Dropped Due To Slot Reservation Cs 1.6

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Hello NFO community:

Hi people, i play cs 1.6. And yesterday i formated my pc and i reinstalled cs. When i tryed to join any games, it was like 'Server is not responding'. So i can't join any games. Can you help me. I have started having an issue where my character seems to be floating when I jump and I move at a snails pace! On top of that my firing rate has been severely decreased. I have completely removed and re-intalled Counter Strike multiple times, adjusted all of the settings I have read up on for peeps with a similar issue. I have Windows 7 and have not made any changes that should affect the game.

Some maps that we have had on our CS 1.6 server for a long time have suddenly started to crash the server. The problem was first noted yesterday (3/9/13), but it could have been happening for a day or two before it was discovered. Only a few maps seem to be crashing, but they all return similar errors when the server crashes (I will copy an example below). The line for the error is the same every time (line 255), but the segmentation fault number is usually different.
This appears to be a general error with the server that has started to occur within the past several days. We have not made any changes to the server config or plugins and all of the maps that have crashed the server were played without any issues within the past week. I reloaded fresh copies of the map files, but that did not resolve the issue. The maps will crash the server with and without Metamod enabled, so it does not appear to be plug-in related.
Here is an example of the error reported when the server crashes:
Uploading dump (in-process) [proxy ']Dropped Due To Slot Reservation Cs 1.6

Dropped Due To Slot Reservation Cs 1.6 Que Significa

Dropped due to slot reservation cs 1.6 que significa/tmp/dumps/crash_20130309132733_1.dmp
success = no
error: Failed to open/read local data from file/applicationReservation
./exec_cofcs.run: line 255: 29551 Segmentation fault (core dumped) $HL_CMD
warning: Can't read pathname for load map: Input/output error.Dropped Due To Slot Reservation Cs 1.6
email debug.log to [email protected]
Sat Mar 9 13:27:34 EST 2013: Server Quit

Dropped Due To Slot Reservation Cs 1.6 Problem

Dropped Due To Slot Reservation Cs 1.6

Dropped Due To Slot Reservation Cs 1.6 Gpf

Dropped Due To Slot Reservation Cs 1.6 Awp

Any suggestions??