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  1. Yesterday was my first time in the casino. At the beginning i was overwhelmed by how many games where on the floor! I didnt do my homework so i didnt know where to start. Long story short is that i got pointed to the roulette table, took me a few mins to figure it out then invest 90 bucks. Ended up winning $347 in 25 mins right before they closed.
  2. Roulette, like every other casino game, has a built-in advantage to the house. Roulette 'systems' rely heavily on what is known as the gambler's fallacy, which is also why casinos in Vegas can afford to air condition the sidewalks in front of their establishments.

Nowadays, if we search on any searching engine “online casino tricks”, we stumble upon thousands of results. But how do we know which online casino tricks work and which are just click baits?

Image: via Reddit. Don’t get too attached to your lucky decks of cards at the casino. New decks are cycled into machines a couple times a shift. In fact, you won’t see dealers opening up packs.

The online casino industry is one of the most powerful industries in the world, endorsing 50 billion dollars per year in the United States alone. Each online casino website displays impressive games collections, divided by types, themes, and jackpots. The users of these sites are well schooled when it comes to the games and the platform’s features in general. It is well known that online casino gamblers choose the websites over brick and mortar casinos because of the decreased social interactions, the multitude of gaming choices, the comfort but most importantly, the security.

Online casino software companies are known for the enforced security and safe payment system they offer in their products, and it extends to games as well. Behind all games, there are strategies, but behind every player, there are winning methods as well. While some gamblers go with their luck and play online casino games for the thrill of it, others are always looking for a shortcut and use online casino tricks. In this article, we are going to explain eleven online casino tricks that actually work, how to apply them, and what are the benefits.

#1 Card Counting


The card counting strategy emerged in the land-based casinos, and it is one of the most famous tricks that ever existed. Nowadays, this method is banned and illegal in real-life casinos, but it still works as an online casino trick. There are several card counting methods to choose from, but most players go with the Hi-Lo method. The player analyzes the table and mentally counts how many high and low cards were on the table. By calculating the cards, the player determines when is the right time to throw in his cards, therefore when the bet is more significant.

Another method called the Zen approach based on efficiency. Smaller deck games are better when using this online casino trick because the player needs to count the negatives and positives in the entire deck, by adding or subtracting one depending on the value. If the countdown is correct, the player ends up with zero in the end. The Zen strategy is more exact than Hi-Lo, but it is more complicated.

Canfield method

Last but not least, we will present the Canfield method that emerged in 1977, and it is a great online casino trick nowadays too. The system is, and it uses the rules of card counting. Each card on the table gets an added point value, be it positive or negative. When the positive count increases, the player can place the bet, but when this count decreases, its time to look for another table. The Canfield method uses three counting values: 0,-1,+1, so everyone can understand the strategy and play it right away.

The three card counting strategies are grand online casino tricks, and they are used mainly in blackjack games. Everything depends on the player and how trained he is to keep track of all the numbers and values at the table. In the online world, you can try these online casino tricks by yourself or use a card counting tracking program. Card counting if done poorly is very risky. If caught, the player can be excluded from the platform or have his funds frozen by the online casino.

#2 Martingale System

The Martingale System is all about probability. This online casino trick revolves around the likelihood of an occurring action and the increase of the bets until winning. For a deeper understanding of this concept, we are going to take a coin tossing game, for example. When tossing a coin, there are 50% chances of heads and 50% chances of tails. If you bet 100$ dollars on tails and lose, the Martingale method suggests that the player should double this bet and bet tails once more. So if you lose 200$ dollars, you should bet 400$ dollars and so on. In theory, the player wins an amount of money equal to the first bet placed. So if you win 400$, you would have a 100$ profit or the initial bet.

The stakes are one out of ten for this kind of online casino tricks, but in case of losing, the player might lose a significant amount. Gamblers mostly use this method in online casino table games like roulette, where the gamblers bet on black or red for double-ups. Martingale has good use in blackjack as well, but it is essential to remember that this method relies on psychic, and it is quite hard to master.

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#3 Loose Slots

The loose online slots are those games which have better payout odds. Online slot games with a 97% percent return-to-player ratio are unsuccessful. The games that have a lower rate have bigger wins but lower RNG volatility. This means that you have a chance at an impressive jackpot, but your prospect is shallow. The online slots with an increased RTP ratio have a higher frequency as well, but smaller pots. Tracking the loose online slots on a platform are simple online casino tricks that requires a bit of time.

You can play for a long time, with less money and even though you won’t get substantial earnings from one game, by performing several others, you can make good money in a relatively short period. While we are on the topic of the online slot, we will give you some more online casino tricks that can help you win big at slots.

#4 No Deposit Bonus

Most online casinos provide no deposit bonuses when the player signs up, which is a fair amount of money usually. Use this prize and hit the loose slots with it to multiply it. If you won a substantial amount of money, most online casino platforms charge a deposit to cash out the winning. Another useful online casino trick that works for hand in hand with this one is checking out the competition. There are hundreds of online casino websites to choose from, and they all offer different amounts of bonuses, free spins, or no deposit bonuses. As a gambler, if you want to select the best online casino platform out there, look for the wagering requirements.

This requirement states how much you need to bet before the casino releases your bonuses as cash. It is also vital to check if these casino bonuses don’t come with a maximum payout. The maximum payment out limits the player withdrawals from their bonus winnings.

#5 Progressive Jackpots

Also called network jackpot, the progressive jackpot pools money from every gambler playing slots games. The longer no one wins, the bigger the prize gets. Progressive games can be a practical option for any player, especially in the online casino world, where most jackpots are available to the public. Knowing how and when to enter the game gets you a long way when using this online casino trick, but if done right, you can win big. For example, a man in Norway won 12 million euros after playing a progressive jackpot game while analyzing his chances.

#6 Teaming Up

The reason why online casino industry gains more and more followers every year is the comfort these websites provide. Lately, this feature transformed into an online casino trick that gamblers are very familiar with. Players colluding on online casino table games like poker are something rather ordinary. You can team up with your most experienced friends, and enter an online poker room under one account, win it and the share the profits. While you can quickly go unnoticed while using this online casino trick, most casino websites consider this practice illegal or frowned upon.

#7 Multiple Accounts

This online casino trick is actually something that helps you while using other methods on an online casino website. While trying to cash in impressive amounts of money, you can’t do that on just one platform. To not get caught by the casino’s administrator, you need to act like an ordinary player. Open multiple accounts on different online casino platforms and play various games each day. Don’t play too much though- winning regularly and playing on the same platform for hours can come up as a question mark for online casino managers. Instead, change the games frequently and play for a few hours per day on each account. Another useful online casino trick when it comes to this is losing on purpose to mask your real intentions. When using online casino cheats and methods, it is essential to keep a lowkey profile to gain massive amounts of money in jackpots.

#8 The Affiliate Program

This online casino trick raises the bar when it comes to online casinos. Become a registered affiliate with the online casino establishment. Members earn money from profit percentages, so this means you can get a passive income without doing too much for it. In the meantime, register on another platform as an average user and keep on winning big.

#9 Bonuses

Paying attention to the bonuses offered by an online casino website is a simple online casino trick that doesn’t necessarily break the law. The best rewards in this industry are the cash back ones, where players can get around 5% percent of their money back. Deposit bonuses are a great way to gain profits as well, even though they require a playthrough amount.

On some online casino websites, players usually receive free spins by signing up on the platform or rewarding a player’s loyalty. You can play newly released games and gain this kind of bonuses as well. If you are an online slots fanatic, pay attention to the free spins given in slots games. Take advantage to win without investing any money or just use them for analyzing a game you enjoy. By using free spins, you get a real insight on what any game based on, what are the jackpots or the winning stakes.

#10 Slots Bet Max

Most slots on online casino websites possess the bet max option, and the managers highly advise you to use it. This is an online casino trick used by casino owners that gamblers should be careful about when playing slots. Slots have multiple paylines, and when adding the bet max option, the winning multiplies by line. However, players need to consider that all slots have high or low volatility based on the random number generator. Betting max doesn’t increase your winning chances that much, so try to keep track of which games have the lower volatility. In high volatility slots, you can bet more elevated amounts of money because you can win a huge jackpot but with lower actual odds.

#11 Software

Online casino tricks evolve at the same time with online casino software. You can beat the casino system quickly if you are willing to risk it. A lot of casino hacking programs surfaced online over the past years; they are available for purchase or even more, you can look for a pattern and create them yourself. Most programs include automatic bots that are basically going to play the game for you and are available for games like roulette, blackjack, and slots.

The technology-based strategies analyze the betting and number systems to outsmart the online casino website system. It is a commonly known fact that most online casino games, especially slots, use a random number generator that produces the outcome. We’ve talked about card counting before, but in this case, it is practically impossible for a human being to track down all algorithms and choose which is the best. Earning money through automated gambling is very easy, but you need to keep an eye on your bets and winnings. The online casino software is famous for its security, so any player that wins too much will cause an investigation immediately. On the online market, there are several online casino trick programs, and we will talk about the most famous ones.

The blackjack professional card counting software instantly calculates the winning chances of the game, imagine a traditional card counting on fast-forward. These online casino tricks show you the best and tracks hand histories, so it gives you the green light for betting at a live blackjack table.


The program hacks into the slot system and changes symbols or the payout value, valuably increasing your jackpot win. However, this is no easy task, and players need some IT knowledge before using this online casino trick. Slots hacking software usually needs manual programming, so players need to type in commands, locations, and other information.

Roulette online casino tricks software allows the gambler to predict what number or color the ball will end up on before the game even starts. It is easier to use, and it will double-up your winnings in the blink of an eye.

The botting strategy program is far more advanced than the programs mentioned earlier. This software plays the game for you, but inevitably it comes with a cost. When using this type of online casino tricks, you either lose your money without even playing the game, either the learning algorithm learns the strategy, and it executes it every time causing jackpot after jackpot.

The Russian System

This software’s name comes from Alex, his Russian creator and casino hacker. This businessman began using online casino tricks on slots to gain extra money. By doing this, he came up with his own casino trick idea that later became a whole business. Alex uses workers worldwide to gather and analyze slot machine data. He calculates a winning algorithm then sends the result back to his workers via mobile phone. When the phone vibrates, his associate spins the slot. Starting with online casino tricks, his business takes care of analyzing casinos to correct and improve their security.


In conclusion, online casino tricks offer you a wide range of actions and bonuses if applied correctly. You can use specialized software, test your counting abilities, or just use every opportunity that the online casino websites give you, like free spins or other bonuses. When talking about online casino software and online casino tricks as a business owner, you want to benefit out of this mix. Skillmine Games is the perfect choice for you; our products ensure the highest performances in a safe and secure environment. Our company specializes in online casino software and complex marketing solutions. So, if you want a smooth running business without worrying about potential hackers and other online casino tricks, the Skillmine Games team would gladly assist you along the way.

Thecasino is risky; this is something that everyone knows. It’s disadvantageousfor players because to win it, you’re all about luck. But that doesn’t stoppeople from playing the casino and enjoying it overall. So in today’s article,you’ll find out how to play your favorite casino game with moderation and ifyou’re lucky, you’ll even be able to win it.

How?You’ll find listed five of the best gambling tricks and tips you’ll ever comeacross so you don’t end your night by losing a lot of cash. Playing the casinocan be a simple matter of fun or an addiction. But if you’re there for fun thenlucky you.

Thethrill of gambling is very sweet; you get to keep wondering “What if”? Which iswhat makes gambling so fun. You get to learn strategies, tricks and tips byplaying wisely and intelligently. If you pursue casino games wisely, then it’slike any other entertainment business out there.

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It’ll beas fun, and as costly as going to a nightclub, or to a spa. So if you’re in itfor fun then good for you! That means you every decision you make will be morerational than those who are addicted to it.

But, evenif you’re in it for fun, make sure to read these tips so you don’t make sillymistakes playing casino, and elevate your chances of winning!

How many types of casino gamesare there?

Here arethe different types of casino games out there that are divided into two basedon their odds.

If you’rea beginner and don’t some skill in playing casino games, then these are thegames are your to go-to. You won’t lose too much money and you will also haveinnocent fun:

  • Baccarat
  • Video Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Craps

On theother hand, if you’re not familiar with casino games and want to play just forPURE fun with no skills involved, then these are the one for you:

  • Slots
  • Keno
  • Roulette

Tips for beginners:

You’ll beplaying based on luck. If you’re looking for a way to make money then let metell you something, you’re playing against odds. But there are still some tipsfor you to win which we’re going to discuss later. The first one is by playingsmart.

If youstart winning in a row and gain more money than the one you started with thenit’s better if you stop. The hot streaks you’re in won’t last and you’ll soonbe wondering how you lost all the money you won. So once you gain money morethan what you had in the first place then just stop.

Startyour game with a fixed amount of money. Gambling is mainly about having fun, somake sure you only gamble with money you’re ready to lose. Because your odds oflosing are bigger than winning. So start deciding before you enter the casinojust how much money are you ready to sacrifice for fun and enjoy your night.

When youstart playing, keep in mind that the casino has always the upper hand. So neverbe convinced that you’re winning. The house has always math and luck on theirside; it’s their game after all so it’s only normal for them to be winning andyou losing.

5 tricks for casino games

Now thatyou know all the casino games that exist and you’ve gathered some beginnertips, here are the tricks you need to follow in every casino game to minimizeyour loses.

Plan a strategy

If you’rethere to win it then you most certainly need to know your game. Few gamblersactually bother to do this and that is why they lose. So if you’re looking fora way to win some quick and fast money, plan your strategy before you bet allyour money.

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To dothis, you need to read about the rules and research a guideline of how to playthe game. So make sure to keep every step in mind while playing a game. Onemore thing to keep in mind is that the main bet has the smallest house edge,and extras have a five-time higher house edge.

These arecrucial information to keep in mind.

Know your limits

Whatruins all these casino players is playing with no moderation. They go in withall of their money and start playing without thinking of the consequences. Thisis a huge mistake to make. There’s no doubt that keeping track of money incasinos is hard. But that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard and keepspending until you’re left with nothing.

You haveto think wisely before you spend every penny, and while money management is asubject that everyone hates. It’s very important here and very imperative tocasino games. You have to plan a budget for your games and stick with it. Thetemptation might be high but what you’ll lose is higher.

How canyou keep track of money? First of all, you’ll need to stay sober. So that meansno alcohol and no drugs of any kind. You’ll have to keep track of the chipsyou’re playing with and the budget you’ve determined. Once you reach yourbudget, pack your clothes and get out, because if you stay any longer, there’sno doubt that you’ll be spending more money.

Get the full value of yourbet

What thismeans is getting the most for your play. It means you’ll have to take in anyfreebie or comp that comes your way. To get those comps you’ll have to join theplayer’s club and use your card in every time you gamble. It doesn’t matter ifyou’re there gambling for minutes or a few hours, use your card every time yousit down to gamble.

Make sureto hit the player’s club desk every time you go to your casino to see if thereis any news regarding comps. And make sure to subscribe and sign up for theirmail to get every email and notification regarding this. This way, specialdeals might be getting your way more often than you think. After all gettingall those comps and freebies has a significant impact on how you play yourslot.

Keep your eyes on theprize

This isvery important because more than often when you enter a casino, you’ll findyourself quickly swiped up with all the lights, the colors and the differentgames that exist. But once you sit in the table or choose a game you need togive it all of your attention.

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Itdoesn’t matter if there’s pole dancer on top of the table or some bikini modelscoming your way. Keep your eyes on the prize and that is all that matters.Casinos often put these distractions your way so you don’t notice anything fishyor any trimmed payouts. So keep your eyes open and your mind even more.

Pick out the clumsiestdealers

This isprobably the most favorite strategy for a lot of gamblers out there. It cantime some and effort but it’s totally worth it. It’s said that there less than100 professional blackjack card counters in the casino world. So if you’ve gotsome card counting skill then start using them.

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This wayyou’ll have an upper hand on the house, there a lot of clumsy dealers there soyou can start counting the cards and raise your odds of winning. Just make surethe cameras don’t get caught you because even though card counting isn’t legal,you can get kicked out from the casino by doing it.

And thesewere the 5 tricks to casino games if you’ve got any other tricks to add leavethem in the comments!