Casino Floor Supervisor Job Description

In the casino and gaming industry, gaming supervisors manage the gaming floor and its staff during a shift. They supervise casino table games and make sure staff and customers are acting appropriately. They are also responsible for helping customers with problems and answering questions about payouts and betting.

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  2. Casino Floor Supervisor Job Description
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When you write a gaming supervisor job description, be sure to include the education requirements for the job. The basic standard is to have a high school diploma or GED, but some places prefer supervisors to have an undergraduate degree. Gaming supervisors should also have experience in casino games or operations.

Job Description Under the direction of the Pit Manager, the Table Games Floor Supervisor assists in the overall supervision of Table Games in a Pit or Pit Section. The Table Games Floor Person greets customers at the tables when accepting player club cards for tracking and acts as the arbiter for resolving customer complaints. Casino Supervisor Job Description Job Overview: Our casino supervisor is in charge of overseeing the operations of the casino and ensuring the staff understands their responsibilities. They’ll need excellent customer service skills to handle any high-level customer disputes that may arise on the floor. Supervisory Responsibilities Supervises Slot Floor Supervisors including establishing work schedules and assigning work; approving leave requests and responding to questions related to policiesUnder the direction of the Slot Shift Manager, The Slot Relief Floor Manager is responsible for making departmental decisions that have an effect on gaming revenue, guests and employee relations. The job has changed greatly over the years. The pit boss was originally the casino manager or one of the managers. Today's 'pit boss' may be responsible for watching a few table games, running a pit of a dozen games, or running several pits of table games and all the floor supervisors who are watching games and dealers in those pits.

Customer service skills are a key component of the nature of this job. The ability to stay calm and lead effectively are also essential. You can get more ideas for the position by looking at the gaming supervisor job description template below.

Do you have a passion for games and love to follow the rules? Our casino is currently recruiting gaming supervisors to start immediately in our table games department. We are looking for a confident and motivated individual to lead a staff of 25 table games dealers throughout the casino. You will bring a high-quality gaming experience to all of our customers and ensure all appropriate rules and regulations of the industry are being followed consistently. If you have experience as a dealer and want to take your love of this industry even further, then we want to talk to you right away.

Job Responsibilities

  • Supervise all casino table games operations and make sure all gaming rules, state laws and federal regulations are followed appropriately
  • Manage the table games staff and assess each employee’s ability to deliver pleasant service to customers
  • Review suspicious customer behavior, identify instances of card counting, cheating or marking and notify the authorities when needed
  • Record large cash and credit transactions in the casino when required by federal or local laws, and complete the appropriate paperwork
  • Walk the casino floors, be visible to the table games staff throughout the shift and welcome customers to the facility on a continuous basis
  • Schedule staff members on the table games section of the floor and make adjustments during the shift if business dictates it
  • Recruit and hire new gaming dealers for the department, develop training programs and participate in employee performance reviews each quarter
  • Refer customers who are displaying troubling signs of compulsive gambling to resources that offer help for gambling addicts

Job Skills & Qualifications


  • High school diploma or a GED certificate
  • One or more years of experience working in a casino
  • Possession of a state casino worker’s license
  • Exceptional customer service ability


  • Bachelor’s degree in hospitality, hotel management or a related field
  • Experience with supervising others

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Gaming Supervisor Job Responsibilities

Your gaming supervisor job description needs to have a strong job responsibilities section in order to inform candidates about the daily duties and expectations. In fact, this portion should be the most substantial of your overall description, and you’ll want to be thorough. Including key tasks will allow jobseekers to imagine themselves in the role, which will help you get applicants who are truly enthusiastic about the position.

Include 6-8 responsibilities as bullet points to maximize the effectiveness of your gaming supervisor job description. A list this size is easy to skim but complete enough to give jobseekers a picture of what to expect. Your points should begin with strong action verbs to further place the applicant in the manager’s shoes. Avoid minor duties in favor of the most critical ones that will dominate his or her time.

Here are some sample gaming supervisor job responsibilities for use as a model if needed:

  • Observe and monitor activity on the gaming floor for rule compliance, adherence to federal law and cordial customer-employee interaction
  • Explain games to customers, clarify rules and outline betting procedures
  • Resolve conflict as needed
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Assess performance of game table employees and train new gaming floor staff
  • Maintain high standards against cheating and rule violation
Gaming Supervisor Job Specifications

Casino Floor Supervisor Job Description

You shouldn’t mistake a short section for an unimportant one. Although the qualifications and skills section of your gaming supervisor job description is likely to be significantly shorter than the responsibilities section, it’s still important to get it right. A strong list serves as a deterrent for would-be applicants who don’t meet your minimum qualifications. This filter strengthens the quality of resumes you do receive in your inbox and saves you precious time weeding out less qualified individuals.


If you aren’t familiar with the gaming supervisor role, you can still create a strong qualifications and skills section by consulting with those who are. Check with the hiring manager or senior gaming supervisor to learn about the mandatory and desired proficiencies. By listing both (and being clear about which are which) in your gaming supervisor job description, you’re more likely to get minimally qualified candidates as well as those who offer something extra.

Casino Floor Supervisor Job Description

Below are some sample gaming supervisor job specifications:

Casino Floor Supervisor Job Description For Resume

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Minimum 1-2 years’ experience as a gaming supervisor; 3+ years preferred
  • Superior customer service and conflict resolution skills
  • Ability to train, coach and develop junior employees
  • Knowledge of security alarm systems
  • Expertise in gaming rules and legal regulations associated with casino facilities