Gold Strike Slots

Gold Strike Slot RTP. The Gold Strike Slot has a pay-out percentage of 94.97%. Gold Strike Features. Bonus Game: Tin Can Alley Bonus. Jackpot: 725000 Coins. Devices: Mobile – Tablet – Desktop. Multi-Currency: Yes. Similar Slots to Gold Strike. .Las Vegas Gold Strike Slot Machine- Room Views. Slot Cracker. Please Subscribe if you've enjoyed any of my Slot-Play / Live Play videos so you can be informed whenever I upload a new slot Jackpot Win or loss or go LIVE! You can easily Subscribe by fol. Video Slots - Free Online Games.

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Strike Gold With This Game From VGT

It is now secret that I love the red screen free spin machines from Video Gaming Technologies (VGT).
They have created a long list of slot machines that are popular in casinos all across the country. This game was one of the first they came out with a was a large part of their initial success. The fact that you still find this machine in the casinos is a testament to both it’s staying power and popularity with players. As you can tell by the name of the game, the theme is centered around a gold miner named Crazy Bill. What better character for slot machine game as prospectors are the ultimate gamblers. Together you and Bill take your chances at striking gold.

Crazy Bill’s Gold Strike Slots Details

Crazy Bill’s Gold Strike slot machines are powered by VGT’s Live Call Bingo real time bingo engine. The game is a traditional three reel slot machine that features their red screen free spin bonus. For those of you not familiar with the red scree spins, this is what makes VGT games exciting and addicting for players. On VGT machines there is a small roughly 4X6 inch display above the reels. This display shows the numbers of the balls called (you are technically playing bingo) and the patterns on your bingo card for any particular spin. Also displayed are any amounts that you win and the balance of bankroll in the machine. Randomly during game play, after any spin, that screen will turn red. When it does the reels will spin, sometimes multiple times. Each time the reels spin when the screen is red you will end up with a winning combination on the payline. So, multiple red screen spins means that your winnings keep accumulating as they spin. I have seen five and six red screen spins at a time! This is what keeps me coming back to play these games.

As with other VGT games, you can play Crazy Bill’s Gold Strike slots in dominations ranging from 25 cents to twenty five dollars. They symbols on the reels include Crazy Bill, picks and axes, covered wagons, piles of gold nuggets and of course, cherries and sevens symbols like the other VGT games. The game play is just like other VGT games like Hot Red Ruby and Mr. Money Bags.

How Has The Slotsguy Fared Playing Crazy Bill’s Gold Strike?

I can’t deny it. This game has been good to me and my friend Hal. Most trips to the casino I put a little money into one of the slot games to see if the machine is hitting. Two or three years ago, up at Choctaw in Durant, the wife and I were playing on a Friday night. She was actually the one playing this game just outside the buffet. I was getting hungry, so I told her I wanted to eat. She says to me “ok, let me use the restroom and then we will go into the buffet”. Before she got up, she told me that she had put a lot of money into the machine and that I should give it a try. So, I did. On my second spin, I hit the jackpot! When she returned, I was signing the paperwork for the casino employee. Boy was she pissed! “That’s my jackpot!, she said. You won my money! Later when, I got paid, she wanted me to give the money to her. Of course, I said no. “How is it your jackpot? You weren’t spinning the reels”, was my reply. Eventually, I gave her half of it. You know the married life. What was I supposed to do?

Bottom line, it is a good game. One I will continue to play. I highly recommend it.

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Strike Gold Slot Details
Game NameStrike Gold
Game TypeProgressive
SoftwareRival Gaming
Release DateNovember 17, 2014
Slot Reels3
Slot Lines1
Min Bet$1
Max Bet$2
Max Win$16,000 or Max Jackpot
Everyone dreams of striking gold some time or another, be it with a lottery ticket or online slot game. With Rival Gaming’s Strike Gold online slot, you have the opportunity to spin the reels and hopefully fill your online account with riches!

If you are looking for a simple online slot to play, this is perfect for you. The game offers only three reels and one payline, so everything is activated with each spin. Choose to wager one coin to play on the first column of the paytable while the second column will pay for a two coin wager per spin.

This online slot game offers a progressive jackpot and wild substitutions with multiplied wins for enhanced gameplay. Find this game for real money and practice play at a few of our recommended online casino sites including Bovada, Ignition, Café Casino and

Strike Gold

All You Need to Know About This Slot Game

Game Symbols in Strike Gold

Because the game is a classic style, it does not include any extra bells and whistles. Players simply spin the reels and watch for matching icons to appear to earn a win. Choose to bet one coin and win from the first column of the paytable or choose to bet two coins, activating the second column of wins. Symbols on the reels include gold coins, pots of gold, gold bars, bronze bars, and silver bars.

Find any two gold coins in the reels and you will 1 for 1 depending on your wager.

If you get a combination of any three bars on the payline, you will receive 2 coins for a 2-coin bet or 4 for a 4-coin bet.

Medium-Paying Symbols

There are bronze bars, silver bars, and gold bars. When you see three-of-a-kind on the payline get ready to win.

Three bronze bars pay 10 or 20, three silver bars pay up to 30, and three gold bars pay up to 40 coins.

Be on the lookout for three gold coins as they pay 40 and 80 coins with a one and two coin wager.

Three pots of gold pay even more with a 60 coin and 120 coin win for a match with a one or two coin wager.

Strike Gold!

The Strike Gold Logo symbol is the most lucrative in the game, offering a 2,000 coin jackpot for a three of a kind match with one coin wagered. With two coins, hit three and activate the progressive jackpot! The total of the jackpot can be seen at the top right corner of the game.

The game symbol is also the wild in the game and will substitute for other symbols. One will pay 2x a winning combination while two of the symbol will pay 4x the winning combination!

Gold Coins: Three pays 40 and 80 coins when one or two coins are wagered.

Bronze/Silver/Gold Bars: Three bars in any order pay twice the wager. Three bronze pay the wager 10x, three silver bars pay 15x, and three gold bars pay 20x.

Pot of Gold: Three of a kind will pay 60x the original wager.


Strike Gold Logo: As the wild, this symbol will substitute for all others in the game. One wild in a winning combo pays 2x while two will pay 4x the winning combination. Three game logo symbols will pay 2,000 coins for a one coin wager while wagering two coins provides the progressive jackpot win!

This is a simple gameplay online slot. Spin the three reels of the classic game and line-up the right icons to earn a prize! Everything is golden in this game, helping you to earn big jackpot wins! The title includes a progressive, so players have even more opportunity to win!

Play Strike Gold Slots for Free

Practice play Strike Gold for free before giving it a try for real money at your favorite online casino.

Try Your Luck and Play Strike Gold for Real Money

IMPORTANT: In order to play this slot game online you may need your Flash Player enabled on your browser. If you need help doing this, check out our easy Flash Player How-To Guide for Chrome and Safari.
  • Bonus Game: There is no bonus game.
  • Progressive Jackpot: The progressive jackpot can be activated with three Strike Gold symbols when the maximum wager is placed.
  • Wild Symbol: The game logo is wild, offering symbol substitutions and multipliers for winning combinations.
  • Scatter Symbol: There is no scatter.
  • Autoplay Option: Players can choose to preset automatic spins by selecting the Auto button.
  • Multiplier: Earn 2x multiplier when one wild is part of a winning combination while two wilds provide 4x the win.
  • Free Spins: There are no free spins.

Select Coins

Gold Strike Slot Machine

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Choose, the speed, fullscreen, and sound features you wish to enable as you play.

Should You Play Strike Gold Online Slot Game?

Strike Gold by Rival Gaming is a classic online slot game featuring the added incentive of a progressive jackpot. The game offers just one payline and three reels, keeping gameplay simple.

Gold Strike Tunica Slots Machines

Spin the reels and watch as the golden symbols line up to provide payouts! Keep an eye out for three game logos and if they appear with the max bet placed, you win the progressive jackpot!

Gold Strike Casino Tunica Slots

Strike Gold is one of the highest-paying jackpot slots at top online casinos like Bovada. Play this game for real money at Bovada – new players will enjoy a Welcome Bonus up to $3,000. Win big with this progressive online slot!