have seen a small number of mobile casino sites offering their players a range of what are termed Zero House Edge Blackjack games, and you may be tempted to play those games due to the fact there is no house edge attached to them at all.

However, what you do need to be aware of when playing at such a site is that you are often charged a percent of any profit you make and wish to cash out when you put in a request for a withdrawal, and as such even though those zero house edge card games do look appealing, when you factor into your playing strategy the withdrawal fees and charges they do not look as appealing as other variants!

One final thing to keep in mind is that if you do decide to play real money iPhone compatible Blackjack games you will be given access to bonuses that will boost the value of your deposits, and most mobile casino sites also offer their players a player club, so you will be earning comp points that can be exchanged of playing credits!