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I'm sure you've had plenty of days on the golf course where your swing just didn't feel right...

As you start the downswing, let your lead hip move laterally toward the target, and keep driving your body in that direction for as long as you can (above, right). This will allow the club to drop.

  • That neutral position is the “slot” you hear people refer to as in “dropping the club into the slot” on the down swing. Now, I have shown that I could swing with a flatter or more neutral swing plane as I did last year when I was modeling the MCS Golf Swing in the “E = MCS” video.
  • The downswing is about a quarter second, if you want to get your weight left, as you’re starting the downswing, you just don’t have enough time to shift your weight over there. So that’s your first big key with this, you have to get that weight left much earlier than you think you do. Here’s the second key with that.
  • Begin your downswing by shifting your weight to the side closest to the target. If you have reached the apex of your swing correctly, your downswing should be on the same plane as your backswing, and you should begin to feel more comfortable swinging the golf club. know, those days where you're just not in sync and it feels almost like you've never played golf before.

While there's always worse places you could be than on a golf course, you still want to enjoy it as best as possible.

So today, you're going to learn a couple tips that can help you avoid those 'bad days' and get you back into sync.

There's a HUGE key to your weight transfer for the downswing that most don't get right...

...and if you pair it with this 'missing piece' that will help keep you from coming down too steep...

Golf Downswing Slot'll be in 'sync' and blasting the ball farther than ever before!

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Video Transcription:

How many times do you play around of golf, and you’re just not feeling that good that day?

As soon as you start your downswing you feel like your weight shift is all out of balance, your hands, and arms, and body just aren’t synched up, they’re all working against each other.

Maybe you’re having a little bit of a cast, you’re losing this angle of lag when you’re starting down. Even worse than that that club may kick out in front of you a little bit and you start coming over the top.

Well, those things can be incredibly frustrating, because it’s not going to be a good day. You’re going to go out there and play a bad round of golf when those things start happening.

In today’s video, I’m going to talk about the key to starting the downswing the right way with your weight shift, and then the missing piece that a lot of people aren’t telling you that pairs up perfectly with that.

All right, so first let’s start with the weight shift. The big mistake here is that the weight shift is going left way too late to start the downswing.

Golf Downswing Slot Machine

What’s actually really happening, what there’s tons of research out there now that we have these pressure matts, we can see that as your weight goes in the backswing to the right, you’re going to achieve the most amount of weight on your right foot when your hands are about halfway back.

Now here’s the big key. Your weight needs to start shifting left from here. You’re going to be pushing off this right foot as you’re still completing that backswing, and your weight is already moving to the left.

So the way that I’d like you to visualize this, is start with a little weight on the right. I think that makes it easier for most players. That’s going to help you to get that weight right early, which is a good thing.

Then I want you to feel like your weight goes left, then swing down. So we’re starting with it right, that’s easy, we can do that when we set up, we don’t even have to do anything after that.

Then as you’re making your backswing, feel like your weight is left, then you swing down. So almost like if I was going to take a golf ball here, put it under my left heel, I’m going to press this golf ball into the ground, then I’m going to make my downswing.

So I make my backswing, I press, then I swing down. If I do that in a real swing, it’s going to look something like this.

Backswing, press, then we swing down and through. That’s how you get your proper weight shift.

If I wait, and the most common thing that I see is players wait until they start the downswing to get the weight left, it’s way too late.

The downswing is about a quarter second, if you want to get your weight left, as you’re starting the downswing, you just don’t have enough time to shift your weight over there.

So that’s your first big key with this, you have to get that weight left much earlier than you think you do.

Here’s the second key with that. A lot of times when I see players do this, they start to unwind the body and cast the club.

Golf Downswing Slot

So maybe I get my weight more left, but as I do that, I have a little over the type top action. I have a little bit of a cast where I’m losing this angle early in the downswing.

Golf Downswing Slot

Even if your weight shift is good, it still feels like your hands and arms aren’t synched up. Here’s a great feeling for how to do this the proper way, to still come from the inside as you’re making this type of a swing.

I want you to go to the top of your backswing, and I want you to visualize this club is parallel with the ground at the top of the backswing.

Now as I shift to the left, then I start my downswing, I want you to feel like that club is staying parallel to the ground as your body opens up. That gets rid of that cast motion, there’s no way to steepen that up and come over the top from there.

Again, this is an exaggeration, nobody’s wrists are this flexible, but the sensation that I’m going to have as I start my weight shift left and start my downswing, is that I’m going to keep that club parallel to the ground as long as I can, then I’m going to swing on through. That’s what gets me in the slot.

Let’s put those two motions together. Piece number one. Start with the weight on the right. Shift left, then swing down. Piece number two to get rid of that cast, get a lot of lag in there.

Shift to the left like I talked about, and as I swing down, as my body opens, I’m going to feel like that club stays parallel to the ground, it stays back behind my body.

That’s what’s going to save up all that power and energy for later on in the downswing. Let’s try it out.

There we go, couldn’t be much better than that one. That one’s going to look nice on FlightScope there, let’s see what my numbers are.

On that swing, right down the middle of the fairway. 302 carry, 333 after the roll. That’s about as good as I got.

Now if you’re like a lot of players, when you start to get this downswing move, and this club feels like it’s parallel to the grown, that’s really foreign to you.

This one video is fantastic to help get you started with that, but you need a little bit more to really ingrain that forever.

That’s where I recommend if you’re a member of the Top Speed Golf website, to go to The Lag section of the Top Speed Golf System. That’s one of my five real fundamentals of the golf swing.

As you work through level one, level two, level three, it’s going to start to become automatic.

Golf Downswing Slot Drill

It’s going to build on what we did here today so that you look back in a few weeks and you have this really sharp angle of lag, you’re getting tons more club head speed, you’re hitting a lot farther, and it feels more effortless.

That only happens if we chip away at it. Just do one or two videos a week out of the lag system, you look back after a few weeks it’s going to be so much better. Best of luck, and I’ll see you in The Lag section.