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Iranian model Negzzia is facing imprisonment after posing for semi-nude photographs....

Christophe Castaner Poker

Iranian model Negzzia is facing imprisonment after posing for semi-nude photographs.

An Iranian model facing imprisonment over semi-nude photographs has been thrown a lifeline by the French government after her story became public. Picture: Yoan Valat/EPASource:AAP

An Iranian model facing imprisonment over a semi-nude photo shoot has found herself homeless in Paris — but since her story caught the public’s attention, she has been thrown a lifeline by the French authorities

Negzzia, 29, has been fleeing the Revolutionary Guards in Iran since 2017 after photos surfaced of her posing in revealing lingerie. She claimed a photographer tried to rape her and when she resisted, he told the authorities she had ”forbidden” photos.

Facing jail for spreading “anti-Islamic culture”, the young woman hopped onto a plane to France, where she hoped for a new life.

She fled and sought asylum in Paris on November 13, 2018, hoping to find safety while pursuing her dream job in the world of fashion.

Iranian model Negzzia forced to flee Tehran after her photos showed too much skin.Source:Instagram

Since then, Negzzia has been living on the streets. After registering at an office in Paris that takes care of asylum seekers and refugees, she remained without legal status, unable to find work or study.

The model stayed in cheap hotels until she ran out of money, and then lived on park benches.

“The first night was very hard. The second night was better because I was trying to convince myself that I could do it,” she told Le Parisien.

“The third night was the worst: my back was very sore and that is when I realised it was not going to be easy.”

Negzzia has been living on the streets in Paris since she fled her country.Source:Instagram

Forbidden from working before her refugee status was granted, she said she had to sell her clothes for money.

Christophe Castaner Poker

“I sold my bag with all my dresses for 10 euros, to be able to eat.

“During the day I’d sit in heated cafes, trying to accumulate some heat for the freezing night-time.”

At one point, Negzzia attempted to take her own life by jumping on a railway track, but someone saved her. Other times, she said, people had sinister intentions.

“One day I was introduced to a man who my ‘friends’ said was trying to help me,” she said. “He quickly turned violent and treated me rudely, telling me he’d employ me as a stripper. I immediately and strongly refused. He got annoyed and told me that I didn’t realise that my status was like that of a slave, and spat in my face.”

Negzzia has opened up about being homeless on the streets of Paris.Source:Instagram

Negzzia says she was not as careful as she should have been as a model in Iran.

She told French local media that a photographer in Tehran tried to rape her and that she resisted, which led to him telling the authorities she had illegal photographs of herself modelling lingerie.

The young woman says she loves Paris, and hopes more than anything to become a model in the global fashion capital.

“I love Paris, because of its magic and beauty. But for the moment, I haven’t found anything here and I’ve lost everything,” Negzzia said.

“But I can’t go back to my country without risking my life. The goal is to resist, until the asylum application is accepted and I can work as a model in Paris.”

Negzzia’s case has since caught the attention of French authorities. Picture: Yoan Valat/EPASource:AAP

Negzzia’s story has caught the attention of French authorities. On July 1, French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner retweeted her story from Le Parisien and wrote: “Asylum will naturally be offered to her.

“The @Ofpra confirmed to me. Her services are in contact with her, her file examined with the kind attention due to her situation.”

OFPRA refers to the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons.

French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner has assured the model she will receive asylum.Source:Instagram

Negzzia shared the message to her 121,000 Instagram followers, with the caption:

“Mr Minister, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.

“Your message moved me a lot. France is a wonderful country that I love and, like all Iranian artists, I feel so close to.

“It is an immense pleasure to finally be able to look at the future with more serenity. Thank you again, I will do right by this hand that your country is extending towards me. Vive la France!”

Iranian model Negzzia poses for photographs during an interview in Paris on June 28. Picture: Yoan Valat/EPASource:AAP

Journalists Pauline Théveniaud and Jérémy Marot were the guests of Philippe Vandel on Europe 1, Monday, on the occasion of the release of their book on Christophe Castaner.Ironically titled 'Le Kéké de la République'.The book examines the image of the Minister of the Interior and his communication, which is often well established but made up of a few errors.


The book is titled 'Le Kéké de la République'. And it is published by a very serious publishing house, Plon. And for good reason, this is an eminently political work which is interested in the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner. Its authors, Pauline Théveniaud, reporter at the political service of the Parisian-Today in France , and Jérémy Marot, reporter at AFP in charge of Matignon, carried out six months of investigation and carried out no less than 80 interviews, including several with the principal concerned. They were present on the set of Europe 1, Monday, in the program of Philippe Vandel, to tell their work.

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'The title should not have brought him up to the curtain,' concedes Jérémy Marot straight away. A 'kéké' is a 'crater, boastful, a little boastful, self-confident and, unfortunately for him, sometimes ridiculous'. The Minister of the Interior would fall into this category, but not necessarily in spite of himself. 'It is a facet of [his] personality which he played, as an asset to stand out in macronie', says Pauline Théveniaud. Not a fan of the start-up nation side of LREM, between jeans-sneakers and pants-ties, the one who was first government spokesperson sought to distinguish himself.

Relaxed air and three-day beard

He cultivated his image of Provencal with an atypical journey, relaxed air and three-day beard. In La Provence , in 2015, he expanded somewhat on his student liabilities. Later, in 2018, in the Journal du Dimanche , he talks about his 'youthful mistakes', telling his poker games with thugs, in a bar in Manosque. 'We can only see that it comes out three or four months before he becomes Minister of the Interior,' says Jérémy Marot. 'There may be interest in clearing this type of file upstream.' Or how to deal with a possible controversy rather than having it explode in your face.

Christophe Castaner's well-polished communication throughout his political career has also failed. 'His image allowed him to detach himself and propel himself to the position he occupies now ... and it comes back to him like a boomerang too!' In 'Le Kéké de la République', the two journalists return at length to the leaking video, showing the Minister of the Interior in a nightclub, visibly tipsy and in the company of a woman who is not his wife.

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