Casino Maltese Dress Code

Visiting a casino can be daunting as casinos lay more and more emphasis on dress codes and looking sharp. Casinos have had a different meaning to different people. For some, a casino is associated with glitz and glamour while for others gambling is just something you do to pass time at a convenience store or a ferry. Despite the fact that many casinos do not have a specific dress code it is expected that visitors dress appropriately. In this article, we will help you dress to impress for all different types of casino adventures.

Casino Maltese Dress Code

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Dress Codes

A Dress Code is a set of rules regarding what clothing is appropriate at a certain event or venue. The dress codes are often influenced by societal factors as well as cultures. Many dress codes leave space for interpretation. That means that individual style has the chance to shine through within the limits of the dress code. It is good to follow the dress codes set by venues or events as not doing it can be seen as disrespectful. Following the dress code helps the visitor fit in, feel comfortable and impress. There are some dress codes which are more common than others at casinos.


White Tie

The most formal of all dress codes. This dress code might be used at special events at nicer casinos. A black dress coat together with black trousers and a white vest matched with a white shirt should work as your base. It is also practice using cufflinks, bow tie, gloves and black leather shoes. It is with these details where one can bend the boundaries and show one’s own personality.

The only no-no’s when it comes to dress code casino operator, Grosvenor, are “scruffy workwear and sports clothes”. In some Grosvenor casinos dress code policies are slightly different for the poker rooms wear hoodies, sunglasses, and baseball caps are welcome. While not every casino has a dress code, shorts and flip flops are an absolute no go in the gambling areas in the evening. I’m referring here to the more upscale casinos along the Strip. Another thing to keep in mind is not to wear anything that creates any doubt or suspicion as to your activities in the gaming areas. The biggest jackpots can usually be found in online slots and especially with the progressive jackpots. Numerous players have won serious six and seven figure sums Casino Malta Dress Code of money playing and winning on the big progressive jackpot games. The Casino Maltese. Pause Slideshow. The dress code is applied at the Casino de Monte-Carlo in a bid to maintain its unmistakable aura and traditions dating back over 150 years. Fortunately, appropriate casual attire is permitted in the Atrium and Salle Renaissance rooms from 9am and 2pm respectively.

Black Tie

Another formal dress code, also common for special events at casinos. A white dress shirt combined with a black tie or bow tie is required as well as a dark dinner jacket (dark blue is also accepted). An evening waistcoat is mandatory with this dress code as well as a pair of Black Oxford-style leather dress shoes. The shoes and the type of tie one chooses can be used to set oneself apart from the rest and show one’s own personal style.

Business Casual

This is probably the most common dress code and one that you will find in casinos all over the world. This dress code leaves a lot of leeway for personality and is therefore very appreciated by men who are into fashion as well as by men who are not, due to the fact that a lot is acceptable in this dress code. It is a more comfortable dress code, where blazers can be combined with chinos, a dress shirt can be exchanged with a button-down or even a polo shirt, and the tie is optional. Many men prefer to combine this look with a pair of loafers, but even dressy sneakers are accepted.

Tips to impress

The dress codes are of course the thirst thing one must notice before deciding one’s outfit. Some casinos do not even have a dress code but if they happen to have one and especially if you are going to an event at a casino then it is very good to follow these rules. The above-mentioned dress codes are the ones that you are most likely to encounter when planning a visit to a casino. Below a few overall tips which can apply to some or all of these dress codes can be found. Following these tips will have you looking sharp and self-assured.

Casino Maltese Dress Code

Comfort is key

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As a casino guest you will be sitting down a lot, so, therefore, wear clothes that are comfortable, and which do not easily wrinkle. Being comfortable is an important way to look your best as the comfort will shine through and make you look confident. Avoid clothes with offensive slogans or clothes that reveal too much. When it comes to shoes, skip the open shoes in general, no one wants to see your toes while hitting the Blackjack table.


Good Base = Several outfits

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In many casinos, you will start noticing a difference in people’s attire in the afternoon. The later it gets the better people dress. We know the difficulty of packing for a trip and know that you will not have an unlimited amount of space in your bag for several outfits a day, therefore, we recommend a good base that then can be mixed and matched to create several outfits from just a few items.

We recommend all our readers to bring a nice pair of darker blue jeans. Black jeans can look like dress pants and are therefore perfect as a business casual attire or as a cheat to a semi-formal event. A nice blazer is also to be recommended as well as a white dress shirt. For a more casual look, we also recommend bringing a button-down shirt that can be used to stand out by having some pattern or being of a different colour than white or black. When it comes to shoes, we recommend a darker colour loafer which can be both used with a casual and a more dressed up look. Bring a tie or bow tie in case you one day want to look more dressed up.

Now that you know all about dress codes and have some recommendations on some key pieces to bring on your casino holiday, we are sure that you will not only impress with your casino skills but also with your style. These tips are meant to create a comfortable, confident style that still emphasizes your own personal fashion. If you feel like there are too many things to think about, yet still want to enjoy the thrill of gambling we recommend you visit FindFairCasinos a comparison website with all the fairest online casinos, packed with generous welcome offers.