Hunter X Hunter Kite Crazy Slot 3

Ging Freecss hypothesizes that Kite's survival has something to do with his ability 'Crazy Slot'; whereby there is a number that will only appear when Kite has a strong will to survive and does not wish to die. When a human was killed an fed to.

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Kite’s Crazy Slot ability it’s one of the coolest nen abilities in HxH Think about it, kite has 9 different weapons with crazy slot and one of them can reincarnate him. It’s most likely his No. 3, the one he used againts Pitou. It’s also stated by Gin that this ability only comes out when kite really believes he’s about to die. Check out Elsword Here! - another installment of Nen Explained, we're going to be covering Kite's Hatsu - Crazy Slots.Along with expl. In searching for clues as to what Kite's Crazy Slot 3 was I ended up down a path I did not expect, but I could not turn away from it. It was sort of a revela.


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Exorcist x hunter chapter 3 ants vs. hunters

I am planning 2-3 more chapters of chimera ant arc before d. gray-man main story starts this will be blend of both Allen will get a small party of hunter x hunter characters

After we found this first Kite's team the chimera ants were making work of the rest of them, they swarm was evolving to counter nen and wiped out the team. Then the boys and I ran into our first true chimera ant, a bunny/bird man called Rammot with one hell of a chip on his shoulder. Rammot's main and current prey was horses since apparently only the queen got to eat humans at this point. The bunny/bird ant was pretty easy defeat it only took one lighting attack from killua to bring him down if his compatriot didn't save him he would've been an easy kill. On the way to the nest we found more bodies and a drug factory.

Inside the factory we defeated 4 chimera ants with ease kite did it best using his nen ability crazy slots, our fight told us that to really kill the chimera ants their heads must be removed. While we were fighting those ants the escaped ant Rammot began to learn nen and teach the others nen as well making our battles much harder in the future. While our fights were happening the message finally got out to the governments of the world and their response was to have Netero and the Hunters Association deal with the problem and take all the blame if said plan goes south. Our next major information drop from Kite detailed the structure of the chimera ants and the shift that would soon happen but the behavior of some of the ants hinted that the human element may have changed the structure even further. Our next confrontation was happening right after explanation; these ants were even smarter and gave us the choice to fight. We took this chance and defeated this group with relative ease even more so after the one of the ants pissed Gon off and a pissed off Gon is more dangerous than the normal happy version. With the ants at their hive our failed attack leads to the ants giving each other skills for nen.

Our next fight was against land and flying ants leading us into a trap with the sky ants leading and the land ants waiting, during the same time at the hive things were getting even worse in the fact that one of Kite's team was skill alive in the hive and that he could further teach the swarm nen use and skills as the swarm was checking the hive for him the first of the royal guard ants was born and started to bring order to rapidly chaos growing in the nest. The guard was a cat girl ant called Neferpitou and her first act was to find Kite's teammate and force him to teach the ants how to further use nen and figure out what type each ant was the best ways to train and use their newfound nen abilities. The test showed the cat girl royal guard was specialist much like me.

While the ants were learning we followed our would be trappers back to the nest until Gon and Killua asked Kite before that training Kite told the boys and I more about Gon's father Ging and how strong he really was and that we were going to need stronger resolve to defeat the ant swarm or even live through this fight. While we were learning the bunny ant was giving the other members of the nest Baptist through punch until the cat girl sensed us and came to kill and feed us to her queen. The cat ant went after the group her biggest target seemed to be Gon, her reason for more sexual than the need to help the queen. Neferpitou or Pitou for short had the upper hand or seemed to at the least Kite decided to act to become a diversion so the boys and I could escape. I might have been able to take the cat girl but while keeping Gon and Killua safe I am not so sure I am not sure if I can defend them or if I was strong enough to escape let alone get them out even with my ice ability. So left with the Boys not before Killua had to knock Gon out so he wouldn't go back and do something stupid like try and fight the super powered cat girl himself, even if she did get Gon I wasn't sure if she wanted to kill or have sex with Gon or even both.

Hunter X Hunter Kite Weapon 3

Even from a decent distance away I could tell Kite was fighting Pitou to the death and that he wouldn't follow back. After we escaped NGL we called Kite's friends to tell them of his status and inform them the level of the infestation and NGL. In return they told us those reinforcements in the form of Netero and 2 other pro hunters named Morel Mackernasey, a sea hunter and Knov no last name or hunter job given. Netero asked me how strong the ants were my reply told the chairman the base power I knew of how strong the ants very well might get. The chairman n knowing my power and how it had grown let me join his team and said that Gon and Killua had to prove themselves before they could join.

For the next while I hunted weaker wondering ants while Netero with trapped and fought the stronger ants and Gon and Killua trained for about and month they trained and I hunted ants with Netero and the pro-hunters between fights Netero and I discussed future jobs for me, I was going aiming to be a treasure/crime hunter with the earl, his followers and Akuma as my prime targets Netero seemed to agree but seemed to be putting it off as well like. We also mused about how strong the cat girl ant could be and if she was stronger than Netero or not. One interesting fact about the ants was as they grew their souls became more adult they seemed like akuma in the early stages but as time went on they were becoming more unlike akuma that became more monsters, during our discussion the 2nd royal guard ant was born Shaiapouf a butterfly man with dapper style.

Hunter X Hunter Kite Crazy Slots

We could tell that the ants were slowly becoming very aware of the elimination of their numbers but were and in the city Gon and Killua were engaging in tough training for their fight to join Netero and my group. After a short while Gon and Killua engaged knuckle in battle with bad results. At the same time the ants were starting to worry about their thinning numbers and hoping their king would turn the tides of battle at the moments of his birth. In the nest the last royal guards the red hulk of a man Menthuthuyoupi met his peers and were ready for their king to lead them into glorious battle.


Gon was starting to fight knuckle and killua was prepping to fight shoot. In Netero and my group we starting betting on the results one thing lead to another and that lead to poker with me going evil mode and cheating every game till Morel and Knov were down to their underwear seeing the results Netero was turned down a game his slight bit of fear let me see his hidden trump card hidden in his insides it was a bomb of what kind I wasn't sure yet.

Gon's duel with Killua went pretty well at first until Knuckle's ability kicked in and drained Gon's aura to almost nothing and Killua didn't wasn't doing so well either. As Gon's and Killua's battles ended in defeat, and at the moment of their defeats the ants witnessed the birth of their king with the queen in a near death state from the king not wanting to wait and ripping his way out of her body. After bringing the pain to the hive the king and his guards left for a more populated area and more humans to eat. All I could do at the site of the king was curl into in sheer terror it felt just like the terror of facing my first akuma I could tell my anti-akuma weapons were both near the point of evolution with the need ready to push either one to reach 100% synch.

After the king left the remaining ants loyal to the queen raised a white flag and told our team to save the queen and told us just how evil the king was. After their fights Gon had to wait a month for his Nen to recover and join the fight with the ants on their new turf with Killua as his guardian for that time. With Gon down for the count I was asked by Netero to call the hunter's association and tell them the king was born and to send best surgeons to try and save the queen. Netero's next action was to switch to his lucky shirt for the danger of the coming battles then charged his Nen and had the ant named colt gage his strength in comparison the king, Colt's rating was that Netero was the weaker party. The old commissioner's only response was to smile and say 'glad to finally be the weaker opponent for a change' then told Knov to get Shoot and Knuckle and bring them to the nest.


Inside the nest most the soldiers decided to abandon the queen and go on their own and do their own things with so only those loyal to the queen were left. The surgeons working on the queen couldn't use any of the later ants to help fix her due to the fact that they were barely even ants anymore. The queen was slowly dying and used her last breath to wish the king would take over the world and told use his name Meruem, or 'light that illuminates all' and then died. The reaction of Colt revealed to the group that Chimera ants could regain their memories of their human lives and my eye scan showed Colt's soul was very close to his former human state.

After the surgeons left Colt found a very tiny very human baby, with my eye I saw the baby's soul it was Kite the baby is the reborn Kite. I kept this to myself for when I need to use it again. At the same time the remaining ants finally found a new kingdom to rule Republic of East Gorteau.

End of chapter I am projecting 2 to 3 more chapters of Chimera ant arc once I get ant arc done I will write more sage of Britannia or saber's rebirth or knights redemption or even archers rebirth poll going up for story to update after ant arc is done up