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If you are a good poker player, or even if you simply want to be good at the game, you'll know how important it is to take in information from all around you and apply it to your future moves.

Long term online poker success with winning strategies – register for free! The best strategies With the correct strategy, poker becomes an easy game. Our authors show you how to succeed, one step at a time. The second tier of poker success is where so many brilliant minds flounder. Any poker professional will tell you that discipline is absolutely essential to doing well, yet many competent players struggle with it daily. When we talk about discipline in regards to poker, there are many aspects of the game where it comes into play.

After all, poker is a game of incomplete information. It's up to you to pick up on any clues you can find to ensure you know more than your opponents. Or at the very least, have a better idea of what's most likely to be true of the situation in which you find yourself.

Why should we restrict these learnings to poker, though? There are lessons you can learn from the game which you can practice and apply at the table, but there's no need to stop there.

The skills you develop at the poker table can serve you well in real life

1. Negotiating

If you've ever been in a pay review with your boss and just frozen up, you might need to play more poker. No, not at work while you're meant to be preparing a report. But playing the game away from the office can help you bring a poker mindset to places where that can benefit you.

You've probably been in a situation where you have the nuts and are trying to determine how big a river value bet your opponent will pay off. Maybe you'll try talking to them to get a feel for where their head is. That'll help you work out how much extra they'd be willing to part with.

Are you using your poker skills to get the best out of negotiations?


There's no reason you can't use the same skill-set in the meeting room to guarantee yourself some extra cash each month. All while making your boss feel as though they've got a pretty sweet deal out of it all.

During her talk at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, PokerStars ambassador Maria Konnikova pointed out another way in which poker can help in these negotiations: applying the logic of position at the poker table to give yourself last-mover advantage.

'Outside of poker you need to think... who are the people who have positional advantage on you, who are going to be making their decision second?' Konnikova says.

'There's always a second-mover advantage in any negotiation... when someone says 'how much would you like to make?', it would be very silly of you to say 'Well, this is what my salary expectations are'. Instead you should try to deflect it, get them to throw out the first number, because you don't want to anchor them too low. There's a huge benefit to be gained by position.'

2. Look back to look ahead

If you can teach yourself to think logically after a bad beat, you'll be able to recognise there's nothing you can do to turn back the clock. You'll also understand that going on tilt will likely harm your chances in the long run.

How To Succeed At Online Poker Without

Konnikova values the concept of knowing oneself. This can prove beneficial in poker - like looking through your hand histories and acknowledging when you have made a mistake, rather than looking for easy excuses.

Turn your poker brain to other areas of your life. You may be able to stop yourself from doing something that only worsens the situation. Further down the line, you'll be able to thank your poker brain for setting your past self straight.

3. Understanding Risk

Konnikova also speaks of how 'It seems that trust is natural, that it's actually our default state, and it seems that it's distrust that is learned.'

Expanding on this in a poker context, she explains how making a big fold is the sign of a great poker player. Perhaps more than a big call. And that's due to the thought process which goes into determining when our opponents are being honest with us.


Applied to the real world, taking a leap of faith in trusting those around us can be greatly beneficial. But it's something we need to qualify through the information we have at our disposal.

The best way to apply poker thinking to real life can come from the speed with which we make mental calculations. For example, situations in which we've been conditioned to believe that someone might be exploiting us.

Poker thinking, therefore, help us quickly figure out when a salesperson is bending the truth and when they're being honest with us.

As Konnikova says, 'People who have higher levels of generalised trust tend to do better academically, they're happier, they're healthier, they take more risks, they start more businesses, they seem to be smarter.' These risks, however, often need to be calculated ones, using the information at our disposal.

4. Learning discipline

When you're playing poker, you know better than to play hands out of boredom. And you know when your stack size can make it sub-optimal to raise certain cards from certain positions.

If you can teach yourself the discipline and focus required to avoid these long-term losing plays, your results over a longer period will start to show an improvement.

Practicing discipline can give you an advantage

Similarly, in day-to-day life, you might be watching your macros and eating well to reach an end goal, be that weight loss, muscle gain or just general fitness.

As tempting as it can be to eat something you 'shouldn't', any short-term positive doesn't come close to the benefit you'll get once you hit your goal and have weeks of discipline to point to.

By teaching your brain patience and concentration, you can feel more comfortable forfeiting that short-term hit and ensuring you have what you need in the longer run.

5. Knowing which arguments you can afford to lose

In any relationships - be they romantic, platonic, or even between a worker and a boss - there will be a temptation to come out on top in every argument. Sometimes it's as simple as not wanting to give up any ground when you know you're right. However, poker can help you appreciate there's more to it than that.

You can be sure you're getting your money in good, but decide against it due to ICM considerations. Or turn down what you see as a 55-45 spot against a weak opponent because you're confident you'll be able to find a better spot further down the line.

This is the equivalent of recognising there's a time to give people small wins that won't disadvantage you too much, to earn yourself some leeway when you really need it.

Konnikova cites another poker player, the late Amarillo Slim, who said 'You can shear a sheep a lot of times, but you can only skin him once.' Some big decisions, in life and in poker, will only come so many times, so you need to identify the spots where you need to be right and those where the best strategy is to make small sacrifices to keep your ultimate goal alive.

There is so much to take in to let out a successful entrepreneur in this competitive market. As the world is evolving, people have started to believe in combining their x-factor with their business strategies, like giving way to their hobbies in enhancing the entrepreneurial journey. Anything that is passion-driven helps to set course in your professional life as well. Some people are die-hard fans of online poker, and they correlate their managerial skills with the tactics they use to win an online poker game.

Many entrepreneurs agree on the point to use poker tricks in their businesses. They are not even able to soar high in their business, but they took it to the next level of achievement. The rules, tricks and trips to play online poker sometimes befit the real-life scenarios, and it takes quite a time to see life as poker and poker as real life to go through some tough decisions. The primary purpose of forging this blog is to shed some light on the ways online poker helps entrepreneurs make some crucial decisions in their business.

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1. Quick learners endure the survival of the fittest!

When ambition hits passion, a force develops to keep you focused on the goal you will achieve. If you wish to have your firm or enterprise and you are an amateur poker player, then there is nothing better than forgetting all the old theories and concepts and learn something afresh. When you have a will to progress, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal. You join hands with the people who share the same values and thoughts. You meet new people who too have a burning desire to be a top-notch name. You come up with new perspectives and see the world with a new pair of mindsets.

How To Succeed At Online Poker For Dummies

You will turn to some expert advice, and there is nothing you cannot get over the internet. The training sessions, forums, guides, and tools to amplify your horizons are all available at your service. If you are keen to learn online poker games or want to set several businesses online, then you can learn all of it effectively and quickly. Quick learning is something that drives the race of successful people in the world. Once you start digging deep and play online poker games, you will learn and admit that quick learning helps a lot in tournaments as well as in business.

2. Make a relevant decision.

How To Succeed At Online Poker

In poker, we know our cards and the cards of the community. The aim is to make the best decision possible with the details available. You can consider other parameters, such as your position at the table, the style of game of the player, whether you already know how your opponents are playing, the number of chips you have left. The more data you have, the better decision you will make. In poker, you can never have 100% of the details (when you have 100%, it’s too late.) Indeed, neither you know about your opponent’s cards, nor you know about the next cards the dealer would hand out.

Waiting for the right solution or getting all the knowledge at your disposal to make a decision is not feasible. To make the correct decision, you must be able to collect the full details and do your best. This is what business is about: you may not have all the details, but you still have to make choices.

Gambling is a way of buying hope on credit.

How To Succeed At Online PokerAlan Wykes

3. Manage your money.

You need to be careful at the kind of tables you play online poker. You don’t want to play more games than you can play. If you have a hundred dollars in your bank account, don’t enter tournaments with an entrance fee of 100 or 200 dollars. Go to a game with an entry fee of, for example, 10 or 20 dollars. You will be more stressed about playing too much, and you won’t be as successful because it’s too dangerous. This will help you learn how to invest and smartly use your money to grow without taking risks that could lead to financial ruin.

For startups, this is the same. Many begin with crowdfunding, and their money needs to be handled well. Money management issues are one of the key reasons why startups are struggling, and you are more likely to succeed by mastering it. Even if your startup is sponsored, learning how to handle your investment and not spending more than you need is vital. They can go bankrupt on the funds if the money is not taken care of properly.

4. Understand the long-term concept.

The value of the long-term is essential in poker. There is no need to win fifty hands and make a poor decision at one step and lose it all. You need to think long-term while playing poker, and not just settle on short-term thought. Risk-taking is certainly a part of poker, but they should be calculated. It will last hours for a poker game or tournament (if it isn’t days).

The concept of long-term planning is quintessential for any entrepreneur. You can’t just think about your startup in the short term by aiming for exponential growth. You will need to have a long-term vision and think about the business’s sustainability. For example, you don’t just want to concentrate on attracting new clients, and you want to keep them as well. You don’t want to have a good startup for 1 year and then struggle. You want it to sustain for the next five years and more.

How To Succeed At Online Poker For Beginners

The entrepreneurs who are interested in online poker games have skills proven to be helpful in the long-term of any startup journey. They become comparatively agile, manage money effectively, make challenging decisions in a snap of the finger, they sit perfectly in the definition of visionaries, and are utterly courageous. If you play poker for a long time, you can adapt all the qualities, and it is not necessary to be a high-ranked player also.

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