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Sega Genesis (SG) Sheet Music

From the design of the games it had to the way advertisements portrayed it, if the Sega Genesis was to be identified with a genre of music, that would be Rock'n'Roll! With its well-known Blast Processing (ha!), gameplay was really fast and music extremely energetic! They also said Sega Genesis did what Nintendidn't... But that wasn't true at least on the sound department, since both the Genesis and the Super NES had amazing soundtracks on their cartridges. The Golden Age of video games was also the Golden Age of video game music. The themes composed during this era gave a disctintive character to each console. Nintendo was perceived as a quiet company, with its video game music ranging from the classical to the jazzy mood. Sega bet for modern music styles and ended up being considered a cooler console maker! After all, which other console had a game starring Michael Jackson?

In this page you can download sheet music from SG games in PDF format as well as an MP3 file which plays the arrangement. Click on the name of the theme if you want to visit its individual page, where you may find more material and information about it. If you are having problems downloading or opening the files, please visit this link: How to Use this Website.

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Sheet music Casino Night Zone, from Sonic 2 by Masato Nakamura, as performed by Mr Bonus Stage You are about to order a partial song. PLEASE NOTE: The original YouTube recording of this song is 02:16 long, however, the sheet music you are about to order is NOT the entire song. Dm Bb D C A Chords for Sonic 2 Music: Casino Night Zone (2-player) with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin.

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