Casino Theme Dress Up

  1. Puttin’ on the Ritz: Dress for the Occasion Black Tie. Glam up your party by turning it into a black tie affair. Keep your holiday decor simple for this theme party, like a white canvas for your fabulously dressed and colorfully bejeweled guests! The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. If there is an opposite of the Black Tie Event, this is it!
  2. Super Tuesday: Save the day with superhero dress-up! This is a good one for guys and gals alike. For those who forgot to dress up or who maybe need accessories, pass out masks and capes at the school entrance. See if the cafeteria crew would be willing to deck out the dining hall with superhero-themed tablecloths, centerpieces and plates.

Casinos have been around for a while and have seen various eras. They are also located around the world where certain customs and cultures have become a part of their ambiance. When it comes to casino parties, they are not only incredibly popular but they are varied in terms of themes. While you may find many of today’s casinos allowing a smart casual dress code that offers comfort, casino themed parties can be quite imaginative or professional so why not wear the perfect outfit for your event and enjoy the festivities comfortably.


Dressing for a Queen of Hearts Theme

An imaginative and incredibly fun theme for a casino party is the Queen of Hearts. You can literally be as creative as possible when it comes to this theme as it is based on the fantastic tale of Alice in Wonderland.

As a man, you need to wear a white dress shirt, a black bowtie, and an evening jacket. Women, on the other hand, can wear anything from a ball gown, an evening gown, or a black-tie event cocktail dress. Remember, such events do not allow you to experiment with other dress codes. Semi-formal; It is an ideal dress code for the less classy casinos.

Casino theme party dress up

Simply wearing red and white to represent the Queen of Hearts playing card is acceptable but it is also a perfect opportunity to go a little over the top and dress as the queen herself or any of the characters in the story.

Casino Theme Dress Up

Mardi Gras Themed Casino Party

Another fun and bold theme for a casino party is Mardi Gras. This celebration is known to be a time where revellers let loose and lose all of their inhibitions. Colourful outfits full of beads, feathers and glitter are worn.

While you may want to stay classy and not bare your breasts as is tradition, you can go a little wild with colourful headdresses, masks and even spectacularly glitzy outfits. Mardi Gras beads however are a must.

Casino royale theme dress up

What to Wear for Monte Carlo Theme

Monte Carlo themed casino parties are quite popular and synonymous with opulence. Being the most sophisticated casino destination in the world you can expect to dress in sheer elegance when attending a Monte Carlo themed casino party.

Elegant ball gowns and sophisticated tuxedos are the best dress code for this kind of casino party and who doesn’t love an opportunity to dress like a high roller. This is the best opportunity to dress the polar opposite of the comfortable attire you could wear while enjoying a NZD online casino at home.

Casino Theme Dress Up

Dressing for a Black Tie Casino Event

Many casinos hold events such as fundraisers where the dress code is black tie. This is an excellent event to dress up in elegant attire.

Much like a Monte Carlo evening, you should wear a tuxedo or an elegant ball gown and steer clear from cocktail dresses and simple tailored suits.

Corporate Casino Party Outfit Ideas

It is common for the corporate world to make use of casinos for a host of different corporate style events. Anything from end of year functions to award evenings are held at casinos.

Casino Royale Dress Up Theme

Unless the event itself has a specific dress code such as black tie, cocktail or a fun theme, it is typical to dress appropriately. Business casual is the generally accepted dress code where men stick to tailored suits or smart trousers and button down shirts and women typically wear smart blouses with tailored trousers or pencil skirts that are knee length.

After 35 years of throwing hundreds of events, we’ve answered countless questions about casino parties. One of the most common questions our event planners get is what people should wear (or not wear) to a casino party or fundraiser. The answer to that question all depends on what type of casino party you’re throwing.

Below are some of the most popular casino party themes and appropriate apparel for each occasion.

Dressing for a Corporate Casino Party

Casino Theme Dress Up

We throw corporate casino parties on a regular basis and most of them have a similar dress code. The attire typically ranges from business to business casual clothing. Basically what you’d wear on casual Friday is acceptable, but if you want to go a little dressier than you would in the office that’s fine too. It’s okay to unbutton your collar, just remember to keep it professional.

Another consideration is whether there will be guests from outside the office attending. When clients, vendors and partners are invited to the corporate casino party then the attire is usually a little more buttoned up. That way people have fun but it stays somewhat professional.

Whatever dress code you want to go with at a corporate casino party, the organizer should send out an email or notice to all employees letting them know what to wear.

Dressing for a Black Tie Casino Night Fundraiser

Casino themes are very popular for fundraisers since it gets people energized and in the spending spirit. With a Casino Knights Inc. casino night fundraiser you’ll raise a ton because guests aren’t gambling with their own money. It’s all strictly for fun so even if guests lose they still have plenty to donate.

At a black tie fundraiser you can go all out dressing to the nines. The attire is going to be very formal for men and women. Men should plan on wearing a tuxedo or a nice suit. If ever there was a time to bust out a three-piece suit this is it. Women will mostly be wearing cocktail dresses and floor length gowns.

Some black tie casino parties have a theme that can influence the attire. For example, if you do a roaring twenties theme that should inspire the ensembles to have flapper flair. Just like a corporate casino party, if there’s going to be a theme that the guests should dress for let people know in advance.

Dressing for a Mardi Gras Casino Party

Mardi Gras is one of the most festive events in the world. Every February people lose their inhibitions and allow themselves to cut loose. That’s why it’s the perfect atmosphere for a casino party. We throw Mardi Gras themed parties every year, and they’re always entertaining when it comes to what guests wear.

Of course, beads are the ultimate accessory for a Mardi Gras themed event. If you’re the one throwing the event beads make great party favors. Another popular accessory is decorative Mardi Gras masks. Guests can also have fun with outfits that incorporate the traditional green and purple color scheme.

Dressing for a Monte Carlo Casino Party

Monte Carlo is world famous for its swanky casinos. The coastal city in South France had humble beginnings when the first casinos opened in the 1850s, but that quickly changed as royalty, dignitaries and the wealthy came to play. Years later the James Bond movies have helped the opulent principality become synonymous with high rollers.

When someone is throwing a casino party Monte Carlo is one of the first things that come to mind. If high-class is what you’re going for this theme won’t disappoint. The garb for a Monte Carlo theme casino party is similar to black tie but with a touch more glamour. Think tailored suits with shiny cufflinks and sparkling gowns paired with head-turning jewelry. There’s literally no way to be overdressed for a Monte Carlo casino party.

Casino Theme Dress Attire

Dressing for a Queen of Hearts Casino Party

One of the most fun casino party themes to dress up for is Queen of Hearts. The Alice in Wonderland character led a legion of playing cards at her beck and call, making it a great idea for a casino party with poker or black jack as the centerpiece. Guests can dress in red or dress up like characters from the story. Around Halloween time this is a popular theme that guests really get into.

What Not to Wear to a Casino Party

In general, it’s best to leave the everyday casual clothes in your closet if you’re going to a casino party. Casino parties tend to be nice occasions. The host has spent a fair amount of time and energy putting the event together, so guests should dress accordingly.

Casino Royale Theme Dress Up

Ultimately, what to wear (or not wear) to a casino party largely depends on the type of event you attend. It can range from business attire to elaborate costumes to dressy garb you’d see on a red carpet. The theme will give you a clue as to what’s appropriate to wear, but if there’s any doubt you can always reach out to the host for clarification.

Casino Theme Party Dress Up

Want to throw a casino party in Central Texas? Casino Knights Inc. can help you turn an everyday venue into an authentic casino that fits any theme you dream up. Give us a call today to learn more about our casino party packages!

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