Best Poker Hands In Descending Order

Poker Hand Combinations Explained. Poker hands fall into one of ten categories. The highest is a royal flush, followed by a straight flush, then four of a kind, a full house, a flush, a straight. The best hand in poker is a royal flush which is composed of the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 of a single suit. The chances of being dealt a royal flush is 1 in 649,739 (or a 0.000154% chance).

The Basic Concept of Kickers

Let's look at a basic example of poker kickers to give you an idea of what this involves. Suppose we have the following match-up in an Omaha game:

What you can see here is that both players have a pair of aces. However, Hero has a king kicker, and Villain has a jack kicker. Since a king is higher than a jack, Hero gets the pot. This is a very straight-forward form of tie-breaking, but it can lead to some complications in certain types of scenarios. We want to clear up all possible misunderstandings for you with the following concept.

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Poker Hands Use Five Cards

Poker hands use five cards. This might seem like the most obvious thing in the world, but if you always know which five cards you are using to make the best hand possible, then you can eliminate a lot of mistakes when it comes to not realizing which kickers were in play. Consider the following Texas Holdem example:

Both players have the same two pair hand of aces over nines. From a first glance, it would look like Villain has the higher kicker. However, this hand is actually a tie. The reason for this is easy to see if you look at the best five card poker hand that each player has. Hero has A♦A♣9♥9♠J♦, and Villain has A♦A♥9♥9♠J♦. In this case, both players actually have the same jack kicker, and the other cards in their respective hands are irrelevant.

When Playing Omaha

Best Poker Hands In Descending Order

Best Poker Hands In Descending Order Numbers

If you're playing Omaha, the same exact idea applies of making sure that you use precisely five cards. The only difference is that you're forced into using three cards from the board and two cards from your hand. What's ironic is that this can actually make keeping up with your kickers easier since you are forced into avoiding a lot of the common mistakes that people make in holdem.

Hands of a Higher Rank

If you use this idea of making sure you think of the five card hand that each player has, then you will eliminate every possible mistake that you can make with kickers. With that having been said, it's still good to know common scenarios where kicker problems can come up, and we're going to look at how they work with hands of a higher rank.

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Kickers and Flushes

While kickers are typically viewed as being the cards outside of a hand that break a tie, sometimes the cards that are inside of a hand can be used to break a tie as well. In this case, you still have to look at the five cards that make up the hands at showdown. For a good example of this, look at how this seemingly silly holdem hand plays out at showdown:

Take a moment with this example to verify that neither of these players have straight-flushes. Once you do that, you'll want to figure out which player has the highest hand by evaluating their respective flushes. To do that, you list out the five highest cards that each player has available to them in the suit of that flush. This process gives you the following two hands:


To evaluate these hands, you'll need to line up the cards in descending order like we have done in the chart above. Once you have them listed out correctly, work from left to right seeing which player has a higher kicker first. In this example, the tie-breaker comes down to the fourth card of the flush because Hero has a seven while Villain has a six.

Four of a Kind

Best poker hands in descending order numbers

Even hands as large as four of a kind can come down to a kicker. Consider the following highly-instructive example:

When most people look at a hand like this, they immediately feel as if Hero should have the advantage because his pocket pair has connected with the board on the river. However, both players actually have four of a kind here, and so the fact that Hero has caught a jack on the river is irrelevant. The final hand for Hero will be 9999J, but the final hand for Villain will be 9999Q. As we can see, Villain has the higher kicker and would be awarded the pot.

Best poker hands in descending order numbers

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Number of Players: 2 - 6
Type of Dominoes Used:CARDominoes
Type of Game: Card Game
Requirements: One set of CARDominoes without Jokers

Winning Hand Combinations: (Ranked as best to least in descending order):

  1. Royal Straight Flush: a hand containing 10, J, Q, K, and A of the same suite
  2. Straight Flush: any five tiles of the same suite in sequential order
  3. Four-of-a-kind: a hand containing four tiles of the same rank
  4. Full House: a hand containing three-of-a-kind and a pair
  5. Flush: a hand consisting of five tiles of matching suit
  6. Straight: any five tiles in sequential order (not necessarily of the same suit)
  7. Three-of-a-kind: a hand containing three tiles of the same rank
  8. Two Pair: a hand containing two pairs
  9. One Pair: a hand containing two rank matching tiles
  10. High Card: if no player retains a winning hand (1 through 9), the winner is determined by the player with the single highest ranked card.

Basic Instructions: The CARDomino tiles are placed face down and generously shuffled. Each player chooses five tiles from the stockpile as their hand. Each player examines his hand with the 'winning hand combinations' in mind. The first round of betting begins as described in the betting section below. Each player then is allowed a single round of discarding and exchanging of tiles from their hand for tiles from the stockpile. For each tile discarded, a tile is chosen from the stockpile as a replacement. A player may discard and exchange up to three of his CARDominoes, unless the player holds an Ace, in which case the player declares the Ace to the other players, and then may discard and exchange four tiles. The discarded tiles are not placed back into the original stockpile, but into a separate pile at a distance. After final round of betting, all players that have not folded reveal their hands. The winner is the player with the highest ranked winning hand combination as shown above. If two players are tied with hands of the same winning combinations, the player with the higher ranked tiles is declared the winner.

Betting: At the beginning of the game, each player is dealt a given amount of chips. Before a 'hand' or round begins, all players who wish to participate in the round must place an initial stake or ante into the 'pot,' the amount of which is agreed upon beforehand. The 'pot' is the collection of chips that are bet during a hand, and is usually located in the middle of the table. The winner of a hand collects the entire pot. Betting begins with the player to the left of the dealer (the player that shuffled the tiles) and proceeds in a clockwise order. Any player that wishes to bet and raise the stakes (if chances of winning are good) may place as many additional chips that he would like to bet into the pot. Players may choose to remain in the game by matching the bet or raising it higher, and players may choose to 'fold,' forfeiting their hand and their stake/ante in this round. Betting continues until all players call. A 'call' means that a player matches the bets with his own bet and is staying in the game at that level. Betting proceeds around the table in this manner:

Best Poker Hands In Descending Order Calculator

  1. Players who have folded are out for the round and do not participate;
  2. Every player that does not fold must either match the total bet or raise the bet;
  3. Players who have 'called' must either match subsequent raises or must fold. A player that has 'called' cannot raise the bet;
  4. While at least two players are still in the round and have not 'called' any of those players may raise the bet;
  5. If one person raises the bet and all others call or fold, that person cannot raise his own bet again.

Best Poker Hands In Descending Order Worksheet

Best Poker Hands In Descending Order

Best Poker Hands In Descending Order Meaning

Wild Tiles: A simple variation may be played to draw poker with the addition of wild tiles. The jokers are commonly used as wild tiles. Otherwise, a certain rank may be designated as wild {i.e. Aces wild or deuces wild). Wild tiles may be used as a tile of any rank and any suit as the player sees fit to better his hand.