Best Free Offline Poker App Android

Poker is still a worldwide craze with millions of players out there, and this app brings poker to your phone, even if you’re offline

  1. Best Free Offline Poker App Android App
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An Overview of Poker Offline

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If you’re a poker player, then you probably already know about dozens upon dozens of poker sites at which you can play. You might even already be a member of a few of them. However, almost all of them are going to require that you’re online in order to play. Poker Offline is different, in that it acts more like a console or standalone game and allows you to play poker even if you aren’t connected to the Internet.

Best Free Offline Poker App Android

Right off the bat, this premise does sound intriguing. If you’re trapped somewhere without WiFi, you can easily kill the time. Though this offering from ZMist Inc. does a lot more than help you pass time. It actually offers some pretty exciting poker games. This download is for Android and comes in at right around 13mb, so it’s not a huge file.

What Poker Offline Is and What It Does

Best Free Offline Poker App Android App

Poker Offline is a poker game, just like so many others out there. Where it separates itself, however, is that once you download it to your phone or tablet, it acts like a console game, in that you don’t have to be online to access it. Though if you want to play against other real people who have the app, you’re going to have to be online. Though if ever you’re not, you can fire up this game and have some fun playing poker.

You start off with 50,000 in free chips (play money, not real gambling) and you can play the famous Texas Hold’em, blackjack, a variety of tournaments, Omaha, and a lot more. All the rules are standard, so you won’t have to learn to play new types of poker with this app. And when online, the house is usually packed with a lot of players.

Features of Poker Offline

One of the coolest features of Poker Offline is that you can use it like a standalone console game if you’re not online. Plus, if you don’t actually want to play against real people and would rather take on the robots, you can. You’re under no obligation to sit in with real players. You can also choose from a variety of game modes and different limits at various tables.

Another great feature is that there are in-depth poker stats that allow you to track your growth and improve your game. You can even make some friends online and join up with a variety of different poker leagues and teams. Overall, it’s a very interactive experience.

Best free offline poker app android app

Pros and Cons of Poker Offline


Best Free Offline Poker App Android Download

  • Free to download and play
  • Very bright and colorful
  • A big selection of poker games
  • Play against real people when online


  • Offline play is against only robots
  • Not gambling for real money here