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Best poker site for freerolls

What poker site has the best freerolls? For USA players, Grand Poker at 5Dimes (freerolls here) actually has the best freerolls that are open to all players. It has a $500 prize pool and takes place every Sunday. For non-USA players, I would recommend 888 Poker or Unibet Poker. One of the best poker freeroll websites is 888, which runs freeroll games every hour on the hour, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The operator even allocates $50,000 in prizes on a weekly basis as freeroll poker tournament prizes. The best poker sites for freerolls offer these popular tournaments frequently so that all players have a chance to participate. Although not frequently attended by professional poker players, freeroll tournaments at poker sites are typically well attended by beginning and new poker players as they can sometimes offer a substantial prize package. Poker Freerolls Frequently Asked Questions. Online poker freerolls are a good way to build a poker bankroll without risking any money. No entry fee is required to register and play in a freeroll, and if you end up 'in the money' (generally the top 10% of the player field will get paid) you will be generally be rewarded with cash or poker tournament or poker satellite tickets which give you.

Best Online Poker Freerolls

There is one thing that seems to be universal, we all love free stuff. In the world of poker, no matter how rich a player might be, there is virtually no recorded instance of anyone who said no to something free either. There are a number of bonuses which are offered to new and existing players by poker sites, but one thing beats all of them according to seasoned poker players, and that one thing is poker free rolls.

Welcome Bonus:100% up to $5,000
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Welcome Bonus:100% up to $1,000
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Welcome Bonus:100% up to $1,000
  • Sports
  • Casino
  • Esports
  • Poker

Playing Poker Freerolls

Just because the word “free” is used doesn’t always mean something is completely free in that there is generally a catch somewhere along the line. This isn’t the case with poker freerolls though.

Poker freerolls are entries into a game of poker that are completely free – and that means free without any conditions later which make them not free at all. The prizes for freeroll poker can be small or large or there can be free entry to a much bigger tournament as a result. This is why poker freerolls are so popular with all players.

Poker Freerolls Versus Free Poker

The two terms might sound quite alike, but there is a fundamental difference between them both which is incredibly important to remember for all poker players.


Free poker is poker played on a site for free, but it is purely a practice version. Free poker is a great way to hone your poker playing skills and any serious gambler who is hoping to embark on a career playing poker, or who simply wants to improve as a poker player, should do this before they start to play with their own money.

Poker freerolls are games of poker that cost nothing to play, but have an actual prize. Ordinary free poker has no prize apart from the knowledge you will gain while you play it. If you play in a poker freeroll you can win a cash prize which might be relatively small or quite large, depending on who offers the freeroll. Alternatively, the prize could be free entry into another tournament, which is in itself a form of cash prize as it saves you the buy in cost.

Where to Play in a Poker Freeroll

Poker freerolls are not available all the time at every single poker site. They are quite limited and often a site offering this kind of game might invite selected players to take part, rather than allowing absolutely anybody to enter. As a player you should keep your eyes open for any potential freeroll games or tournaments as they are a great way to potentially boost your bankroll.

You should approach a poker freeroll in exactly the same way as any other game or tournament. Don’t take any unnecessary risks and play according to the same strategy you normally employ. You might find yourself coming up against much better players than you are used to, particularly if you are a relative newbie, as some more experienced players love to take part in freerolls.

Don’t be disheartened if this happens – it’s all a part of your learning experience when playing poker. You need to have the belief that you can do it and even if you lose remember: it didn’t cost you anything and there are always new freerolls where you’ll get another chance.

Other Ways to Play Free Poker and Win Real Money

There are other ways than poker freerolls which you can use to play real poker games for free but still be in with a chance of boosting your bankroll.

No deposit bonus

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Register as a new player at selected poker sites and they will give you a no deposit bonus. This is money which is given to a new player immediately after registration. The amounts given out can be quite small, but there is still the potential to win at poker playing in low stakes games.

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Welcome bonus

Most poker sites will entice new players to join by offering a first deposit bonus. This is generally a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to a predetermined amount which means the poker site effectively doubles your first deposit. A first deposit bonus can be up to several hundred dollars.
If you’re very lucky you will find a poker site which offers additional deposit bonuses on your second, third and even fourth deposits. In this case you could have up to a thousand dollars to start playing poker with as soon as you start playing at your chosen site.

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Reload bonus

The reload bonus has the same principal as the first deposit bonus, but it is offered to players who are already registered on a poker site. Some sites have monthly or even weekly reload bonuses or it could just be a one-time offer.

Best Poker Site For Freerolls

Reload bonuses are not always 100% – they can be as low as 50% or even 25% – and they might not be for several hundred dollars, but you shouldn’t miss out on the chance to play poker using the poker site’s own money.

Best Poker Site Freerolls

All of these ways of playing free poker have a catch – each bonus has playthrough requirements and you will need to stake the full bonus amount a predetermined number of times before a withdrawal from your account is possible. You might also need to achieve these playthrough requirements within a certain period of time. Check the terms and conditions at your chosen poker site to find out what is required before you sign up or accept any form of bonus.