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Move over, Phantasmagoria. Tomestones of Allegory are the new endgame Tomestone you’ll be using to gear up your level 80 Jobs. In this post I’ll go over what you should prioritize buying, and how to efficiently earn your weekly Allegory. You’re limited to earning just 450 per week, and you can only hold up to 2,000 of these Tomestones at a time.

Final Fantasy XIV (14) community, guides, media, and much more to feed your FFXIV addiction. Duty Roulette – Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Wiki – FFXIV Final Fantasy Stormblood Release Date, Trailer And Editions. The glorious Final Fantasy MMO is getting a new expansion, called Stormblood. This is the second major expansion for. For Tomestones of Poetics, you’ll be looking at the Level 50/60/70, Main Scenario, Alliance Raid, and Normal Raid Roulettes. Beast Tribe Quests. You get 12 allowances each day, resetting at 3:00 PM BST / 11:00 AM EDT. From Heavensward onwards each Beast Tribe will have a single set of three quests per day.

How to Get Tomestones of Allegory

As mentioned, there is a cap on how much of the highest tier Tomestone you can earn per week. This is to prevent players from burning themselves out in the first week of release, doing everything as fast as they can and then putting the game down for 2 or 3 months.


The weekly cap will be removed in a future patch, at which time another type of Tomestone will come out and become the new time-gated currency. The previous Tomestone does still have some value, so if you’re sitting on a boatload of them, check out how to spend your Phantasmagoria.

First let’s talk about how you should be earning your Allegory. There are a few different activities that reward these Tomestones, but you need to be on a level 80 Job for each of them.


This is my preferred method to earn my weekly 450 Tomestones of Allegory. If you play FFXIV every day, or almost every day, it’s by far the most time efficient way to do it. Simply run an Expert Roulette (requires average item level 440) any five days of the week and you’re all set. That’s about 2.5 hours of play time per week, and you’ll also be earning some nice dungeon loot to Desynthesize or turn in for lots of Grand Company Seals.

For other Roulettes, you’ll need to make sure you’re on a level 80 Job to earn the Allegory bonus.

Expert40 (+50)
Level 80 Dungeons15
Main Scenario50
Alliance Raids50
Normal Raids20
Frontline20 (+20)

Let’s say you don’t play every day and need a quicker three day setup that will get you your Allegory. Do an Expert and Alliance Roulette, and any Eden’s Verse Normal fight. That should still only be about 1-1.5 hours each day for 3 days, and you can earn some tokens from the Eden’s Verse fights to gear up a secondary Job. Don’t forget about your weekly token from E8N (Eden’s Verse: Refulgence), too.

If you haven’t had a chance to play all week, or if you’re so gung ho you just need to get all your Allegory right away, here’s the best way to use Roulettes to get 450 Tomestones of Allegory in one day. It is not for the faint of heart. Run the Level 80 Dungeon, Levelling, Trials, Main Scenario, Alliance Raid, and Normal Raid Roulettes. Then run the Expert Roulette five times. You’ll only get the bonus the first time, but all of the Expert dungeons give you 50 Allegory on their own, so it’s still an easy way to queue for all of them and farm those Tomestones.

Raiding & Extreme Trials

The current tier of the Eden Raid is called Eden’s Verse, and the normal versions of the fights are run regularly by people trying to collect their tokens for i480 gear. You can always jump in a queue for any or all of them and earn 10 Allegory per clear. I usually queue for all of them and then drop whichever ones I’ve already earned loot on. This way I’m working simultaneously on gearing up my main Job and a second one.

If you’re able to clear the Savage versions of Eden’s Verse, that’s 30 Allegory per fight. Just getting your weekly clears will give you 120 which is a significant portion of your Allegory.

If you’ve got the most recent Trial, Cinder Drift (Extreme) on farm, then you can earn 13 Tomestones per clear. It’s not going to get you the full 450 unless you really sink a lot of time into it. However, If you know you’re going to be farming the fight that week for weapon tokens, you can skip one or two Roulettes and still make your weekly cap.

Other Extreme Trials besides the current High-End Duty will give slightly fewer Tomestones of Allegory: 10 for Hades Extreme and 8 for Titania and Innocence. At least they’re worth something if you’re still farming those Trials for their mounts.

Treasure Hunts

I haven’t seen a lot of Treasure Hunting parties in Party Finder, but if you can rustle up a few friends or strangers for a couple hours, you can rack up quite a lot of Tomestones (both Allegory and others). This is a pretty chill way to hang out with friends on a voice call since the content doesn’t require so much focus, and it’s fun to get those Treasure dungeon fakeouts and bonus games. Definitely worth considering if you’re tired of the Expert Roulette grind.

Elite Marks

Shadowbringers Hunt trains are fun and commonly done by trains. Join and keep an eye on your server’s Linkshells for Hunts, and help call out Elite Marks when you see them. You need a few more people than your small Treasure Hunting group, so it’s more popular among random players.

It’s still a pretty relaxed activity, maybe somewhere between an Expert dungeon and Treasure Hunting. This has definitely got more variety though because of all the different Elite Marks. That makes it yet another alternative to help break up the monotony if you’re getting bored of the same weekly routine.

Pixie Beast Tribe Quests

Assuming you don’t need to level any Jobs from 70 to 80, you may want to use the Pixie Quests for a few Tomestones of Allegory instead. These quests are actually worth 5 each for a daily total of 15. It’s not much, but it’s something to do while waiting for a queue.

You’ll still be earning the Pixie currency Fae Fancies that you can spend on VII and VIII Materia, or some cute cosmetics for your player housing. It’s always good to have a stock of these for when you need to meld or remeld you gear each tier.

How to Spend Tomestones of Allegory

Obviously you’re going to be spending your Allegory on equipment. Specifically, the i490 Crystarium set from Aymark <Tomestone Exchange> in Eulmore [10.3, 11.8]. Which pieces to buy first depends largely on what other equipment you already have, and how much, if any, of the Eden’s Verse Savage gear (Edenchoir set) you’re able to get.

Without Savage Gear

If you won’t be clearing the Savage fights this tier, then you’re going to want a complete set of Crystarium gear and work on augmenting that to i500. This takes a total of 12 weeks earning the full weekly amount of Allegory. Remember you can always craft or buy i480 HQ Neo-Ishgardian gear to fill in gaps while you wait for Tomestones.

The most important piece for all Jobs is the Weapon, since it has both your weapon damage stat and the highest individual amount of your main attribute stat. However, in addition to the required 1000 Tomestones of Allegory (which you exchange for Mowen’s Tokens through Aymark <Tomestone Exchange>), you also need seven Blades of Golden Antiquity, which drop from E8N once per week. This puts a timegate on buying your Weapon, so you will have time to buy a couple of other items first.

I recommend buying the Body and Legs equipment first, prioritizing them depending on which one is a bigger boost over what you’re already wearing. You should also be able to afford either the Head, Hands, or Feet slot before you need to start saving for your Weapon. After those pieces, you’ll need to save everything you earn in order to get your Weapon as soon as you have your seventh weekly Blade Token.

From there you can fill in the rest of your set with the rest of the left side and the Waist and Accessories. You’ll want to eventually grab two of the Crystarium Rings and wear one augmented (i500) and one un-augmented (i490), since they are unique items.

With Savage Gear

If you’ll be doing as much Savage as you can, your BiS (Best in-Slot) equipment will be a mix of the Crystarium set and the Edenchoir set. You can check the individual Job channels on The Balance Discord. They’ll be under the (job)_resources channel, and depending on those mentors’ preferred format, you may find a link to Ariyala, Etro, or an image such as the one below.

Since Edenchoir Weapons are a higher item level than Crystarium Weapons, they’re pretty much guaranteed to be part of your BiS, but I still recommend working towards the Crystarium Weapon on the way there. The reason is that you’re not guaranteed to get the Edenchoir Weapon until you’ve cleared E8S eight times. This could very easily take a lot longer depending on the speed of your progression.

If you’re working towards full BiS, you’ll be able to afford ‘wasting’ the 1000 Allegory since you won’t need to spend it on other slots anyway, which will be using Edenchoir gear. On top of that, you might get lucky and have your Edenchoir Weapon drop before you need to spend the Allegory on the Crystarium Weapon, in which case you haven’t wasted any Tomestones.


Obviously if you’ve got one of these handy BiS lists from the mentors at The Balance, you’ll only want to spend Allegory on those pieces that fit into your final equipment set goals, and work on filling the other slots with Savage gear bit by bit.

You should still prioritize Crystarium pieces in the order: Body/Legs > Head/Hands/Feet > Waist/Accessories in order to have the biggest impact on your stats. For the biggest impact on your average item level (if for some reason you’re too low to enter specific content), go in reverse order to fill as many cheap slots as you can with high ilvl gear.


Tomestones of Allegory follow pretty much the same routine you’re used to with endgame Tomestones. Don’t forget about doing Eden’s Verse: Refulgence each week so you can get your hands on that Crystarium Weapon.

There are lots of activities you can choose from to hit your weekly cap of Allegory, so I’m curious which ones do you typically prefer? Let me know in the comments.

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A new patch means a new raid in Final Fantasy XIV. This raid marks the beginning of Final Fantasy XIV’s Nier cross-over, so you’re probably wondering how to unlock YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse.

Complete the main scenario, and the side quest “Word about Komra.”

Before you can even step foot into the new Nier raid, you not only need to be level 80 and have completed the main scenario (which, is a given), but have completed the side quest Word about Komra in Kholusia. You can grab it from The Gossipy Dwarf in Tomra (X:12.9, Y:8.7). It’s not hard: you’ll head to the dig site at the nearby Duergar Mountains, talk to Anogg, and then find an automaton core, followed by a mining lantern. From there you’ll return to the Gossipy Dwarf and complete the quest.

Ffxiv Alliance Raid Roulette Bot

Talk to the Gossipy Dwarf to start the quest chain for YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse.

Final Fantasy Xiv Alliance Raid Roulette

With that quest out of the way, you can talk to the Gossipy Dwarf once more to grab the quest A Scandal in Komra. This will lead to a quest chain, and completing it will unlock the raid. At this point you can queue into the raid using the Duty Finder. After conquering the raid (good luck), you can finish up the quest chain.

The minimum item level required for the raid is 435, and like previous raids there is a one item a week lockout on loot, so be sure to roll on items you actually need. You will be rewarded with two Cracked Stellaclusters and one Manufactured Coin per week. The coin can be exchanged in Eulmore to enhance equipment you purchased with Allagan tomestones of phantasmagoria.

That’s how to unlock the YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse raid. It doesn’t deviate too far from established norms, but if you skipped all the side quests in Shadowbringers you may have to do some catching up.

For more guides be sure to check out our guides page.

Ffxiv Alliance Raid Roulette

- This article was updated on:October 29th, 2019

Ffxiv Alliance Raid Roulette Quest

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