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When we started our project in 2011, there was only a small number of Texas Holdem Poker Apps available. When FullTilt’s Rush Poker disappeared for some time, Switch Poker and Terminal Poker were the remaining pioneers in a market still to rise. Now, six years later in 2017, almost every bigger poker room has its own mobile client, allowing you to play poker on your android or iOS handheld. The listing below contains all real money Texas Holdem Poker Apps at a glance in alphabetical order. Below you find lots of tips on how to choose the right app for your needs.

Free Offline Texas Holdem Apps

Boasting dozens of daily multi-table tournaments, Texas Holdem Poker Free from Viaden is an approachable and fast-paced gaming experience. Making this app unique are the “jump tables,” a social. The 888poker App (above) does not only win the title of the best poker app, it is also the best Texas Holdem App out there. Thanks to the $88/£20 free welcome package you can join their real money tables without having to make a deposit. Join PokerStars Play: Free Texas Holdem Poker Game and casino & Play poker online for free with the best poker players around! On PokerStars Play you can enjoy the thrill of a real texas holdem. Are you looking for the best from the 24/7 free poker games? Poker Legends brings the authentic poker experience to your iOS device. Video Poker, Slots, Blackjack etc coming soon! Free online poker no download of additional files. Best free Texas Holdem Poker online. Looking for free live texas holdem?

Texas Holdem Poker Apps

1888 poker app$700 +88 free
2bet365 Poker App
3Betfair Poker App€1000
4bwin poker app€100
5Full Tilt Poker$600
6Ladbrokes Poker App€1500
7mFortune Texas Holdem Poker£100 +5 free
8Party Poker App€325
9PokerStars$600 +20 free
11Unibet Poker App€200
12Winner Poker$2000
Playing Texas Holdem poker on the go is quite familiar to many active poker players in 2017. While the fans of Omaha Poker or even rarer variants like Open Face Chinese Poker have to look out for a mobile client intensely, the players of the far more common Texas Holdem poker have a different problem: The question is not where to find a real money app. The question is: Which is the right one for me?

Why we do not review play money apps and social poker apps

Some of you might miss well-known Texas Holdem Poker Apps like Zynga Poker in the listing above. So let us say some words on this subject. The reason why we mostly ignore free poker apps is: In our opinion they are not really an alternative. Some of the playmoney apps are not free to download. Some of them are making money with annoying ads. And other ones offer in-app-purchases. The latter are the worst. You spend money, but you cannot win money – that doesn’t make sense to us. Of course, operators have to earn money in order to pay their employees. But why not choose an operator that is earning money with the real money players and therefore can afford to offer playmoney games that really are free? All the big poker rooms like PokerStars, 888poker or bet365 offer an app that can be played with play money and that is completely for free. If you are out of chips, you simply press a button and receive some new ones. And if you feel good enough to play with real money at some point, you are already familiar with the app.

The best Texas Holdem Poker Apps

But enough on that, lets come back to real money Texas Holdem Poker. This is the way the cowboys were playing in the wild west. And instead of sitting in a saloon, modern poker players use their mobile and play real money poker in a bar, in a bus or on a sofa at home. Let us help you to find the right app for your needs. In general, all of the listed apps above meet our minimum standards and are offered by reliable operators. Still, there are differences in quality. You can click on every single name of the app operator to read a full review with all the pros and cons. But probably you don’t have THAT much time. So we start with presenting you the two top apps. Below, we let you know how we review Texas Holdem Poker Apps.

Texas Holdem Poker at 888

888 poker app

$700 +88 free Bonus
  • echte App
  • iPad, iPhone, Android
  • Beginner-App
  • 88$ gratis ohne Einzahlung
  • UK: £20 no Deposit Bonus
  • Cash Games, Sit and Go, Tournaments
  • Texas Hold'em Fixed//No Limit
  • Fast Fold Poker (Snap)
  • 700$ Deposit Bonus
The 888poker App (above) does not only win the title of the best poker app, it is also the best Texas Holdem App out there. Thanks to the $88/£20 free welcome package you can join their real money tables without having to make a deposit. The bet365 Texas Holdem poker app (below), one of the most popular Apps on the English speaking markets, is powered by iPoker and offers a great Texas Holdem playing experience, too.

Bet365 Poker Texas Holdem App

Zynga Texas Holdem Free App

bet365 Poker App

€ Bonus
  • Erfahrungsbericht
  • umfangreiches Pokerangebot
  • gutes mobiles Portal
  • Bonusangebot (AGB gelten)

How to recognize a good Poker App

Since 2011, the team of reviews all available mobile poker clients. During the last couple of years, we managed to build a pretty good catalogue of rating factors for Texas Holdem poker apps.

The choice of games

Sure: No Limit Texas Holdem Poker is the no1. But even if you ignore Omaha and Pot Limit games, you cannot ignore Fast Fold Poker on a mobile device. We listed all the apps with this useful feature here. Of course, Fast Fold Poker is always available as Texas Holdem.

Design and technology

If you install a poker app, you do not want to be annoyed by inconvenient controls and software crashes. If the app looks good, that’s a pro as well. We spend most of our time testing the mobile poker software on different devices. Only the best apps can make it to a top rating of ten points.

The bonus offers

All poker rooms offer bonuses – still, there are some differences in amount, percentage or the way to clear them. Some of the Texas Holdem Apps even offer you a free real money welcome package with no deposit. We have listed them below:

No deposit poker rooms

1888 poker app$700 +88 free
2PokerStars$600 +20 free
3mFortune Texas Holdem Poker£100 +5 free


The best app is of no use, if its only available on Symbian. Since most of you use Android or Apple smartphones, these Apps are the most important markets for the poker operators. Most of them offer an app for both big mobile operating systems. Some do even offer an html5-webapp on top, bringing poker to modern Blackberrys or Windows phones.

You see: While looking for a Texas Holdem App you are spoilt for choice. To make it a little easier, here is our most up to date ranking of the best Texas Holdem Apps.

Top 7: The best Texas Holdem Poker Apps

1888 poker app$700 +88 free
2bwin poker app€100
3PokerStars$600 +20 free
4Party Poker App€325
5bet365 Poker App
6Ladbrokes Poker App€1500

You don’t need real money or even real cards. Check out these best free poker apps to play a game of Texas Hold’em Poker with friends online.

Poker is one of the most popular games online, whether to play or to watch. You can now play with friends remotely and even over a video call. One of the games even lets you play poker without chips or cards.

Note: Play responsibly. In any online poker game, don’t add your credit card or PayPal details. Casual gamers are advised not to spend real money on virtual coins. And remember, poker games can’t help you win in real life.

1. LiPoker (Web): Fastest Poker Game With Friends, No Signup, No Download

Want to play a quick game of poker with friends? LiPoker is the fastest way to start a game. Head to the website to create a new game and share the link with friends for them to join. No one has to sign up or download anything to begin, it works in any desktop or mobile browser.

The app allows you to password-protect games in case you want to ensure random people can’t join. The creator sets how much money can be bet per hand. Up to nine friends can play simultaneously, and the game tracks winnings and losings in the “leaderboard.” There are easy keyboard shortcuts for your bets, and a hand rankings chart in case you’re new to the game.

LiPoker allows you to chat with friends in a small window, which also logs all moves. It also includes a video call option, but the video call didn’t work in our test. You can change theme colors, sit out for a few hands, and generally play as you would with friends in real life.

2. Poker in Place (Web): Video Call Poker Games With Friends

The fun of playing poker in person is judging reactions. You get to see your friends’ expressions and “tells,” as hard as they might try not to give anything away. Poker in Place brings that experience closer by adding a video call to a game of poker.

You can play with up to four players at a time. Each player’s video shows up in a little circle at their spot on the table. The audio and video are perfectly stable. Use keyboard shortcuts or your mouse to play a standard game of poker. Like with LiPoker, anyone can use the app in their browser without signing up or downloading anything. But you also have the option to sign up to save progress and settings.

Best free offline texas holdem app iphone

Poker in Place uses Twilio Video for the video calling, and so there is a catch. The free version lasts for 20 minutes. If you want to continue the game after that, you’ll need to pay (it’s the same as the Twilio fee, the developer claims they are passing on the cost). Otherwise, you could make a new game every 20 minutes.

3. EasyPoker (Android, iOS): Play Poker Without Chips or Cards

It’s such a common situation. You find yourself ready to play a quick game of poker with friends, but there isn’t a deck of cards or a set of chips available. What do you do? Just whip out your phones and launch EasyPoker, as it’s the same thing.

This app is one of the ways for a quick poker game between friends, whether you’re bored in a cafe, traveling on a train, or anything else. You will need an active internet connection on both phones though. Download the app and sign up, then create a room to invite friends.

Tx Holdem App

Because you’re all in the same room, you want to “hide” your cards too. So EasyPoker hides your hand at all times, and you have to press and hold the screen to see them. It’s a tiny but excellent user design that makes the game feel more fun and real.

Technically, you could play the game live over the internet with friends who aren’t around you, but given that there’s no chat, the other apps in this article are better for that. Easy Poker’s free version also limits you to four players at a time, and you’ll have to pay to unlock up to 12 players and other customization features.

Download: Easy Poker for Android | iOS (Free)

4. PokerStars (YouTube): Watch the Best Poker Videos on the Internet

The World Series of Poker is the biggest poker tournament to watch on TV, but unfortunately, their YouTube channel has been inactive for a long time. So if you like watching poker tournaments and games on TV, there is no better YouTube channel than PokerStars to get your fix. In fact, if you haven’t seen such games before, you should really give it a chance. It’s a lot more entertaining than you might think.

Texas Holdem Poker Apps Free

PokerStars hosts some of the best tournaments in the world, and they’re now available to watch online in slickly edited packages. You can also view all episodes of the poker series Shark Cage and The Big Game. The stars in the videos are the Who’s Who of poker, including Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu.

The YouTube channel also has a team of video editors putting together fun playlists and clips. The PokerStars Top 5, for instance, has some incredible videos about the best nightmare hands, celebrity appearances like Ronaldo, and other entertaining action.

5. The Best Poker Apps to Play Online (Android, iOS)

If you want to play a game of Texas Hold’em Poker online with strangers, you are spoilt for choices. Even if you don’t know the game, you can learn it quickly and have a fun time without spending any actual money.

  1. TOK: Learn how to play poker if you haven’t played before. TOK teaches the basics of poker with a neat quiz format to ensure you’ve got a hang of the game. Without that, you’ll get eaten alive in the online games. TOK also includes an AI mode to play against three opponents offline.
  2. Governor of Poker/ World Series of Poker / Zynga Poker: These are three of the biggest apps to play poker online. There’s very little to separate them, so choose the one you like. All games have millions of players online, so you’ll easily find a table to start a match quickly. Each game gives you a virtual cash bonus daily to play, so you don’t have to spend real money through in-app purchases. Just be patient.
  3. Appeak Poker: Appeak is also like the other three games, but relatively new and without as large a fan base. However, it’s a much lighter game that doesn’t hog battery or resources, so it’s excellent for older phones.

Download: TOK for Android | iOS (Free)

Download: Appeak Poker for Android | iOS (Free)

Please note that all online poker games have in-app purchases and are trying to get you to pay to buy virtual coins. It’s best to disable in-app purchases on a device that an impressionable mind might use.

Best Free Texas Holdem Iphone App and Other Games to Play With Friends Online

Poker is just one of the games you can play online at the excellent card game website You can set up the table and deck how you want, and invite friends to join in. Check it out, and other such free multi-game apps and websites to play with friends online.

Texas Holdem Apps For Android

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