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Applicants must have a degree in counselling (e.g. MSW), a minimum of 60 hours of gambling specific training which meets the Core Competencies and 20 hours work experience in direct counselling, either volunteer or paid hours, at a recognized treatment facility. Wesley Problem Gambling counselling is a community based specialised program funded under Liquor and Gaming NSW. This program operates from a trauma informed, holistic framework, in order to assist individuals and their families to reduce the impact of problem gambling.

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Gambling Addiction Support in the Workplace

Your employees may find that they are struggling with their Gambling addiction whilst at work and need Gambling Addiction Support. Some people are simply not able to switch off at any time.

Typically, when someone has a problem with gambling it can creep in to every and any area of their life.

They seem out of control, and at that point feel like they cannot help it.

Gambling has become a massive problem in the work place. It is currently the fastest growing addiction both in the UK and globally.

In a report specifically about gambling and employment there were some startling statistics revealed including:

1 in 10 working adults have had direct experience of problem gambling in the workplace and a staggering over 4 out of 5 people think gambling and debt are a significant workplace distraction.

Since the advent of technology most of us now have smart phones and tablets with internet access and a wide range of apps.

This means people can now gamble 24/7, at home, on the go and even at work.

Problem gambling impacts on companies in terms of lost time, lost productivity, poor employee engagement and wellbeing, in some circumstances creates a risk of theft or fraud and damage to a company’s reputation.

Gambling – a behavioural addiction

In 2013 pathological gambling was re-classified as a behavioural addiction, subsequently changing an organisation’s duty of care and it is a CEO’s responsibility to safeguard against this mental health condition.

You will discover that we provide a gambling addiction support service, including advice on the impacts of gambling, particularly in the work place. Similarly, we will help you to find ways to identify and manage these issues. Once you are able to identify these issues you will be able to support your employees.

Due to the fact that we have many years of experience and expertise in the area of Gambling Addiction, we understand different industries have varying needs.

Subsequently, we tailor these services to fit these requirements.

Gambling Addiction Jobs

Private Gambling Counselling Services

Whether you are worried about your gambling behaviour or what happens when you are gambling, or if you are worried about someone else’s gambling addiction and how it is affecting you, we can help.

We have many years of experience and expertise working with people struggling with their gambling behaviour and also people struggling with someone else’s gambling addiction who would like some help.

Counselling sessions take place via video call or telephone, fitted around each individual’s personal needs or lifestyle commitments.

For more info in relation to your own problematic gambling or to get help click here

For more info in relation to how someone else’s gambling addiction can affect you or to get help click here

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Gambling Addiction Support via Telephone or Online

Counselling sessions take place via video call or telephone, fitted around each individual’s personal needs or lifestyle commitments.

Gambling Counselling Jobs In Sri Lanka

We can arrange the online call via

*Google Hangouts



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Gambling Counselling Jobs Indeed

If required, we can provide counselling sessions on evenings or weekends. Our BACP registered counsellors all have extensive experience of working with gambling addiction.