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The casino also offers 50 poker tables and the Crown Rewards Club that shares points and benefits with the other Crown properties. Canada – Montreal, Quebec. Casino de Montreal; 3,200 Slots and 115 Table Games; Known for: Being an entirely non-smoking casino. This casino is home to World Series of Poker of the Asia-Pacific chapter and is spread over an area of 220000 square feet. The Crown casino has over 3000 gaming tables and slot machines. Rio Casino Resort. Africa’s largest casino was known as Tusk Rio Casino and Resort till 2006. The Peermont Group bought and re-named it as the Rio Casino Resort. Shortly before his death, Parker acquired the Crown Casino Network, which is one of the leading largest gambling companies. This man managed to spend $ 20 million at London casino, however, was never particularly upset, because cold always remind that he had won 30 million dollars at the MGM casino in one shot. What a positive dude!

Instead of compiling an overall top ten list of the most significant casinos out there today, I decided to take a different approach.

Las Vegas and Macau are two locations that typically receive top billing in this category with multiple entries on the list, but I thought you might enjoy learning about others around the world. Some of the locations may surprise you, but all of them should impress you.

Of course, I will include Las Vegas and Macau, as they certainly have earned their rankings, but let’s take a trip and peek at alternative destinations as well.

The Sands Macao Casino is a 5-star hotel-casino is likely one of many crown jewels in the luxurious gambling domain of Macau, even topping the Las Vegas strip. With over 229,000 sq. Of gambling area and hotel accommodations, it is operated by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation and thus became one of the first imported casino hotels in Macau. FIFA world ranking men's national soccer teams 2020. WinStar World Casino located in Oklahoma in the United States was the largest casino in the world accounting for more than 600 thousand.

I’m going to end in the United States because I happen to be sitting in a hotel room in one of the casinos that deserves a prominent place on this list.

Hint: it’s not in Las Vegas, nor is it even in the state of Nevada.

On a side note – my apologies to the regions that are not included in this list of 15, as there are many other prominent casinos around the world that deserve an article of their own.

Mexico – Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City

  • The Royal Yak Casino at the Hipódromo de las Américas
  • 701 Slot Machines
  • Known for: A casino and racetrack combination venue

Admittedly, the Royal Yak should not be on the list of the all-time biggest casinos in the world, but it represents Mexico and is the largest in the area. When you compare it to any other casinos throughout Mexico, it comes out heads- and- shoulders above them.

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and is one of the most populated cities in North America with over 20 million in the greater metro area. It’s known for its art nouveau and art deco and boasts the most museums in the world.

Miguel Hidalgo is one of the 16 delegations in the Federal District of Mexico City and attracts a lot of visitors coming into the area. While there are other local casinos, nothing else compares to the Royal Yak.

It offers bingo, slots, and table games, but no real card games or roulette. Craps and dice are the games of choice in this area.

There isn’t a hotel attached but there are several nearby, and players need only to be 18 or older to enter the casino. If you happen to be a fan of horse racing, you’re in luck before you place any bets. The Royal Yak is located alongside the Hipodromo de las Americas racetrack.

Bahamas – Paradise Island

  • Atlantis Casino and Resort
  • 700 Slots and 85 Tables
  • Known for: Its unique design with glass sculptures in a tropical setting that spans a seven-acre lagoon

Whether your cruise ship stops there or you make the Atlantis your sole destination, you’ll be able to enjoy gambling in one of the most relaxed settings you can imagine.

Crown Casino Ranking In The World War

The slots and table games are plentiful, but the Atlantis also features a state- of- the- art rating system that uses a guest’s room key. It’s a way to get new players immersed in the program and earning comps immediately.

The Atlantis features an impressive 100,000- square- foot gaming floor with poolside action also available. Blackjack and Bahama Mamas, anyone?

Argentina – Tigre, Buenos Aires

  • Trilenium Casino
  • 1846 Slots and 77 Tables (20,000 m2)
  • Known for: Its live entertainment

You can see a big jump when it comes to the Trilenium. We’ve gone from 700- slot casinos to more than double with a total of 1846.

The Trilenium Casino is located at the Tigre Resort in the Parana River Delta.


While the Trilenium is not going to compare to some of the absolute grandest casinos in the world that offer dozens of restaurants and activities all in one building, it does house two restaurants and two bars.

This is yet another casino without a hotel attached, but it does have three levels, and its live shows are big attractions. The gaming areas span three floors and cover over 60,000 square feet of space.

South Africa – Cape Town

  • GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World
  • 2563 Slots and 79 Tables
  • Known for: Its family facilities

Cape Town is the largest gambling city in South Africa, boasting five casinos, but nothing compares to the GrandWest. When I describe the facility, you can see how it’s getting closer and closer to those massive hotel-casinos that Las Vegas and Macau boasts, but there’s still no hotel involved yet.

The Grand Hotel is .2 miles away but technically off the property. Unless you need special assistance, it should be an easy walk.

Compared to the first inclusions on this list, the casino is much larger, boasting over 2,500 slot games alone. There’s also the Salon Privé for high- stakes players, and everything is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What I especially like about the GrandWest is that it offers smoking and non-smoking areas that are sectioned off for the convenience of all players.

Families will enjoy the non-stop activities available for their kids, or anyone can take advantage of them if gambling isn’t your thing. The activities center includes an ice skating rink, bowling alleys, an arcade, laser tag area, and cinemas.

The complex as a whole offers 12 full-service restaurants and 16 dining options in the food court.

Portugal – Cascais

  • The Estoril Casino
  • 1100 Slots and Five Distinct Table Game Areas
  • Known for: Claims of being the largest casino in Europe (one of two casinos that make this claim)

The Estoril Casino is situated 18 km from Lisbon and is a quick ride from the airport. It’s self-promoted as the largest entertainment and leisure complex in Portugal, as well as the largest casino in Europe.

What makes the difference in size is not the casino floor but the 1,000- seat showroom and dining room combination, the 350- seat auditorium, and a prestigious art gallery that garners widespread recognition.

The casino is also impressive with its 1,100 slot games with denominations from .01 to €2. There are five table game areas, including Rroulette, Bblackjack, Caribbean Stud, Bbaccarat, and French Bank. French bBank is a three- dice game and is a unique addition to the casino, as you can’t find it just anywhere. There’s also a poker room available for those players as well.


Amongst the bars and discos throughout the property, there are five dining options, including the Estoril Mandarim, considered to be the most elegant Chinese restaurant in all of Europe.

Spain – Madrid

  • Casino Gran Madrid Torrelodones
  • 200 Slots and 40 Tables
  • Known for: Being the biggest casino in Spain and for requiring an admission fee

We’re going to take a little detour here with the Casino Gran Madrid Torrelodones because it’s different than most of the casinos on this list.

Spain does have 40 casinos throughout the country, but they’re relatively small, especially compared to the prominent gambling cities. The Casino Gran Madrid Torrelodones is the largest, but it comes in with only 200 slot games.

It does offer three gambling halls and a plethora of tables – Ppoker, Rroulette, Bblackjack, and Bbaccarat. There are elegant dining options, as well as a buffet and sports bar.

What makes this casino dissimilar, though, is its limited hours. It’s only open from 16:00 to 5:00 (or 4 pm to 5 am). A passport is needed for entry, and there is a €3 admittance charge. Guests are also subject to a dress code that restricts patrons from wearing t-shirts and tennis shoes. At certain times of the year, a jacket is also required for men who want to take a seat at a live table.

The United Kingdom – Stratford City (London)

  • Aspers Casino
  • 150 Slots and 30 Tables
  • Known for: Largest UK casino is in the biggest shopping center in Europe

The Aspers Casino is nestled comfortably in the Aspers Westfield Shopping Center in the Stratford area of London. That mean may seem like an unusual locale, but other casinos peppered throughout the UK are in or attached to shopping centers.

Aspers is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, 364 days a year. It only closes for a short time on Christmas Day. There isn’t an entry fee and no membership card is needed for admittance, but there is a dress code similar to the Casino Gran Madrid property.

Crown casino ranking in the world series

Players will enjoy a relatively large gaming floor compared to other casinos in Britain. There are also multiple restaurants and bars, as well as a poker room and 24/7 sports area with non-stop matches.

Monaco – Monte Carlo

  • The Casino de Monte- Carlo
  • 985 Slots and 86 Tables
  • Known for: Its international clientele and outdoor gaming area

1863 – that’s the year that the Casino de Monte- Carlo was originally built. I don’t have to do any research to confidently say that nothing in Las Vegas or Macau will rival the history that this casino offers to its players.
The Casino de Monte- Carlo is one of four casinos that include the Café de Paris, Sun Casino, and Monte- Carlo Bay Casino.

Each individual room or “salle” features different gaming options. Some are slots only, and some are tables only.


In the summer, patrons can take advantage of gaming in the Salle Blanche and Terrasse that undoubtedly provides one of the most beautiful settings with its view of the Mediterranean.

Italy – Campione

  • Casino Campione d’Italia
  • 778 Slots and 56 Table Games
  • Known for: Claims of being the largest casino in Europe (one of two casinos that make this claim)

This casino that’s near Como, Italy, also claims to be the largest in Europe. It does boast a hotel, conference center, and other non-casino amenities, all on the shore of Lake Lugano. The building is illuminated at night and can be seen across the lake.

There’s history attached to this casino as well. It was built in 1917 and was initially used during World War I as a site to gather information from foreign diplomats.

The casino itself covers a substantial 180,000 square feet of space. Table games are plentiful, and the nearly 800 gaming machines include slots, video poker, and electronic roulette.


  • Marina Bay Sands Casino
  • 1600 Slots and 500 Table Games
  • Known for: Its incredible architecture, as well as being the most expensive standalone casino project at $8 billion

The Marina Bay Sands is a bayfront casino with an impressive design that makes it as inviting from the outside as it is from inside.

It’s a relative newcomer just built in 2010. The casino floor alone is 160,000 square feet but expands into a 2,561- room hotel and a convention center. There’s also a museum, a mall, and two theaters reminiscent of the Las Vegas casinos that I know so well. In fact, it is owned by the Las Vegas Sands corporation, so the Vegas -style is inevitable.

Although the casino is just a part of the entire complex, you can see from the 2100 gaming options that it’s a substantially sized gaming floor. It also boasts 30 private gaming rooms – high rollers, anyone?

Keeping in step with the amazing exterior architecture, casino visitors are greeted by one of the world’s largest chandeliers. It’s decorated with 130,000 Swarovski crystals weighing in at seven tons.

Tourists can be treated to an all-encompassing experience from the hotel to dining to casino gaming and entertainment with the Marina Bay Sands complex.

China – Macau

  • Venetian Macau
  • 3400 Slots and 800 Table Games
  • Known for: Previously being the world’s largest casino (keep reading to see why I said “previously”)

The Venetian Macau is the sister property to Las Vegas’ Venetian, and, if you’ve visited that property, you’ll note the similarities. Just like the Marina Bay Sands, the ownership group is the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, and it intended to impress when it launched the Venetian Macau ten years ago with a 10,500,000- square- foot casino, hotel, retail, and entertainment facility.

While the Las Vegas Venetian offers over 4,000 hotel rooms, the Macau property sits at 3,000 suites throughout 39 floors, but the casino gaming floor in Macau held the title of being the largest in the world at 550,000 square feet – for a few years, anyway.

The entire complex includes 30 restaurants with a catering area that can accommodate 10,000 guests at one time. The Grand Canal Shoppes provides 350 retail locations, and 52 gondolas serenade visitors and lend to the Venetian atmosphere.

Yes, there’s a lot to do without even stepping foot on the gaming floor, but the casino is the centerpiece of the entire property.

3,400 slots make up an enormous collection, and 800 table games are at the top of the gambling game. Table offerings include Bbaccarat, Bblackjack, Ssic Bbo, Rroulette, and Sands Stud Poker. The slots are customized for its Asian clientele.

Australia – Melbourne (South Bank)

  • Crown Melbourne Casino
  • 3500 Slot Machines and Table Games
  • Known for: Unique table game options

The Crown Melbourne sits on the North Bank of the Yarra River and occupies two full city blocks. It’s one of those all-encompassing facilities with a hotel, dining, and entertainment venues in addition to one of the largest casino floors you’ll find.

I’ve looked at the outstanding qualities of dozens of properties, and the Crown Melbourne stands heads- and- shoulders above the rest when it comes to table games that are new and different. In addition to your traditional Bblackjack and Bbaccarat opportunities, you’ll see things like Poker War, Pontoon Pandemonium, Streak, Dice Duel, Pokerbo, Nutz, and Mississippi Stud.

The casino also offers 50 poker tables and the Crown Rewards Club that shares points and benefits with the other Crown properties.

Crown Casino Ranking In The World Series

Canada – Montreal, Quebec

  • Casino de Montreal
  • 3,200 Slots and 115 Table Games
  • Known for: Being an entirely non-smoking casino

If you’re looking for the biggest casino in Canada, look no farther than the Casino de Montreal. We’ve established that the Venetian Macau is at the top end with 550,000 square feet of casino gaming space, but this casino isn’t too far behind with 526,000 square feet.

This property doesn’t have your typical ownership structure, as all profits from the casino go to the provincial government.

Some of the more unique games include Touch Bet Roulette, BJ Lucky Ladies Sidebet, 7 Extra Sidebet, and Grand Prix Poker.

Crown Casino Ranking In The World Championship

As an interesting side note, the Casino de Montreal has a bit of a checkered past in the Keno world. In 1994, a player was able to figure out a pattern in the numbers drawn due to a subpar random number generator that was kicking out the same seed number and subsequent sequences on a daily basis. The player decided to test out his theory and hit 19 out of 20 winning numbers three times in a row. It’s nearly impossible to do it once, so three times certainly garnered attention. When all was said and done, the casino updated its equipment, and the player was able to keep his $600,000 in winnings. A happy ending!

The United States – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • The Venetian
  • 2,285 Slot Games and 170 Table Games
  • Known for: Having the second- largest resort hotel as part of the combined complex with the Palazzo

I’m following up my Venetian Macau posting with the Las Vegas entry to the list. It may seem a bit out of order, but I’m doing my best to circle the globe as closely as possible.

As I read through all of the information on the Venetian Macau, I did see the parallels from the Grand Canal Shoppes (same name) to the all-suite hotel, and the gondoliers. Whereas the Las Vegas Venetian has more hotel space, the Macau property puts more emphasis on its casino floor. Its 550,000- square- foot gaming area greatly surpasses the Las Vegas location that comes in at around 200,000.

Las Vegas, though, has a complex by combining the Las Vegas Sands Convention Center, The Palazzo, and The Venetian. They’re all in the same shared location and provide conventioneers and tourists with plenty of rooms to lay down their heads, as well as restaurants, retails shops, theaters, and more.

Crown Casino Ranking In The World History

It’s mid-sStrip location shared by Treasure Island, The Mirage, and The Wynn, and the Fashion Show Mall makes it a highly desirable property. Visitors can take advantage of the newest and most in-demand slot games, a wide range of table games, and all of the other attractions off of the casino floor.

The United States – Thackerville, Oklahoma

  • WinStar Casino and Resort
  • 7,400 Slot Games and 100 Table Games
  • Known for: Surpassing the Venetian Macau for the biggest casino gaming space

Here it is. The moment I’m sure you’ve been waiting for, as I gave it such a big build-up at the start!
Believe it or not, a casino that seems to almost be located in the middle of nowhere on the I-15 between Dallas and Oklahoma City boasts a 600,000- square- foot casino. Try to walk through the entire property, and you’ll believe it!

The WinsStar Casino and Resort opened in 2004 and expanded in 2009 to surpass the Macau location by 50,000 square feet.

It has eight gaming plazas that are known by different global locations – i.e., London Gaming Plaza, Madrid Gaming Plaza, Paris Gaming Plaza, etc. it also has three hotel towers with a combined 1,400 rooms. There’s a 500- seat buffet, and several fine dining options, as well as fast food and gift shops throughout the plazas.

The WinsStar is owned and operated by the Chickasaw Nation and also boasts a 600,000- square- foot Convention Center and two 18-hole golf courses.

Now, I’m from Las Vegas and tend to make the Vegas comparisons to other casinos. This property is just enormous. Even the MGM Grand or Caesars Palace, which seem to go on forever, don’t compare to the actual casino space in this property, that’s for sure.

If you’re anywhere near the Dallas or Oklahoma City areas, you may want to take a few extra days to check out the WinStar. Ask for one of the newer towers, and you’ll be quite impressed with the quality of the room.

As far as other amenities, I don’t think it comes close to the dining that Vegas casinos offer, and, unfortunately, you have to pay for your drinks. But, aside from that, you could spend several days inside the WinStar and not lack for anything – especially gambling choices.


You don’t have to live in Las Vegas or Macau to experience some of the best gaming, as well as dining and entertainment. Casino owners are continuously trying to outmatch their competition by not only building grander but more exciting locations. You don’t have to include a trip to the casino in your vacation plans. Pick one of today’s casinos, and it can be your sole destination.