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MC-83146 /replaceitem does not work for armor slots. Resolved; MC-83384 /replaceitem does not work. Resolved; MC-83668 /replaceitem Is not synced. Adds cosmetic armor slots. Get fashionable! I figured out what I'm doing and finally fixed all the major server functionality.

This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. If an internal link referred you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

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  • Aether II Accessories, the page for Aether II's accessories
  • Aether I Accessories, the page for Aether I's accessories
  • Aether Legacy Accessories, the page for Aether Legacy's accessories
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Native Minecraft Version:
Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
Source Code:
Languages Supported:
en_US, de_DE, tr_TR, zh_CN, es_ES, ru_RU, fr_FR, pl_PL, pt_BR
**Disclaimer: Tools and saves can be corrupted with future builds. Everything is subject to change! Please report bugs and feature-wishes on Github or the Discord-Server**

This Plugin is inspired by several mods and other plugins!
If you want to add a Language see: Armor Slot Minecraft
Modifier documentation can be found by running /mt mods ingame
  1. TinkersConstruct-like tool-system (for Swords, Axes, Pickaxes, Shovels, Bows, Hoes, Shears, Fishingrods and Armor)
  2. Modifiers and easy tool-repair just by dragging materials on the tool
  3. Very easy to configure through the config
  4. Modifiers can be applied in the Anvil
  5. EasyHarvest-Features
    (harvest crops while right-clicking them with a Hoe and replant them automatically)
  6. Tool-Tiers can be upgraded by placing the exact amount of resource needed (e.g. 3 diamonds for diamond-pickaxe) in the second slot of the anvil
  7. Ultra configurable (change recipes, modifier functions and more)
  8. Level-Up-Events:
    1. Random Modifiers
    2. Tool-Repair
    3. Loot-Drops
    4. XP-Drops
    5. more to come
  9. A Optifine-Texturepack can be found on Discord in the about-Tab

Included Modifiers (/mt mods)
1. Anti-Arrow-Plating: Armor mitigates projectile damage!
2. Anti-Blast-Plating: Armor mitigates explosion damage!
3. Aquaphilic: Swim faster, dive longer and break under water more efficient
4. Auto-Smelt: Smelt ores and other blocks while mining! 20% chance to activate per level.
5. Beheading: 10% chance to drop the head of the killed mob per level.
6. Berserk: Gain an extra strength boost for 10 seconds when your health drops below 20%!
7. Channeling: Summons lightning when the trident hits its foes!
8. Directing: Loot from killed mobs or broken Blocks goes directly into your Inventory!
9. Drilling: Drill one block deeper into the earth per level!
10. Ender: Teleports you while sneaking to the arrows landing location!
11. Evasive: Chance to dodge incoming attacks (10 per Level) - 0.5X when sneaking, 2.0X when sprinting, 0.5X when in PvP
12. Experienced: Tool has the 2% chance per level to drop 1 XP while using it!
13. Extra-Modifier: Adds 1 additional Modifier-Slots to the tool!
14. Fiery: One modifier to burn them all!
15. Freezing: Freeze the water around you!
16. Glowing: Make enemies glow for 10.0 to 19.6 seconds! (dependent on level)
17. Hardened: Harden your armor by 1.0 and toughness by 0.5 points per level!
18. Haste: Destroy blocks and shoot crossbows faster!
19. Infinity: You only need one Arrow to shoot a bow and the Trident comes back to you!
20. Insulating: Armor mitigates heat damage!
21. Kinetic Plating: Reduces the damage taken by crashing with an Elytra by 20% per Level.
22. Knockback: Knock back enemies further with every punch!
23. Lifesteal: Heals you 10% of the dealt damage. 50% to trigger.
24. Light-Weight: You fall like a feather - sort of...
25. Luck: Get more loot from mobs and blocks!
26. Magical: Shoot a magic orb that is not affected by gravity but flies 70% slower! If the orb hits a target it does 25% to 205% more damage (depending on level)! Costs 3 XP to shoot!
27. Melting: 10.0% extra damage against burning enemies and 10.0% less damage taken while on fire!
28. Multishot: Shoot one more Arrow per Level per shot!
29. Nightseeker: Deal more or receive less damage (10,00% to 33,10%) when the moon is shining (depends on level and moon position). This effect gets inverted at daytime and in the Nether but has the full strength in the End!
30. Photosynthesis: Repair your item with 2 durability per level every 100 Ticks when standing still while the sun shines. The longer you stand still the faster it repairs. (5%)
31. Piercing: Arrows pass through multiple enemies!
32. Poisonous: Poisons the target for 120 Ticks * 1.1 per level!
33. Power: Destroy more blocks per swing with your tool!
34. Propelling: Propel yourself through the air with sneaking while gliding with the elytra or standing in water with the trident!
35. Protecting: Your armor protects you better against damage!
36. Reinforced: Chance to not use durability when using the tool/armor! Makes the tool more durable!
37. Scotopic: Grants 5.0 seconds of Night-Vision per level if the light level drops below 6! Cooldown: 120 to 15 seconds (depends on level)
38. Self-Repair: 10% chance per level to repair the tool / armor with 3 durability while using it!
39. Shadow Dive: Vanish completely from sight when sneaking in dark places! (Lightlevel <= 6)
40. Sharpness: Weapon does additional damage to everyone!
41. Shrouded: Spawns a particle cloud that blinds for 6 to 6.6 seconds were the arrow lands! Synergizes with other potion effect modifier.
42. Shulking: Make enemies levitate and immovable for 20 Ticks! The effect gets stronger with each level.
43. Silk-Touch: Applies Silk-Touch!
44. Smite: Your weapon does additional damage towards the undead!
45. Soulbound: Do not lose your items when dying.
46. Speedy: Gotta go fast! Makes you walk and sprint 1.0% faster per level!
47. Spider's Bane: Weapon does additional damage to spiders!
48. Sunblazer: Deal more or receive less damage (10,00% to 33,10%) when the sun is shining (depends on level and sun position). This effect gets inverted at nighttime and in the End but has the full strength in the Nether!
49. Sweeping: Deal more damage over a greater area!
50. Tanky: Make yourself extra tanky with 1.5 extra hearts per level!
51. Thorned: Your armor harms others when they damage you!
52. Timber: Chop down trees in an instant!
53. Void Netting: Teleports you to a safe place in a radius of 10 blocks per level when you fall into the void. Cooldown: 3600 to 467 seconds (depends on level)
54. Webbed: Slow down enemies when you hit them or they hit you for 60 Ticks * 1.2 per level!
55. Withered: Withers the target for 120 Ticks * 1.1 per level!

  • harvest crops while right-clicking them with a Hoe
  • crops will replant automatically
Fifth Armor Slot MinecraftBuilderswands:
  • Different Tiers!
  • Right-clicking a block with the wand places the same block if you have it in your inventory!

  • Diamond can be replaced with a different ressource like wood or iron ingot
  • can be repaired like every other MineTinker-Tool

  • More Modifiers
    • Magnetic-Modifier
  • more Languages
  • more Level-Up-Events
  • You have ideas for this plugin? Post them in the discussions tab or

FifthThe main config file can be found here:

Fifth Armor Slot Minecraft Server


How can I help with the development?
Everyone is welcome to contribute to this plugin! Feel free to leave a review, fork the repository on GitHub, make suggestions and bug reports via issues or Discord or making pull requests on GitHub.

Fifth Armor Slot Minecraft Map

  • MobHunting ( Crafting recipes will not work (Cause: Unknown)
  • Vanilla Additions (★-vanilla-additions-★-192-custom-additions-emerald-items-double-axes-ender-bow.43956/): Custom items interfere with the Plugin / non-vanilla-durability-system is used
  • EnchantmentAPI ( AnvilListener interferes with MineTinker -> no modifying possible and vanishing items
  • EnchantControl (
  • Essentials(X)-Kits will break Items

SlotThis plugin uses bStats!

Fifth Armor Slot Minecraft Recipe

I can understand English and German!
If you want to use this plugin on public servers or for a YouTube video you can.

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