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Plus, a fresh breed of New York poker room would soon evolve out of the backgammon scene at The Mayfair Club, which long stood as a semi-private gaming spot on a low floor of the Gramercy Park Hotel. 8 visitors have checked in at Elite Poker Social Club.

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Game: NL Hold'em, Multi Table
  1. Harvard is about to get a lot less exclusive. Earlier this month, a faculty committee recommended that the university ban what it called “pernicious” social clubs — including fraternities.
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Players: 59

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Prize pool: 51,920,000.00
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Poker Tournament Summary

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Tournament winner mngirl701 outlasted a field of 58 players to win the pokerstars.net Platinum Elite Club Social for 8,573,000.00.

Prior to this tournament, the last time mngirl701 won a Poker Pro Labs tracked tournament was on 4/22/2020 1:21:00 AM, when he won Platinum Elite Club Social for 0.00.

Poker Player Hits

  • mngirl701 participated in 1781 similar poker tournaments. mngirl701 was in the money 674 times in total.
  • mngirl701's place was 38 in previous poker tournament and mngirl701 won 0.00.
  • The total number of players to cash in this tournament was 15.
  • The average cash in this tournament was 3,461,333.33.
  • poker/ken65, who finished in second place, earned 13.5 % of the prize pool.

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Rank Name Prize
1 MNgirl7018,573,000.00
2 Poker/Ken657,009,000.00
3 Wickedkahds5,866,000.00
4 glennk544,932,000.00
5 jussumdudejj4,153,000.00
6 Recon 2273,478,000.00
7 MistressTriny3,011,000.00
8 hankwhoyou2,596,000.00
9 s10tim2,180,000.00
10 Müssenberg1,817,000.00
11 tbone2641,817,000.00
12 sopasadena1,817,000.00
13 CaringHands1,557,000.00
14 ValleyArt1,557,000.00
15 cameronhb1,557,000.00
16 Lutz19460.00
17 1181Max0.00
18 okietexan690.00
19 evanescente60.00
20 Rosenfritze0.00
21 Ace.KillerKK0.00
22 Rooskiesdad0.00
23 scth0.00
24 PlNSl0.00
25 halenaw20.00
26 LACoFD0.00
27 ub suks0.00
28 Muffles80.00
29 Scorpion LV0.00
30 willytucker20.00
31 McGyverMan0.00
32 frank656330.00
33 Amikel6660.00
34 vineyard2860.00
35 NauTyK0.00
36 Charly Broaw0.00
37 Easy&Sneaky0.00
38 YO 19540.00
40 deltafly5000.00
41 JOHNNY 757830.00
42 murli1230.00
43 dmac13410.00
44 island19410.00
45 RUN610.00
46 papacat3200.00
47 Momabear8830.00
48 jmirlo0.00
49 rick.tha.rat0.00
50 mykash10.00
51 seabold990.00
52 Strandjunge10.00
53 Joekerstar810.00
54 F250MAN570.00
55 Dogsarehere0.00
56 13.celou.140.00
58 Elmo722640.00
59 xBinzix0.00