Gemix Slot Machine

Play Gemix Slots Slot Machine Free Slots Free Slot. Gemix is somewhat unusual video slot powered by Play’n GO software with 1 payline and reels which are set on 7x7 grid. The slot is inspired with beautifully shaped and colorful gemstones. The game is fairly addictive, it has a bunch of extra features to boast with, and it gives you the opportunity to progress through various different worlds. Online Slots. Play Slots, Roulette, Blackjack & Live Casino. Register today & receive 100% bonus match at the UK's best Online Casino. Gemix by Play’N GO is not your typical slot machine. It sits on a 7×7 grid and operates much like an arcade game. It reminds of you Candy Crush Saga, albeit this one pays money instead of lives. With a gem theme, you will be playing with different types of gemstones.


Gemix brings forth a wildly charged game, not dissimilar to the popular Bejewelled product. The reels are filled with various gemstones, each a different shape and colour, and as you play the game, you’re backed by a quirky piece of soundtrack music. The reels themselves are laid out in much the same way as a Bejewelled interface, so this one takes a step away from the standard five reel, three row product.

Instead, what you’ll get with Gemix is a seven reel, seven row layout to play on, and instead of specific paylines, you simply to need to match five or more of the same gemstone to create a win. The winning gems will then explode, allow the reels to fall and provide further stones, which in turn have the possibility to create another winning combination and continue the process. Wagers can be placed between £0.50 and £100 per spin.

Special Features

One thing this game is not short on is extra features. First of all, you’ll see a column on the left hand side of the reels, which will mark off each of the winning combinations. The more gemstones included in the win, the higher the multiplier will be for it.

Gemix Slot Machine Games

Gemix Slot Machine

Every winning combination per spin will also fill up the Crystal Charge, which can be seen on the right. This will fill up completely after winning on 20 symbols, and after doing so, it will provide an extra, random feature on the reels. These are split into four different perks:

Gemix Slot Machine Gun


Gemix Slot Machines

  • Nova Blast. One symbol will explode, destroying and transforming adjacent symbols
  • Crystal Warp. One symbol is targeted and all matching symbols are warped to other symbols
  • Light Beam. One symbol will shoot out light beams. Any symbols hit by this are transformed into other symbols
  • Chain Lightning. Two corner symbols are connected with a chain lightning. All symbols hit are transformed into one of the corner symbols

There are also worlds to level up through. All you need to do is clear patterns by winning on all the indicated positions on the reels. Each world has its own wilds as well. The first world provides up to 10 wilds, which can appear on non-winning rounds. The second world has wilds that can spread from edge to edge on non-winning rounds. Finally, the third world has up to eight sticky wilds that can appear in different positions on non-winning rounds.

Gemix Slot Machine


Gemix Online Slot Machine

Such a slot game is a welcome addition to the vast catalogue available online, due to its unique layout and additional perks.