Bovada Poker Software Problems

Bovada is in my top three of most crooked and corrupt online poker sites. Please do not ever put one dime onto this site because it is a scam. By the way, if they do ever let you win some money, they will still get a huge cut because they charge ridiculous fees to withdraw or deposit money on their fake site.

This is a discussion on Bovada suspected issues within the online poker forums, in the Poker Rooms section; Hello fellow players. Ever since the Bovada poker chat option was removed I have noticed. Mobile Poker – All Systems Go in Bovada. While many poker websites would not have the technical insight to create a reliable online poker solution, Bovada has not struggled in the slightest. All of the offered facilities at Bovada are accessible with a portable device. Bovada is a scam! I often play on my iphone. I was just in a 6 handed NL hold em cash game. I hit a full house on the turn and wanted to call an opponents all in. I tried about 50 times to press the call button. The software would not let me press the call button. This is not a problem with my phone and this has never happened before.

Players in the United States on ISP Comcast took to the forums en masse last weekend to report connectivity issues on Bovada, Bodog’s US-facing online poker room.

Bovada has recognized a problem and representatives have emailed players and posted on social media with temporary solutions. There has been no formal statement from the ISP yet.

The block appears to be at the Comcast’s Domain Name Server (DNS). The DNS is a database that maps a web address—like Bovada.LV—into the numerical Internet Protocol (IP) address—like

It appears that Comcast has deliberately blocked access to Bovada.LV from its DNS, although mixed reports from players—some on Comcast reportedly have no issues, players on other ISPs also report problems—make it hard to identify the root of the issue. The slow propagation of DNS systems can cause further confusions.

Players have also reported problems logging in to the desktop client, indicating that gaming servers have also been blocked.

A tweet from Bovada indicates that the problem may not be limited to only Comcast:

Players using particular ISPs, such as Comcast, are still unable to access the site

— Bovada Official (@BovadaLV) March 29, 2014

The workaround suggested by Bovada involves changing the DNS which players use to access the internet.

Yyou can still access the site with these workarounds: Update your DNS server by following the instructions here

Bovada Poker Software Problems Windows 10


Bovada Poker Software Problems Windows 7

— Bovada Official (@BovadaLV) March 29, 2014

It is quite usual for more IT literate users to use a different DNS, often the Google DNS; Players who are not tech savvy may be wary of making the change.

Access also seems to be unaffected for mobile users who have switched off the WiFi option on their devices, according to support emails.

Bovada Poker Software Problems Solving

Comcast is reported to be the largest ISP in the US. If it has adopted a policy of blocking access to gambling sites the impact could be serious for those operators that continue to permit US customers to access online poker rooms. No similar problems have yet been reported by US facing sites other than Bovada.

Bovada Poker Software Problems Free

At the moment it is not clear what the motivation for the block may be, or whether it originates as the result of legal advice.

Players who have reported the issue to Bovada’s customer support have received an email which confirms the apparent block, suggests the DNS workaround, and ends by reassuring players that “any funds you have currently deposited remain safe. We will do our best keep you updated as we work through the issue further.”