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The Casino Bosses are a group of minor antagonists from the 2017 videogame Cuphead. They are the minions of King Dice. 1 History 1.1 All Bets Are Off 1.2 The Tipsy Troop 1.3 Chips Bettigan 1.4 Mr. Wheezy 1.5 Pip and Dot 1.6 Hopus Pocus 1.7 Phear Lap 1.8 Pirouletta 1.9 Mangosteen 1.10 Mr. Chimes 2 Gallery 3 Trivia In the battle against King Dice, Cuphead and Mugman can roll a die and progress a. Meifwa cups and mugs-No ones POV-The day started out as an ordinary day or as ordinary it can get if you work at the Devil's Casino. Mugs was serving tables and later on started learning new card tricks with King Dice while Cuphead was hanging with Mangosteen and Chips talking about things like money and pranks.

Important Information! Rules and etc…

  • See, after Cuphead beat the Devil, said Prince of Hell was short of casino workers because Cuphead and Mugman killed them all save KD and the ellusive Pachinko (rip mr wheezy). The workers do NOT have to be cup/object people. Inkwell does have human or human-esque people as well! I only have a few rules: - They have to be +18 (its a casino ofc).
  • After being late on rent multiple times and losing their jobs, Cuphead suggest they go to the Devil's Casino to make some fast cash. Cups and Mugs are forced into servitude at the Devil's casino. Cups struggles to adjust to living under the rule of King Dice. Meanwhile Mugs takes up some bad habits while acting as the Devil's secretary.
  • Cuphead – Devil’s Casino Guide (All Bets Are Off) June 19, 2020 iFAQ Guides 0 This guide is designed to help players who are struggling to beat King Dice and his minions in “All Bets Are Off!”.
  • About the Headcannon of this Tumblr:
Cuphead casino cups comic

Chronologically speaking, this tumblr shows Inkwell Hell/The Casino, 2 years after the events shown in the Cuphead game. Now, Cuphead and Mugman took upon themselves the job of keeping an eye on the Devil and Dice, to make sure they don’t go around making soul contracts ever again.

  • Basic thing you should know about Devil and Dice:

Devil and Dice have been together for more than 20 years in a (mostly) healthy relationship.

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Cuphead Wiki Devil

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Cuphead Wiki Cuphead

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  • Some important details:

- There are many ocs around here.

- Cuphead and Mugman are both 21 years old.

- Mugman is currently married to Stelle Lamparinna, an original character of mine.

- Cartoon Jesus may appear here and there, but he is NOT an official character, and I ask you not to make serious asks related to him, unless they are shitposting type of asks.


- This tumblr may deal with some triggering themes such as suicide, abuse and stuff of the type. I try my best to tag everything, but please, stay alert.

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To be understood better:

  • Dice is a Transgender man. He is Bisexual and Biromantic.
  • Devil can be considered Pansexual and grey-romantic (or Demiromantic, I’m trying to choose).
  • Mugman is Heterosexual and Heteroromantic.
  • Cuphead is Bisexual and Aromantic.
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Cuphead casino cups comic

- I’m quite slow, so I apologize for taking to long to answer some asks.

‘Cuz life is short and I need to get this off of my chest

Also these are headcanons (theories??? not really actually) but they’re basically canon in my AU that I have on my lil’ askblog, so if you don’t want spoilers for that, and wish to see the story come out in the form of answers or something I suggest you git on outta here and not read this pft, thats why I’m putting it under a cut

Anyways, just some headcanons, keep an open mind ;)

> The main reason the Devil (when he was lil’ Lucifer) tried to fight God and take his place is because he was jealous of God’s power to create life and to create souls, and wanted it for himself. Another reason is just ‘cuz he was mad God started giving more attention to his little project called ‘mortals’ than to him. And so part of his punishment was to be cast down and live with the very creatures that basically replaced him as dad’s favourite. But after a while, he actually started liking mortals much more than angels or other demigods, he found them more fun and interesting and y’know, fun to torture in hell or whatever.

> Also he’s kinda stuck in Hell, and if he spends too much time outside of it for a reason other than following some damned sinner around for their soul, his good ol’ bro Michael comes down and drags him back down there.

> He still has his angel wings, but they’re all burnt up and all that’s left of ‘em is just bones with some cooked flesh attached to them and few feathers that are still attached (but they’re all ashy and stuff) luckily he’s got shape-shifting powers that he can use to hide them and sit in chairs properly.


Devil's Casino Cuphead

> Around that time, the only mortals that existed were humans, animals and maybe some mythical creatures. But then one day, the Devil was really bored and he wanted to mess around with humans and stuff so he became buds with this one guy and let him play around with Black Magic and shit, and combined with the magic of some mythical beasts, they accidentally put a spell on the town that caused random inanimate objects to come to life and to like, grow bodies and faces and become sentient and all that. And the spell kept spreading around the land, just random things coming to life and that’s why we have object-heads and just… alive objects in general in this universe.

God sent Michael down to find out what in the hell is happening down there and as soon as he saw the situation he was like “oh father what did Lucifer do now” and he stormed down to hell seeking answers and the Devil was just “YALL THOUGHT I COULDN’T DO IT, YALL THOUGHT I COULDN’T CREATE LIFE WELL WATCH THIS MY DISHES ARE SPEAKING TO ME” and he just couldn’t wait until they grow into their own societies and stuff he was so proud of himself while Michael was just sighing in the corner looking at these witchcraft-fuelled abominations (i have this whole comic in mind with this pfftt)

> Also btw, the first object-heads (or just… objects with legs and shit) they were really ugly and deformed like around this time, they weren’t properly made they just had limbs, eyes and mouths all over the place, soon after time, they evolved into more or less normal-lookin things.

> Anyways, SO, the object-heads had their own things going on, namely the Arcana Societies, which were these four groups that held an excessive amount of magical powers, each having their own theme. The four groups were made of; Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles (I got this from the minor arcana deck thing by the way, which is this tarot deck sort of thing, with each of the 4 things associating with the common suits: Diamonds, Spades, Hearts and Clubs, which is what we have on cards and hey, the Devil sure likes playing cards)

Oh yeah and the Devil took part in creating the one to do with Pentacles heheheh

Alright so the thing with cups is that (not only are there a whole bunch of cups representing all sorts of stuff in the Bible, including the holy grail) in Heaven, a part of Heaven was basically a factory of souls of sort (but its wasnt an actual factory it was just like, where they were created). Souls often take the form of liquids and to be carried they were carried by angels in like, cups and chalices and vases and thanks to this, the cup/chalice/vase-folk had very strong souls like, they held their souls as liquids in their heads (they could still pour other stuff in their heads, to give themselves a certain mood perhaps, but it could always be taken out, except for their souls, their souls just never spill out thanks to cartoon-logic and stuff).

So when the Calix Animi banded, they started brewing potions and magic, and that’s where the potion that Elder Kettle had came from. That potion had the power to activate and manipulate the soul to turn into a weapon, as well as giving the bros lil fingergun powers and also to be able to revive souls via parrying. Only cup-folk can use this power though, as their souls are special and stuff and you have to kind of pour the potion into their head and normal folk they—its best they dont do that.

Porkrind was always interested in the history of the Calix Animi, and him and Elder Kettle would explore the temples and ruins in Inkwell Isle III, and collect relics and stuff. Porkrind was also very interested in the potions, so he used the knowledge from the temples to brew some of the potions the Calix Animi used to make, and that’s why he has those bottles full of stuff that change the bros’ gun powers in his shop.

>Forkington is a far descendant from some of the utensil guys from Calix Animi, but he can’t use their powers. The Tipsy Troop have some very little roots connected to that place too, but it’s so little that it doesn’t give ‘em any powers or potential for that kind of magic. Besides they don’t have no souls no more, the Devil took ‘em. Also, yall know Quint, that coin from the isle, yeah he’s a descendant of the Pentacles (cuz the pentacles also represent things like gold and coins).

> Cuphead and Mugman are the last descendants who are able to use the potion at all.

Casino Cups Cuphead Devil

>The Legendary Chalice used to be an ancient warrior of the Calix Animi, but one day she died in battle and someone probably tried to revive her with a parry but something went wrong and so now she’s stuck in purgatory. She’s been stuck like that for decades by now and she’s slowly losin’ her memory but she remembers of all of the Calix Animi stuff and she’s taken it upon herself to find all of the magic and super arts to keep them hidden from the wrong hands. She gave em to the cupbros though, cuz they needed it to defeat the Devil and all that and also she’s kind of been keeping an eye on them, cuz the two are special and stuff. Also those arts literally turn their souls into these giant beings that spin around and punch the shit out of the enemy, and also turn them INVINCIBLE for like, 7 seconds.

> The Devil was always after the magic of the Calix Animi, cuz like, they have the power of the SOULS and that’s kind of the Devil’s thing. He wants their power because he believes that, because the potion’s powers can REVIVE souls, and he, the demons, since they used to be angels, are technically made of more spiritual stuff than physical stuff and spirit is pretty close to soul he though that maybe, just MAYBE, this potion could restore his wings. Like he doesn’t even wanna be an angel again, like nah, screw Heaven, that place is boring, but MAYBE he can have his wings again.

So really, he was the main thing the Legendary Chalice tried to keep those arts away from. He even tried sending some good ol’ damned pink ghosts stuck in purgatory after her but it never worked.

Cuphead Casino Cups

And when he saw the last 2 descendants of this amazing power walk into his casino in the bodies of two little naive cup children he was like “JACKPOT I GOTTA HAVE THESE TWO” and so that’s why he so wanted to turn them into demons of his, so that he could take their souls and the powers along with them.

Also since he is more spirit than material that potion (since it doesn’t just used physical power it also uses, like, the SOUL and stuff) is the reason the cupbros were able to just defeat him like that, the Devil is weak against soul power.

> Alright m’ done with all of that cup magic souls power shit. Moving onto other powers, so you know how the object-heads exist because of black magic? Yeah well, the black magic kind of spread all over giving all kinds of creatures obscure weird powers, like shape-shifting, or telepathy or to summon their own minions and all of the kind of stuff we see the debtors do. So yeah, having all of this kinds of powers is normal in their world, and most folk kind of have their own thing like that. Usually it’s something not too big.

King Dice’s magic is awfully specific, and it’s the power to manipulate the nature of playing cards, whether it’s to make them change picture/suit, make them levitate, use em as weapons or apparently bring em to life. And this power really suited him, cuz in his time, he was a big cheater in gambling, and this power just handed the world to him. Oh yeah, and you know how sometimes in the game he suddenly gets green eyes (like, it COULD be an animation error but it looks too deliberate, and they only appear when he’s using his cards or when he’s tellin’ ya to stop playing on easy mode), well when he agreed to being the casino’s manager he had to sign a second contract (he already signed a soul one) and part of the deal was he would get certain enhancements. And after that, the Devil basically asked “Yeah and what’s a colour that ya like?””Hmmm green’s nice.””Ok watch this then-” and the Devil basically replaced his eyes with these magic demon eyes, that upon activation they would allow Dice to look into people’s souls, mainly their desires and this proved REALLY useful when manipulating folks into givin’ their souls away.

This was why Dice tried to warn the Devil about the bros, cuz at the end of every isle, he would take a look at their souls and notice that they’re becoming insanely strong soul-wise and he knew that a strong soul is the Devil’s weakness.

Ok I have more but this is already long as hell I dunno why I did this just enjoy i guess vdshfsj