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The Big M Casino is a 500-passenger gambling boat that departs from the Little River dock weekdays at 10:45 a.m. And on weekends at 11:45 a.m. Seven nights a week the boat departs at 6:45 p.m. Casino in Little River, SC. UPDATE July 15, 2020. The big m casino cruise ship little river. the big m casino cruise ship little river photos.

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Deena Fetrow

I worked on this boat for about 21 months and if I could give the management staff a zero, I would. Had 1 verbal warning in the first three months of working there for not being upbeat and talking. Hard to be upbeat or continue talking when you are sea sick, but it was what it was. New supervisor came up from Florida and began to weed out who he didnt like. His judgment calls will get you fired. If it werent for the fact that he was friends with the owners, he most likely wouldnt have a job because of his judgment calls. For the most part, the employees are friendly. Its hard to do your job when those running the casino should be asking 'Do you want fries with that?' One executive stands behind the craps table and roulette table as if she actually knows whats going on. The person running the front office is a LIAR and will say anything, even making things up, to try and save the company money when they have to contribute to your unemployment benefits. Rumor has it that executives and management are paid their salary plus a cut of the dealers tips, which is not fair to dealers that only make $3.00 as a base pay. Since the new management arrived, the employee entrance has had a revolving door. I wouldnt recommend this place to anyone looking for a job. Work for a place that actually cares about their employees.


Morgan Moreaux

Many of the staff are rude, cocktail waitresses are nonexistent, drinks are not free anywhere in the casino, and when you buy one they are tiny and watered down, the games and machines dont pay. It used to be a much better experience before Big M bought out all the competition and now has the monopoly on gaming in the area. Do not waste your time or money to be treated poorly, there are so many other fun things to do in the area I recommend anything else. Im a VIP player and come down on the weekends, not a one time visitor.I did try to voice my concerns to David the manager tonight and he would not let me complete a sentence of high lets me know he was not listening to me. I suspect if my husband had been the one to discuss the situation with him he would have let my husband speak unimpeded. I am a professional and conduct myself with patience and decorum and am not a feminist (frequently let my husband handle things but didnt want to ruin his fun tonight). Davids behavior to me was condescending and dismissive. This establishment has changed and not for the better, I have given it many many chances to improve and it just gets worse. I will not be going back, nor will my husband or my family who frequently goes with me.


Ken Carroll

We went on the Big M yesterday Sunday. My wife is a silver plus member and has been going for years. We have had another unpleasant experience...there is a man nicknamed Chicken Man who comes on Sunday ( we did not kow that was the day he comes). He is loud and obnixous on the Black Jack table tells everyone how to play etc. After hearing this for awhile ( we were at the next table) my wife walked over and polietly said ' please be a little quieter we are trying to play over here and cannot hear the dealer'. To which he replied no make several very rude comments to my wife. As the day continued it got so bad ( yes we complained to the pit boss and nothing happened) that my wife weas so afraid of what he would do and had to have security escourt her. This is not the first time we have seen this man do this. Is The Big M every going to do something about this? In a real casino he would be taken off the tables ....what is wrong with management on the Big M?


Cynthia McCoy

This was my first time on the Big 'M'. March31, , 2016 on the morning cruise Ship I. My husband and I were celebrating our 26th Anniversary and was so looking forward to doing something different. Cant say that I enjoyed it but not because of the staff. I got sick! Real sick! Part of the reason was we chose the wrong time to have breakfast and the waters were kinda rough. But even though I was sick, the staff was excellent!!! I felt like they were there just to take care of me! I felt so bad for getting 'sick' and them having to lead me and make accommodations for me and many others on board but they made me feel like it was no bother and they were very understanding!!!! This made my unfortunate mishap very bearable. I constantly heard them asking my husband if I was still okay!!!! I dont remember any names but I hope they read this and know I appreciate and thank you so much!!! We will come again and be more prepared now that we k ow the ropes...

Big M Casino Ship Little River Sc


Christina Panzarella

Very ghetto and white trashy in my opinion. The staff isnt very friendly. They never smile the people behind the cage booth. If you dont ask for credits etc and dont know about it, they arent telling you either. The ship itself was ok as far as cleanness. The food look ok, but didnt eat it. Ate before. For the value and time spent on the boat its worth it. Due Check the weather waves swell etc before going on, I didnt and ended up sea sick with 4 foot waves. The worst experience ever. Everyone got sick. Mostly everyone vomiting. Only got to play 1/2 hr. The rest of the ride I was sitting still miserable for 3 hours! I wont ever do this again even if the weather says calm seas. Cant trust it for what I had to go through.


Kathy Daehn

I have been a big fan of the BIG M Casino Boat ever since it took over the Suncruz spot in Little River. This trip was a little bit different than the previous trips, The boarding price is $25 pp instead of $10 pp and they are no longer serving drinks while you play.In my opinion, most of the gamblers feel that the drinks are compensation for the hundreds of dollars spent in the machines or at the tables. Theres no need to get intoxicated but it certainly seems more like a party when the cocktail waitresses make the rounds.The BEST things about the BIG M are the staff and the cleanliness. Its been a great day out the water gambling, I will definatly be back.


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Nikki Dennis

We were planning on cruising tomorrow with a group of 16 however we are now cancelling to the the extremely rude and threatening employee we encountered in the parking area. We were going on the dolphin tour and i pulled into the m casino parking lot to ask doe where where parking was when I was immediately accosted by a man asking if we were going on M cruise, and of course I said no, and started to ask where the parking lot I was looking for was and he immediately began screaming at me asking me if I can read and telling me to get out now, completely uncalled for.


Sherry McCartney

We thought this was a river boat cruise since we boarded in Little River, SC. We went out into international waters for this trip. Spent most of the 5 hours on the top deck trying not to get sea sick. Had we known it was going out in the ocean we would have never gone. Nothing about that in the info on their website and no mention when I called to make reservations. I think others were deceived also as there were at least 2 dozen up on deck trying not to get sick.

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Aboard the NEWEST & MOST luxurious 186’ gaming yacht you can enjoy Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Let-It-Ride, 3 Card Poker, Craps, Dice & the Newest and Loosest Slots including Wheel of Fortune, Pot O’Gold, Video Poker & MORE!Superb All You Can Eat Buffet on all cruises, and live entertainment on select cruises. You’ll find it all right here…You Can Bet On It! The Big “M” Casino sails year round departing from Little River.All Cruises begin boarding 1 hour prior to departure. Reservations are guaranteed up until 30 minutes prior to each departure. Plenty of FREE parking. Please allow for traffic in your travel plans; the parking lot and ticket office close 5 minutes prior to each scheduled departure.While sailing aboard the Big “M” Casino Gaming Yacht, please remember to dress appropriately, arrive early and remember “It Pays To Play On The Big “M” Casino”!

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