Candy Bar Slots Online

Candy Bars is an online slot that is themed around candy and various sweet treats. Developed by IGT, it boasts of some nifty bonus features and a progressive prize that punters would do well to strive for. Aside from the four reels, Candy Bars also has four rows and 50 fixed paylines. Candy Bars Slot Machine Released in December 2013, IGT Slots' Candy Bars game has become a favourite with gamers the world over. The fun and flashy four-reel video slot is all about candy — as the name suggests — with the ultimate goal of the player to fill the reels with bars of milk chocolate. Candy Bars video slot game can make the gamblers’ mouths water in anticipation of the tasty sweets and amazing wins. The game itself is very engaging and comes with simple but yet delicious design. The delectable treats on the screen look very tasty and the animation of the winning combinations pleases the eye. Candy Bars is an online game developed by IGT that centers around the popular theme of candies, as evident from its name. The design elements draw inspiration from the theme that has launched many popular mobile games in the recent past. Candy Bars has four reels and four rows, with 50 paylines in total. The bottom line. Candy Bars is a slightly odd but enjoyable game with some classic game styling that we actually really enjoyed. You don’t have to have a sweet tooth to play Candy Bar Slots but you’ll want to be someone who likes a little background beat and quirky character sound effects that come with each win.

Candy Bars Slot Game Review

If you want something that’s different from any other slot, then Candy Bars is the slot for you. It has 4 reels and 50 paylines. Most of the slots online have 5 reels, but this one is not most slots. It was developed by the popular slot developer IGT and, like the name says, Candy Bars slot game it’s themed after what many people love: candy. It has impressive features that you can take advantage from, and it’s an incredible slot amongst so many free slots that you have at an online casino. You will love this slot, especially because of the colourful graphics and symbol it has that make all the difference when you are used to bland slots.

Free Candy Bar Slots Online

OnlineCandy bar slots onlineCandy Bar Slots Online

The symbols of Candy Bars slot game include 3 types of candy (purple, red and white striped and green), blue sevens and also red sevens. The 2X is the wild symbol on this slot, and it can only show up on reels 2 and 3. It can replace any other symbols, and it will double the value of their wins.

On Candy Bars slot game slot you have what’s called Blackout Wins, and those are when you have matching symbols that cover all the places on the reels. This feature means that you can get between 5000x or even more, up to 25,000x your bet, but it will depend on each symbol you have. Wild symbols can’t do anything on this feature. On Candy Bars slot game you also have progressive jackpots available. You will see how much there’s to be won on the slot itself. It starts on the Snack Size, King Size and Giant Size. Reels 2, 3 and 4 can have chocolate backgrounds, and the jackpot can be won differently. The Snack Size you need to have chocolate on reel two; the King Size you need to have chocolate on reels 2 and 3 and Giant-Size you have to have chocolate on reels 2, 3 and 4.

Candy Bar Slots Online

Candy Bars slot game is a great slot for you to play whenever you want since it’s always available on several online casinos so that you can have fun. IGT did an incredible work when developing this slot, and there are many other casino games by IGT that you will also love. If you like great games, then always choose any by this developer, you won’t be disappointed, especially with a slot-like Candy Bars slot game.