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  1. Best Poker Bankroll Apps
  2. Best Poker Bankroll App
  3. Best Poker Bankroll App
4.9 / 5
Rakebackup to 35%
4.9 / 5
  • Full money guarantee by WPD!
  • 10+ unique clubs
  • 200+ active tables
  • Upoker HUD
  • Money withdrawal within 24 hours
  • Players support 7 days a week
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Asian Rooms Manager
Asian Rooms Manager

Upoker — is a state-of-the-art mobile poker application with improved software that learned the best from PPPoker. Upoker developers offer better conditions for club owners, which, combined with a well-designed user interface, has led to massive growth and encouraged many players to migrate from regular poker rooms to poker apps.

Upoker net was launched only in 2019, but during this short time, it has managed to attract many players and club owners. Our Upoker club setup is constantly growing.

Upoker interface

Why Upoker?

Real money clubs with play money chips emerged as a solution to offer games to poker players living in countries with restrictive gambling regulations. Upoker takes advantage of the play money model to avoid any legal issues worldwide.

Club agents (such as Worldpokerdeals) process deposits and withdrawals by exchanging Upoker chips and giving them real value. Money transactions are handled via electronic wallets like Skrill, Neteller, or Bitcoin, which is an excellent solution for fenced markets.

Our company offers all its players a full money guarantee when they play at on Upoker.

Why does everyone talk about mobile poker apps?

In 2017 a new era for online poker began with the launch of the first mobile poker apps. Initially focused on the Asian market, mobile sites have become hugely popular in 2020:

  • Players from “gray” poker countries were able to play online poker for real money;

  • Games are similar to PokerStars Home Games;

  • Running a club is much cheaper than managing a “regular” poker room;

  • The mobile poker app industry can be called the “Bitcoin of poker” thanks to the p2p transaction model used;

  • Many poker fans love to play from their smartphone

Upoker software, emulators, HUD, and desktop PC client

Upoker table list

Perhaps the main advantage of Upoker over its competitors is its software. The use of new technologies guarantees optimal consumption of resources on the PC (iOS and Android clients are also available for download), and the renewed graphics result in a user-friendly interface. The Upoker Net developer is the Malaysian company Calian Tech Marketing PLT.

The Upoker lobby and its tables are portrait-oriented, and the PC client allows to play up to 4 tables at a time.

Upoker is compatible with the Android emulator and hand converters are available to use tracking software, and real-time statistics (HUD).

Please contact our Upoker support manager to get more information on how to use HUD with Upoker and advice on multi-tabling :

Telegram: @David_wpd

Skype: Contact

WhatsApp: Contact

Email: [email protected]

Upoker real money clubs, unions, and traffic

Upoker club list

Despite being a young platform, Upoker net already has a database of loyal players’, and every day, more poker fans register on the platform. Under our deal you’ll have access to 10+ real money Upoker clubs.

Each Upoker club is operated from a particular region or country (Asia, Latin America, Europe), so the peak traffic is different for each one and the action runs around the clock.

Upoker's lineups are extremely soft and can be compared to live poker. Our setup includes:

  1. NLH, mainly 6-max from NL10 to NL5k;

  2. PLO (including 5-card format) from PLO10 to PLO5000;

  3. OFC with jackpot up to $6;

  4. MTT with guaranteed prize pools up to $100,000;

  5. SnG tournaments.

During peak time, the number of tables in the main clubs offered by our website is as follows:

NLH 6-9 max:















PLO 6-9max:














Our team will assist you in choosing a club according to your needs and will share an updated list of clubs with a test account to monitor the traffic in your game schedule:

Telegram: @David_wpd

Skype: Contact

WhatsApp: Contact

Email: [email protected]

How to deposit in a club with a Upoker agent?

Each club uses a different currency according to their country of origin; this also applies to payment methods, as local agents process deposits and withdrawals using local payment methods.

For the convenience of our players, we remit all transactions to US dollar and handle deposits and withdrawals via Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, and Bitcoin.

Best Poker Bankroll Apps

To request a deposit or withdrawal from an Upoker club, contact our manager to discuss the terms of the transaction. Cashouts are usually processed within 48 hours.

Bankroll guarantee

Although the mobile poker industry is self-regulated, there are many risks of dealing with untrustworthy agents that don’t pay the players’ profits. We are fully aware of this situation and we deal only with reliable clubs and agents. In addition to that, we fully guarantee the money of our players in Upoker.

Thus, our players don’t have to worry about anything that is non-related to their game.

Our trust badges on different affiliate portals (clickable):

How does the money security guarantee work?

Best Poker Bankroll App

If an honest player (in short, a player who doesn’t violate any club rules, doesn’t engage in dishonest behavior like using prohibited software or bots, colluding, etc.) plays in a club that refuses to pay his money, we cover his losses entirely from our pocket.

Our manager will share all the terms and conditions of our money guarantee:

Telegram: @David_wpd

Skype: Contact

WhatsApp: Contact

Email: [email protected]

Pros and cons of playing at Upoker

Upoker is one of the most promising platforms that currently hosts hundreds of games around the world, with a healthy ecosystem balancing regs and amateurs. Good rakeback deals and friendly conditions for club owners led us to think that Upoker is here to stay long term.

With our full money guarantee and the top-notch player support, grinders will forget about any risk and focus on the tables.

Most of the drawbacks are related to the big differences compared to the classic poker rooms (software developed for mobile devices, club system, agent cashier), as many grinders are strongly linked to PokerStars and similar rooms. Our team will assist you get through this stage as quickly as possible.

Our players in Upoker receive:

  • Free advice to choose a club and install software;

  • Chips transfer between clubs;

  • Support seven days a week;

  • Fast money withdrawal;

  • Funds guaranteed;

  • Discount for HUD and hand converter;

  • VIP rakeback deal.

Contact us to get a detailed rakeback deal and an updated list of clubs:

Telegram: @David_wpd

Skype: Contact

WhatsApp: Contact

Email: [email protected]

Asian Rooms Manager


Best Poker Bankroll App

Yes! Joining Upoker Net is completely free. We also don’t charge any membership fee to our players.

Yes! The players living in USA are welcome to Upoker, and we process deposits and withdrawals via BTC for them.

Australian grinders can join real money Upoker clubs, and as the games are running 24/7, they will surely find enough tables to play in their time zone.

The minimum deposit to start playing at Upoker is set at $100. Our manager will confirm all terms and conditions before creating an account.

Best Poker Bankroll App

Upoker Net holds a Certificate of Integrity from Gaming Labs that means the games are fair and safe. They also have an in-house anti-fraud team to fight collusion and bots.

About the risk of unpaid money, Worldpokerdeals takes care of that with our full bankroll guarantee.

We could say that Upoker is a renewed PPPoker. Using the same concept, Upoker has better graphics and better conditions for club owners.

We have spotted tables up to NL/PLO5k in peak time in Asia and America.

✅ What does the “Worldpokerdeals money security guarantee” mean?

Our money guarantee means that when you play with us, you are fully covered against dishonest clubs and agents that pay no profits.