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The Enchantment gaming learning on a grouping of gadgets, including iPhones and cell phones, iPads and tablets, PCs and Macbooks. Symbol Features And Free Spin Bonus. The Enchantment is a 3-4-5-4-3 reel video slot game with 720 pay lines and a re-starting Free Spins bonus game. Prizes are paid both left to right and appropriate to left, in this way giving 1440 conceivable blend ways, albeit just one prize for each compensation line is paid.

The Enchantment Sorter is a machine added by Industrial Foregoing. It is used to sort enchanted items from non-enchanted items. It is used to sort enchanted items from non-enchanted items. The Enchantment Sorter will accept input of any item, including non-enchantable items, and filter the enchanted items into the top row of output slots while non-enchanted items are pushed to the bottom output slots. Enchanted Slot Machine. There are Four bonuses, including Crazy Hat's Crazy Reels, Spell book Free Spins and Tonk's Golden Key. The Golden Key bonus sees you selecting the doors to reveal treasure. Because of the bonus games, fans of traditional 'pick and choose' features should enjoy this game and enjoy discovering them all. Plat now in popular Vegas Slot Machine - Enchanted Valley Slots. Today you have great chance to collect $500,000 FREE CHIPS as welcome BONUS! ★ Features ★ Win Huge & ROYAL Jackpots. Use gems for extra rewards. Play Bonus Games anytime. Additional bonus games: Wheel of Fortune & Nice cards. Free chips every 30 minutes. Exchange gems for coins, bonus points & boosters! The Enchantment is a magic-themed fantasy slot, resulted from the combined efforts of IGT and H5G. A multitude of mesmerizing wonders and impressive payouts make this one game that all dreamers should try out. Spin this casino slot for free, learn where to get Enchantment free spins and bonuses!

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Enchantment Slot Machine
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Free to Play WMS Slots Online

Zeus III is an interesting update to a classic slot machine that brings a touch of modern design to vintage gameplay. The modified set of reels provides an exciting game that lets players see the board light up like a Christmas tree with winning paylines, if the gods are generous.

Players who may have been bored by previous iterations should give this unique, flashy game a shot. It’s time to take a trip to Mt. Olympus to see what Zeus III online slot has in store.

The visual design for the slot machine Zeus III features a lot of nice details and eye-catching effects. The reels are all set against a background of heavenly clouds and the Acropolis, but obviously the real draw is the odd layout.

The expanding reels flow out from left-to-right. Not only is this a unique look, but it makes each spin have a waterfall-like progression as the symbols spread out and fill the game in a nice, steady pattern. Aside from that, the game uses a few pretty animations.

Compare Game Features – Paylines – RTP

Game specs for SG Zeus III slot game
SoftwareSG Interactive
Type of SlotVideo Slot
Min. Bet$0.40
Max. Bet$80
Max. RTP96.10%
Max. Jackpot50 x Bet
FeaturesScatters, Wilds, Stacked Scatters
Free PlayYes

When a stack of Zeus symbols flips into a wild stack, an impressive little animation plays. Also, a little bar on the side of the left reel fills to count up the different winning paylines in a game. It’s a cool effect.

The symbols themselves are nicely designed. Each one has a textured appearance and an almost pencil-drawn level of fine detail.

Enchantment slot machine

The game does use some non-themed symbols for the lower values, although instead of the standard card symbols it uses stylized versions of hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds.

The higher values are all Ancient Greek-inspired symbols based on Zeus himself, the Pegasus, a warship, a soldier’s helmet, an old vase and an old drachma.

The sound design isn’t too bad. There’s a relaxing chiptunes background for each spin, along with some fun chimes and sound effects that ramp up as it counts the winning paylines.

There are sound effects for Zeus’ lightning as stacks of the Zeus symbol convert into wilds, and the music builds nicely for the bonus round and big wins. It’s worth noting that it uses a downright odd set of general background sounds when the game isn’t in use.

If the reels aren’t spinning then players are treated to eerie wind noises, distant bird chirps and the vague sounds of the sea. It certainly encourages players to keep spinning.

Zeus III: Core Gameplay

Zeus III uses an unusual set of reels. It’s a 6-reel game with an expanding set of rows. In the base game, the leftmost reel has 2 spaces on it. Each reel to the right adds a space until it settles at 7 on the 6th reel.

There are 192 potential paylines, and they’re pretty free-form. Pretty much anything that can flow from the left side to the right side is going to count.

Each spin costs at least 40 cents and there’s no option to play fewer paylines. Players can increase the multiplier on the bet if they wish.

The game uses two forms of wild spaces. There’s a standard wild symbol in the form of the glowing Acropolis space. It can fill in for anything other than the bonus symbol. There’s also the Zeus symbol though.

In the online slot Zeus 3, the Zeus symbols stick together in the base game as stacks. If one reel is completely filled by a stack of Zeus symbols, then the symbols convert into a stack of wild spaces.

Given the nature of the paylines, if it’s in a lucky spot this can be really lucrative since a stack of wild spaces will trigger a lot of paylines at once.

In general, the game tends to be feast or famine for payouts during the base game. Since the first reel only has room for two symbols, it can be kind of difficult to actually start a winning payline.

On the other side, any payline that manages to start and get past the third reel has an easy time finding new matches. Generally, play boils down to several losing spins, and then one spin where a few dozen paylines all hit and pay out at once.

There’s a little short-term volatility, but these wins should keep players in the game as they hold out for a big bonus.

Note that the real jackpot is tied up in the bonus feature, since getting five bonus symbols also pays out 50x the total bet. A full line of 6 Zeus symbols only pays out 10x the total bet, although again it’s rare to just get one winning payline in a spin. Loaded Zeus reels can still pay out a big total pot.

The Free Spins Feature

The slot machine Zeus III uses a modified Free Spin Feature as its bonus round. During any spin, the bonus feature symbol can appear on reels 2 through 6.

Getting at least 3 bonus symbols anywhere awards 10 free spins. Lucky players who get 4 bonus symbols will get 25 free spins and 10x their total bet. A full set of 5 is worth 50 free spins and 50x the total bet.

Note that this bonus can literally turn the whole game around. The big twist for the free spin feature is that the board flips to have the set of 7 symbols on the leftmost reel. Now the reels narrow down to two symbols on the right side.

While it doesn’t guarantee any wins, this does mean that it’s much easier to at least start a payline and get some nice sets of 3 and 4.

One extra bonus is that if a single Zeus symbol lands on a reel, then the stack will be nudged until the entire reel fills with Zeus symbols and flips into a stacked wild. This fun surprise can occasionally set up some nice wins.

During this round, it’s also possible to retrigger the bonus by getting at least 3 bonus symbols on the 1st to 5th reels.

The Wealth of the Gods Bonus Round

Zeus 3 is a very interesting slot machine game, but it’s one that can be slightly difficult to recommend even if it is generally fun.

It’s at an odd spot between classic and modern slots. There aren’t too many fancy bonus features available to please fans of modern systems, and fans of vintage slots may not like the unconventional layout.

Enchantment Slot Machine Slot

All that said, it’s still a pretty and unique game. When the reels start flashing to show all the paylines triggering during a big win, it’s quite a rush.

The very healthy 96.1% RTP is also a nice draw for anyone looking at playing for a long session. Overall, while some players may bounce off of the Zeus III slots game, it’s certainly worth a try.

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Enchantment Sorter

ModIndustrial Foregoing
Blast resistance15
RF use10 RF/t
RF storage50,400 RF
Technical details
Registry nameindustrialforegoing:enchantment_refiner
Unlocalized nametile.industrialforegoing.enchantment_refiner

The Enchantment Sorter is a machine added by Industrial Foregoing. It is used to sort enchanted items from non-enchanted items. The Enchantment Sorter will accept input of any item, including non-enchantable items, and filter the enchanted items into the top row of output slots while non-enchanted items are pushed to the bottom output slots. Each set of output slots can be assigned a different face of the machine for extraction via pipes or hoppers. Each operation will consume 400 RF from the work energy buffer. This buffer refills at 10 RF/t allowing for one operation every 40 ticks.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Enchantment Slot Machine Game

v·d·eIndustrial Foregoing
Energy producers

  • Petrified Fuel Generator

  • Biofuel Generator

  • Protein Generator

  • Enchantment Sorter

  • Enchantment Extractor

  • Enchantment Applicator

  • Mob Crusher

  • Potion Brewer

  • Animal Baby Separator

  • Animal Feeder

  • Plant Sower

  • Plant Fertilizer

  • Plant Gatherer

  • Resources Fisher

  • Animal Rancher

  • Mob Slaughter Factory

  • Mob Duplicator

  • Block Breaker

  • Block Placer

  • Latex Processing Unit

  • Sewage Composter

  • Animal Sewer

  • Sludge Refiner

  • Mob Detector

  • Lava Fabricator

  • Bioreactor

  • Laser Base

  • Laser Drill

  • Ore Processor

  • Dye Mixer

  • Enchantment Factory

  • Spores Recreator

  • Animal Grower

  • Material StoneWork Factory

  • Resourceful Furnace

  • Villager Trade Exchanger

  • Energy Field Provider

  • Hydrator

  • Protein Reactor

  • Fluid Pump

  • Wither Builder

  • Plant Interactor
Other utilities

  • Black Hole Unit

  • Water Condensator

  • Tree Fluid Extractor

  • Black Hole Controller

  • Black Hole Tank

  • Ore Dictionary Converter

  • Fluid Dictionary Converter

  • Item Splitter

  • Fluid Crafter

  • Conveyor Belt

  • Extraction Conveyor Upgrade

  • Insertion Conveyor Upgrade

  • Detection Conveyor Upgrade

  • Bouncing Conveyor Upgrade

  • Dropping Conveyor Upgrade

  • Blinking Conveyor Upgrade

  • Splitting Conveyor Upgrade

  • Meat Feeder

  • Mob Imprisonment Tool

  • Straw

  • Tiny Dry Rubber

  • Dry Rubber

  • Plastic

  • Fertilizer

  • Pink Slime (item)

  • Laser Lens

  • Laser Lens (Inverted)

  • Adult Filter

  • Range Addon

  • Energy Field Addon

  • Leaf Shearing Addon

  • Itemstack Transfer Addon (Pull/Down)

  • Itemstack Transfer Addon (Push/Down)

  • Fluid Transfer Addon (Pull/Down)

  • Fluid Transfer Addon (Push/Down)

  • Artificial Dye

  • Industrial Foregoing's Manual

  • Essence

  • Liquid Meat

  • Latex

  • Sewage

  • Sludge

  • Biofuel

  • Pink Slime (fluid)

  • Protein

  • Pink Slime (mob)

Enchantment Slot Machine

Enchantment Slot Machine Machines

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