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The iPhone has changed the way we do things, so why should it be any different with poker? There are so many poker apps available these days it's hard to know where to start. Some are free and require no “real” money while others require you to pay for chips. There are tutorial apps, live play apps, and games where you play against the computer. Here's our list of the best iPhone apps for poker.

Texas Holdem is a community game where players must gather the best combination of two of their own cards and 5 main community cards that spread on the table. While there are thousands of poker games apps that have been created for mobile platforms, we are likely to find numerous specifically Texas Holdem Poker variations for Android and iOS. HeadsUp Poker Trainer is a neat $1.99 app designed to help you in mastering the perfect equilibrium strategy for heads-up, or one on one, poker. The app relies on the concept of Nash Equilibrium, which is the perfect point for pushing and calling ranges where neither you nor your adversary hold any advantage over one another. The best is 888 Poker, a trustworthy and nicely produced poker app that will get you playing in no time and, with very soft games for beginners, give you a decent shot of making some real money.

8 Dec 2020, by Cherry Mae Torrevillas

Fresh Deck Poker app has all the right sit-n-go tournaments and ring games for you. The numerous rooms to explore, ability to play with friends online, and the interesting non-playable characters you can interact with adds a little spice to the game while you make your poker skills shine. Play on your iPhone and continue your SAME GAME on your iPad or from any mobile device! Fresh Deck Poker is the FIRST free mobile poker game to offer an immersive experience in matches that take place in locations all over the world. Choose your avatar, show off, and dominate the poker tables!

  • CHALLENGES: Complete daily and weekly 'gigs' to collect tons of rewards.
  • AVATARS: Choose from many gorgeous avatars that come alongside custom table themes for each of them.
  • TABLES: Put the turbo speed for a No Limit Texas Hold'em Sit-n-Go's. Up to 9 handed Ring Game tables.
  • LEADERBOARDS: See how you stack up against other players or your friends in the Leaderboards.
  • BONUSES: Suit up for Millionaire Machine, GSN's most exciting jackpot ever!
  • LEVELS: Keep on levelling up to get rewards!
Fresh Deck Poker app review: enjoy an exciting fast-paced game-2020Best Texas Holdem App Iphone

This app gives you the most advanced AI offered for an offline poker game available on the market today. Choose from over 140 unique offline opponents to keep you guessing. Enjoy realistic sounds, smooth card animations, and fast folding to quicken the pace. Online play gives you access to leagues and chips with going head to head with up to six players. New optional blinds double at your choice of time.

  • Artificial intelligence is a self-taught system that played millions of hands against itself.
  • Play offline any time and anywhere. No waiting for slow online opponents.
  • This indie developer focuses solely on this app and is responsive to the community

Video Poker Classic offers your favorite poker games with smooth real card shuffling animations, casino pay tables, and skill trainers. This app gives you access to 39 different casino games each with top payouts available. Participate in mega jackpot wins, triple, five and ten plays, and offline support to be able to play anywhere. This is hands down the most realistic casino experience available on the app store.

  • Free to play with new credits every two hours
  • Just like an authentic Las Vegas Casino with real shuffling, real dealing, and real money.
  • This developer updates often

World Series of Poker offers multi-level tournaments, WSOP rings, and an official Vegas experience with Omaha, Texas Hold'Em, and tournaments. You can start playing on your iPad and finish on your iPhone, invite your friends to the same table, and more. If you want to play anonymously, go ahead in Guest mode. If you prefer playing the slots, you can spin and win chips in between hands with the built-in slot machine. If you connect your account to Facebook, you get $15,000 additional chips! You can also collect free chips every four hours. World Series of Poker app review

  • Multi-level tournaments
  • Play with buddies
  • WSOP rings
  • Continuous play
  • Free with in-app purchases
World Series of Poker app review: enjoy the action no matter where you areBest

Insta Poker Coach Texas Holdem is a coaching app where the professionals analyze each move you make and reward you for good decisions. You'll get instant feedback from professionals like Antonio Esfandiari and Huckleberry Seed. Other pros include Daniel O'Brien, Amir Lehavot, Konstantin Othmer, and Jonathan Little. You won't win chips in this game but will win quality decisions. Poker hands are packaged into Hand-Packs, each covering different aspects of the game. You'll win in-app currency called ProCoins based on how well you play, not the outcome of the game. Use them to unlock Bonus Hand-Packs.

  • Each move is followed by detailed explanations
  • Game scenarios created by world-class pros
  • Win in-app currency based on merit not outcome of the hand
  • Play for free one Hand-Pack
  • Free with in-app purchases

If you want to take your poker playing skills to the next level then check out this app. Poker Income has been designed to bring your poker playing analytics to the forefront. This app provides users with numerous different categories to analyze and examine in order to improve skills and to decide where to invest time and money. There’s live HUD tracker, take pictures and notes on opponents, view stats, decipher an opponent’s tells, find profitable games and opponents, track your earnings, figure out which game you are best at, learn which tables you are best at, backup and restore data, view charts and more. There are numerous in-app purchases for various features and functions.

  • Analyze and examine your poker playing
  • Get stats on your games, Review opponents, Find their tells
  • Learn which table, game and format you are best at
  • View charts, Take pictures and notes, Track earnings
  • Numerous in-app purchases for various features

Best Free Offline Texas Holdem App Iphone

Best iPhone Apps For Playing Poker

Poker Mate gives you a powerful poker tracking app that you can take anywhere. It's full of features: it offers support for both cash games and tourneys, it lets you take notes to review your play, and player tracking allows you to keep notes on your opponents. You can customize it, use filters to help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and you can view your results showing a wide variety of stats. Tag your sessions to customize your reports, use the pass code lock to keep all your data private, and use the automated bankroll management.

  • Track play live or enter data after
  • Filters help you target weaknesses and strengths
  • Keep notes on your opponents
  • Tag your sessions
  • Free with in-app purchase to upgrade to Pro

WPT Poker Trainer helps you improve your no-limit Hold'em skills just as if you had a coach helping you out. The coaches analyze each move and reward you for making smart decisions. You'll get instant and detailed feedback so you can learn from your mistakes. You'll win ProCoins when you make good plays, and you can use those to buy Hand-Packs, which all cover different aspects of Hold'em. You can preview a hand from each Premium Hand-Pack and you can play for free one of the previews. Start now: you don't need an account.

  • Coaches evaluate your move
  • Rewards for quality decisions
  • Receive instant and detailed feedback
  • Master the fundamentals
  • Free with in-app purchases

Poker Blind Timer Lite will be your best friend at home tournaments. You will be able to choose from different templates; if you want to build a custom template you will have to upgrade. The lite version will play a warning sound three minutes before the blinds go up and when the next level starts. It controls blind increases, ante, duration of breaks, chipcount, and playercount. Click a button to manage players, rebuys, and addons while the timer is running. Now you can also share payout structures and game templates with your friends using Airdrop or email.

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Best texas holdem for ipad

Best Texas Holdem For Ipad

  • Use for home tournaments
  • Choose from different templates
  • Share templates and payout structures via email or Airdrop
  • Will play a warning three minutes before the blinds go up
  • Full version is a separate app purchase