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Big 5 poker table rules

The number five in the game’s title refers to the five largest animals that live in Africa. Microgaming has a large number of poker machines based on a safari theme and this title is one of them. Other pokies with this theme include Lions Pride, The Forgotten Land of Lemuria, and Untamed: Wolf Pack. The graphics on this particular title are relatively crude compared to some of the other safari-inspired machines, and this game doesn’t have any animations or short video clips, common features in Microgaming’s video pokies collection, even on more traditional games.

Bet Variety and Jackpots

Poker Tables in Different Styles and Design. Whether hosting a poker night or a dinner party, our Furniture Poker Tables will make an impressive centerpiece for any occasion. You can even customize a poker table and set yourself apart at the poker night! The poker tables. PEXMOR 8 Player Poker Table 48' Octagon with Cup Holders, Folding Design to Play Card, Texas Poker Blackjack Game, Casino, Blue 4.1 out of 5 stars 28 $199.99 $. Big 5 Blackjack for Free & Our Bonuses. Big 5 Blackjack gets its name from the fact that it uses five decks to play. Also known as Big 5 Blackjack Gold, this Microgaming table game is a decent casino game, with quality graphics, a house edge of only 0.47%, and several of the classical blackjack rules, worked into its design. Big 5 employs the familiar three-reel layout and the one-armed bandit formula. The only complexity to it is a pay table that is split into three columns, which reflect the payouts for wagering with either one, two or three coins per spin. Product Title Costway Foldable 8 Player Poker Table Casino Texas Holdem Folding Poker Play Table Average Rating: ( 4.7 ) out of 5 stars 115 ratings, based on.

The betting options on Big 5 are nearly as simple as the reel and line arrangement and the interface and virtual case the reels are set in. Players can wager one, two, or three coins per spin on the title’s single pay line. To change the number of credits you wager, select the option you want using the buttons underneath the title’s three spinning reels.

The value of the coins can be any of five available denominations. That’s an outstanding variety for a traditional game with just one pay line. The lowest denomination is $0.25 and the largest is $5 apiece. The player has a choice of setting the value at $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2.50 or $5, for a total range of bets between $0.25 and $15 each time the reels are set in motion. High rollers won’t be satisfied with such a low max wager, but the available bets make it a good match for budget-conscious gamblers.

The biggest payouts on the game’s pay table come from three-coin wagers, but bettors can take a shot at those big cash prizes for as little as $0.75 per spin; that represents three coins set at the minimum denomination of $0.25 each. It isn’t exactly a penny pokie, but with a max bet that costs less than $1, low rollers willing to spend a little outside their comfort zone may be swayed by the fact that a three credit bet of $0.75 could earn them $600 if they land the highest paying combo for a reward of 2,400 credits.

Big 5 Poker Table

Layout & Reel Symbols

Looking at the game, it is easy to see why it is considered classic or traditional – the game’s case is decorated by a simple graphic featuring the five largest African safari animals crowded around the poker machine’s logo. The water buffalo, lion, elephant, rhinoceros, and leopard shown side by side with the red and yellow title would be a nice addition to the pay table as reel symbols, but only the lion (the king of the jungle) makes it onto the reels.

Poker Table And Chairs

It would be nice if Microgaming’s designers had stuffed a few more animal symbols into the actual game, rather than just featuring a drawing of them on the case, but at least bettors still get to see the beautiful lion on the three reels. It makes sense that the lion is the animal selected, since he is also the most valuable symbol on the game’s pay table.

Speaking of the pay table, it sits just to the right of the animals and the three spinning reels. This sidebar shows every combo and its value to the player should they line up on the game’s one pay line. Seven different combinations lead to payouts. Besides the majestic lion, three game symbols in varying numbers and combinations will lead to a prize.

An image of a bunch of cherries, a line-up of the very traditional poker machine bar symbols, and a stylized and bright gold number five set against another bar (known as a Bar-Five) all fill out the rest of the winning combo schedule. The table also shows the value of each win broken up by the size of the player’s wager: one credit, two credits, and three credits.

Why Some Gamblers Love Classic Poker Machines

For fans of casino gambling, the history of the games can be really intriguing. Poker machine history is just as fascinating as the tales of table games like roulette, also known as the Devil’s Wheel, or craps, which takes its name from the French word for “toad,” weirdly enough. Classic pokies like this Microgaming release have a loyal following in land-based casinos and Internet betting venues alike.

Every poker machine game in the world, from the latest progressive ultra-HD multi-bonus game in a Las Vegas casino to the simple safari-themed Web-based poker machine covered in this review, can trace its lineage back to a single inventor in late 19th century America. The first such game was invented by an American named Charles Fey. It was intended to be a mechanical distraction and was first installed in frontier saloons as a novelty item. Back then, players fed a coin into the game, pulled a lever to set the reels in motion, and hoped to line up a matching set of cherries, stars, or playing card images.

At first, the prizes weren’t in cash; in fact, they could hardly be called prizes at all. The machine would spit out a piece of paper or a token that could be exchanged at the bar for a small trinket like a piece of candy, a cigar, or if they were really lucky, a shot of whisky. So while Big 5 is similar to Charles Fey’s original games (the first of which was called Liberty Bell and had three reels and a single pay line) the prizes can’t be compared. What’s a cigar or a piece of gum compared to Big 5’s maximum jackpot of $9,500?

So why are classic games with very simple rules and small pay tables still popular? Some players are looking for a game they can play without much thought; think of this game as the junk food of casino gaming, easy to digest, inexpensive, and strangely addictive. No bonus games, no wild symbols, no scatter images, no side bets, no progressive jackpots – there are more things missing from this game than features that are present, compared to other modern pokies.

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But that simplicity is a major reason for the title’s popularity. Who should play this title? Beginners trying to learn the basics of pokies or gamblers who just want to wind down by playing a mindless game are all ideal targets. › Slots › 3 Reel Slots › Big 5

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Big 5 Review

Big 5 is a non-progressive slot machine by Microgaming that is part of its Classic Slot series and is especially designed for those players who are fans of the 'retro' slot machines. This game has a single bet line and three spinning reels, and its symbol set features a mix of new and old. The theme of the game is African wildlife, which is what the Big 5 title refers to, but the only animal actually represented on the reels is the king of the jungle himself, the lion.


Big 5 Poker Table

Big 5 employs the familiar three-reel layout and the one-armed bandit formula. The only complexity to it is a pay table that is split into three columns, which reflect the payouts for wagering with either one, two or three coins per spin. The payouts scale evenly across the board, including at the jackpot level, so low rollers should feel free to wager at whatever stake level they prefer. Coin sizes range from $0.25 to $5, and bet sizes range from $0.25 to $15.

Special Features

The main special feature of Big 5 is the cherry symbol, which pays with just one, two or three across, and pays out 6, 15 and 60, respectively, depending on how many coins were wagered that spin. The game also has an Any Bar feature, which means that any combination of bar and 5-bar symbols will result in a payout of 5, 10 and 15 coins. On the UI, special features include an Expert mode that allows you to quicken and streamline gameplay as well as automate spins.


Big 5 Poker Table Games

Graphics and Audio

The graphics and audio are simple but overall effective. It’s not a particularly attractive pub slot, but it does a good job of achieving that style. The sound effects are standard three-reel slot sounds, and they only play during the spins. If that’s still too much, there’s a UI option to disable them.


The lion is the jackpot symbol, and three lions across on the payline triggers the jackpot. At one, two and three coins wagered, the jackpot is 800, 1600 and 2400 coins. At the max bet, the jackpot is $12k, which is quite good. At the minimum wager, the payout is $200, which isn’t bad either.



For most slots fan, five-reel video slot machines are the big draw, but three-reel classics like this one are nice when you just want to play a few spins or you’re jumping around between slot machines and want a change of pace. We’re particularly fond of this one, however, since the payouts are a bit higher than the most of the other games with a similar configuration. For more fun, be free to check the full OnlineCasinosElite’s three reel slots collection.

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Big 5 Poker Table Chairs

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