Big Fish Casino Slots That Give Gold

Below are all of the slots available at Big Fish Casino.

  1. Big Fish Casino Slots That Give Golden
  2. Big Fish Casino Slots That Give Gold Coins

There are several free ones to play on the web including big fish casino that give you real casino slot play. Date published: 2014-06-25 Rated 1 out of 5 by PackinLV from Snoozefest Bored me to tears after only 17 minutes. When you get Gold Bars, you can give a gift to yourself and just give yourself Chips. This is probably something I should put on the Slots Guide table, thanks for asking the question! Update: Clover Magic’s and Cozy Canyon’s scatter for prizes only offers Chips and multipliers of those Chips.

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The table below is sortable: just click on the header to sort by Minimum Bet, number of Lines, whether or not there’s a Room Bonus, which slots give gold bars, and whether or not there’s a Jackpot (and whether it requires Max Bet or not). VIP Slots are available at VIP Tier 4* and up, High Roller Slots are available at VIP Tier 9+. Classic Slots are only available to select older accounts.

  1. Game Features - Travel to a classic Cashing Fish casino and play free slots games! - Slot Machine games straight from the casino floor - Enjoy single-line free slot machines and video slots with bars, triple sevens, diamonds, cherries, fortune wheels, and more! - No-internet and No-wifi required to play!
  2. 888 Lucky Big Gold Fish in Wonderland Social Slots Games - Spin & Win Jackpot Pop Prize Casino Pro.

*Note: Anyone who becomes a VIP by purchasing at least $5 or more will have access to VIP benefits — including VIP slots! — even before becoming VIP Tier 4.

Information about the Room Bonus (refers to Chips awarded):

  • Yes: awarded to all players when it is awarded — you must spin once every 90 seconds to remain in the room. For example, in Secret Grove, when someone hits 3 or more scatters, everyone in the room wins free Chips.
  • Some: awarded to players who have earned a certain spin on the reels. For example, in Wicked Wins only players who hit scatters and become haunted will get free Chips when the pumpkin bursts.
  • No: no room bonus
Slot MachineMin BetLinesRoom BonusGoldJackpot
Alice & the Mad Scatter909NoNoYes
Aztec Gold: The Lost City10025NoYesYes
Big Fortune Valley100N/ANoMax BetYes
Big Greek Fortune100N/ANoMax BetYes
Big Hit Baseball10025NoNoYes
Bison Blitz909NoNoYes
Burning Love10025NoNoYes
Clover Magic909NoNoYes
Crazy Money Deluxe6015NoNoYes
Cupid’s Holiday (Seasonal)909NoNoYes
Diamond Fire909NoNoYes
Diamond Fortunes1001NoNoYes
Divine 510025NoNoYes
Dogtown 2: Paw and Order18,0009NoYesYes
Dragon’s Cavern10025NoNoYes
Espionage Express909NoNoYes
Exotic Tropics8040NoNoYes
Festival of Fortunes10025NoNoYes
Fortune of the Fjords100N/AYesNoYes
Galaxy Wilds10025NoNoYes
Goddess Grove10025NoNoYes
Great Outdoors: Cozy Canyon909NoNoYes
Gummy Drop! World Tour4509SomeNoMax Bet
Harvest Fortune909NoNoYes
Helsing’s Midnight Hunt909NoMax BetYes
Ice Storm: Port O’ Plunder100N/ANoNoYes
Jackpot ’8710025NoNoYes
Jackpot America10025NoNoYes
Jackpot City10025NoNoYes
Jackpot City Deluxe10025NoNoYes
Jackpot City Holiday (Seasonal)10025NoNoYes
Jackpot Gold10025NoNoYes
Jackpot Shanghai10025NoNoYes
Lady Lux909NoNoYes
Legend of the Minotaur10025NoNoYes
Lightning Wheel10025NoNoYes
Mad Mouse909SomeNoYes
Mad Mouse: The Zappening10025SomeNoYes
Magnificent Musketeers909NoNoYes
Mai Tai Millions909SomeNoYes
Money Rain Deluxe6015NoNoYes
Mystic Vault909NoNoYes
Myths of Persia1,3509NoYesYes
One Armed Bandito909NoNoMax Bet
Outback Wilds11022NoNoYes
Pac-Man Jackpot Power10025NoNoYes
Panda Tea Party909NoNoYes
Party Wave909NoNoYes
Penny’s Patisserie10025NoNoYes
Phoenix Rising25,00025SomeNoNo
Raging Reels10050NoNoYes
Return to Zombie Prom (Seasonal)909NoNoYes
Riches of the Deep10025NoNoYes
Road to Oz909NoNoYes
Scatter Cats909NoNoYes
Secret Grove459YesNoMax Bet
Sherlock Manor909NoNoYes
Snow Day4,5009YesNoYes
Spotlight Millionaire909NoNoYes
Starlight Spins909NoNoYes
Stars N Sevens1001NoNoYes
Sugar Dash909NoYesYes
Sweet Stacks909SomeNoNo
Tails of the Snow Fox87525SomeNoNo
Temple of the Monkey King10025NoNoYes
Thanksgiving’s Bounty (Seasonal)909NoNoYes
The Great Museum Heist10025YesNoYes
Tiger’s Trove10025NoNoYes
Touch of Gold909NoNoYes
Treasure Trove Cove62525YesNoNo
Treasures in Time4,9509NoYesYes
Treasures of the Tomb10025NoNoYes
Undying Love909NoNoYes
Untamed Wilds909NoNoYes
VIP Alice & the Mad Scatter22,5009NoNoYes
VIP Aztec Gold: The Lost City7,50025NoYesYes
VIP Baywatch6,25025NoNoYes
VIP Big Fortune Valley125,000N/ANoMax BetYes
VIP Big Greek Fortune125,000N/ANoMax BetYes
VIP Bison Blitz45,0009NoNoYes
VIP Big Hit Baseball237,00025NoNoYes
VIP Blast-a-Ways125,00050NoNoYes
VIP Burning Love105,00025NoNoYes
VIP Clover Magic63,0009NoNoYes
VIP Crazy Money Deluxe150,00015NoNoYes
VIP Cupid’s Holiday (Seasonal)126,0009NoNoYes
VIP Diamond Fire126,0009NoNoYes
VIP Diamond Fortunes20,0001NoNoYes
VIP Divine 5125,00025NoNoYes
VIP Dogtown25,00025NoNoYes
VIP Dogtown 2: Paw and Order58,5009NoYesYes
VIP Dragon’s Cavern125,00025NoNoYes
VIP Espionage Express126,0009NoNoYes
VIP Exotic Tropics125,00040NoNoYes
VIP Festival of Fortunes125,00025NoNoYes
VIP Fortune of the Fjords125,000N/AYesNoYes
VIP Galaxy Wilds125,00025NoNoYes
VIP Goddess Grove125,00025NoNoYes
VIP Great Outdoors: Cozy Canyon126,0009NoNoYes
VIP Gummy Drop! World Tour40,5009SomeNoMax Bet
VIP Harvest Fortune126,0009NoNoYes
VIP Helsing’s Midnight Hunt126,0009NoMax BetYes
VIP Ice Storm: Port O’ Plunder125,000N/ANoNoYes
VIP Jackpot ’87125,00025NoNoYes
VIP Jackpot America125,00025NoNoYes
VIP Jackpot City125,00025NoNoYes
VIP Jackpot City Deluxe125,00025NoNoYes
VIP Jackpot City Holiday (Seasonal)125,00025NoNoYes
VIP Jackpot Gold125,00025NoNoYes
VIP Jackpot Shanghai125,00025NoNoYes
VIP Lady Lux126,0009NoNoYes
VIP Legend of the Minotaur125,00025NoNoYes
VIP Lightning Wheel125,00025NoNoYes
VIP Mad Mouse126,0009SomeNoYes
VIP Mad Mouse: The Zappening125,00025SomeNoYes
VIP Magnificent Musketeers126,0009NoNoYes
VIP Mai Tai Millions126,0009SomeNoYes
VIP Money Rain Deluxe150,00015NoNoYes
VIP Mystic Vault126,0009NoNoYes
VIP Myths of Persia40,5009NoYesYes
VIP Outback Wilds66,00022NoNoYes
VIP Pac-Man Jackpot Power125,00025NoNoYes
VIP Panda Tea Party72,0009NoNoYes
VIP Party Wave126,0009NoNoYes
VIP Penny’s Patisserie125,00025NoNoYes
VIP Phoenix Rising150,00025SomeNoNo
VIP Raging Reels125,00050NoNoYes
VIP Return to Zombie Prom (Seasonal)126,0009NoNoYes
VIP Riches of the Deep150,00025NoNoYes
VIP Road to Oz135,0009NoNoYes
VIP Scatter Cats4,5009NoNoYes
VIP Secret Grove225,0009YesNoMax Bet
VIP Sherlock Manor108,0009NoNoYes
VIP Snow Day18,0009YesNoYes
VIP Spotlight Millionaire54,0009NoNoYes
VIP Starlight Spins45,0009NoNoYes
VIP Stars N Sevens25,0001NoNoYes
VIP Sugar Dash117,0009NoYesYes
VIP Sweet Stacks45,0009SomeNoNo
VIP Tails of the Snow Fox75,00025SomeNoNo
VIP Temple of the Monkey King25,00025NoNoYes
VIP Thanksgiving’s Bounty (Seasonal)126,0009NoNoYes
VIP The Great Museum Heist125,00025YesNoYes
VIP Tiger’s Trove125,00025NoNoYes
VIP Touch of Gold126,0009NoNoYes
VIP Treasure Trove Cove87,50025YesNoNo
VIP Treasures in Time99,0009NoYesYes
VIP Treasures of the Tomb625,00025NoNoYes
VIP Undying Love67,5009NoNoYes
VIP Untamed Wilds126,0009NoNoYes
VIP Viva El Mariachi153,0009NoNoYes
VIP Ways of the Leprechaun125,00050NoNoYes
VIP Wicked Wins81,0009SomeNoNo
VIP Wild Bunny Meadows126,0009NoNoYes
VIP Wild Waters 2: Feeding Frenzy126,00060NoNoYes
VIP Wild Oak Fairies100,00025NoNoYes
VIP Winners Wonderland (Seasonal)126,0009NoNoYes
VIP Wrath of Kong125,000N/ANoNoYes
Viva El Mariachi909NoNoYes
Ways of the Leprechaun10050NoNoYes
Wicked Wins13,5009SomeNoNo
Wild Bunny Meadows909NoNoYes
Wild Oak Fairies10025NoNoYes
Wild Waters 2: Feeding Frenzy12060NoNoYes
Winners Wonderland (Seasonal)909NoNoYes
Wrath of Kong100N/ANoNoYes

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Big Fish Casino Slots That Give Gold

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Big Fish Casino Slots That Give Gold
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Big Fish Casino Slots That Give Golden

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Big Fish Casino Slots That Give Gold Coins

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Big Fish Casino Slots That Give Gold
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