Is Crown Casino Perth Open Now

GRACE TOBIN, REPORTER: Looming over Sydney's skyline is Crown's shining jewel - its new casino on the harbour for high-roller gamblers but its future is under a dark cloud.

For months a New South Wales inquiry headed by Commissioner Patricia Bergin has heard explosive evidence against the company and now Counsel Assisting has made a stunning final submission that Crown is unfit to hold the lucrative casino licence.

ADAM BELL, COUNSEL ASSISTING: We submit that the evidence as entered into this inquiry demonstrates that the licensee is not a suitable person to continue to give effective licence. That Crown Resorts is not a suitable person to be close associated with the licensee.

Crown Towers is located on the eastern banks of the Swan River, only minutes from the Perth city centre. Directions Great Eastern Highway Burswood, Perth WA 6100, Australia. NSW's gaming regulator bans Crown Resorts from opening its $2.2 billion Barangaroo casino next month, after the company admitted money laundering had likely occurred through some of its VIP accounts. Melbourne and Perth’s Crown Casinos have effectively closed following the government’s announcements of a lockdown on non-essential services. Scott Morrison on Sunday night said all cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, casinos, gyms and places of worship were to close in response to the coronavirus crisis.

50 reviews of Crown Metropol Perth 'If you've been on a night out in Perth and you don't want it to end then best thing to do is take a taxi out to Burswood Casino, it is FUN! It's open 24 hours (so doesn't close at 6am but Yelp doesn't give a 24 hour option as yet). Crown Casino Perth. Food & Beverage Company.

GRACE TOBIN: The argument by Counsel Assisting follows months of damning evidence including that the company failed to stop money laundering at its Melbourne and Perth casinos and went into business with junket operators with links to Asian organised crime.

NAOMI SHARP: You have seen footage of the blue cooler bag which shows hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash being handed over in exchange for chips.

GRACE TOBIN: The inquiry also heard that Crown put its employees at risk in China where 19 staff were arrested in 2016.

ADAM BELL: We submit that the evidence in relation to the China arrests demonstrates serious and systemic failures.

Is Crown Casino Perth Open Now Current

GRACE TOBIN: Much of the blame at the inquiry was put at the feet of Crown's major shareholder, James Packer.

JAMES PACKER: A lot of the things that I've seen or heard in this inquiry have been a total shock to me.

GRACE TOBIN: Counsel Assisting argued Packer should be banned from being closely involved with Crown's new Sydney casino after evidence emerged about the billionaire's influence over the company and his behaviour including that he threatened a Melbourne businessman over email in 2015.

ADAM BELL: You accept that your conduct in these emails was disgraceful, don't you?


ADAM BELL: So you were a director of Crown Resorts at the time you engaged in this disgraceful behaviour?



ADAM BELL: How can the New South Wales regulator have any confidence in your character or integrity in light of your communications in these emails?

JAMES PACKER: Because I'm being treated now for my bipolar.

GRACE TOBIN: Ultimately, it is up to the inquiry's Commissioner to make findings on whether she thinks Crown and its current board are fit to hold a casino licence in New South Wales.

Her final report isn't due until February but in the meantime, Crown is pushing ahead with its plans to open its Barangaroo casino next month.

CHRIS SIDOTI, FORMER NSW REGULATOR: It would be a provocative act, an act of bad faith. To me, the company has no alternative but to postpone the opening of the Barangaroo casino.

GRACE TOBIN: Chris Sidoti is the former head of the New South Wales gambling watchdog. He says Crown's intention to open its casino before the inquiry is even over shows there has been no real cultural change at Crown.

CHRIS SIDOTI: I think it is a culture of the pursuit of profit at all costs.

Crown is a privileged corporation in this country and that places a higher obligation on it, beyond even legal obligations, towards the broader community and I think that it is a breach of those kinds of community responsibilities for it to proceed with opening in Sydney next month while Commissioner Bergin is completing her report.

JOHN HEWSON, FORMER LIBERAL LEADER: All this talk that the board of Crown is thinking of operating the casino before the licenced position is determined just wouldn't pass the pub test.

You'd think the board would, given the hit on its credibility in recent days, you'd think that they'd say publicly, 'Look, we're not going to try and operate until we have a clean bill of health from the licensing board that we are fit and proper for this licence.'

GRACE TOBIN: Former federal Liberal leader, John Hewson, says if Crown doesn't act, the New South Wales Government needs to intervene.

Is Crown Casino Perth Open NowIs crown casino perth open now currentIs Crown Casino Perth Open Now

JOHN HEWSON: This has been a very controversial licence from the beginning. I mean for the process to have been initiated without a proper public tender and a competitive process, favoured treatment to Packer and his team, you would think in those circumstances, you know, it's time that somebody stand up and say what they think is right here.

GRACE TOBIN: The New South Wales Premier has said she is seeking urgent advice as to what the Government can do.

GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN, NEW SOUTH WALES PREMIER: I'll get advice from ILGA (Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority) when I need to get advice as to whether or not that should proceed in December or not and I'm willing to take the decision not to if that is the advice I get.

CHRIS SIDOTI: I don't think the authority can act without some recommendation from the Commissioner. The Commissioner is entitled to wait until the beginning of February. That's her deadline and that's why I say, Crown is responsible. It is their responsibility. They have to make the decision and they should not open.

GRACE TOBIN: In Perth, Crown is still operating as usual and in Melbourne, the casino is due to reopen shortly after closing under COVID-19 restrictions.

Regulators there say they're keeping across the evidence before the New South Wales inquiry.

Crown didn't respond to 7.30's question about whether it is appropriate to open its new casino in December.

The Perth-based mega casino owned by Crown Casino Ltd. is due to host an epic re-opening event this Saturday 27 June as COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed. The Western Australian Government has allowed the casino to re-open its doors in Perth, whilst Crown Casino locations in Melbourne remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Is Crown Casino Perth Open Now

The Crown Casino venue in Perth is due to re-open close to normal capacity from Saturday June 27, with the casino and sports bar enforcing a series of new health and safety measures. ©Mad_Photography_Perth/Pixabay

It seems like a short time ago that lockdown measures first began in Australia, but in reality three long months have gone by. During this time Crown Casino has been forced to shut its doors, as with all non-essential businesses including restaurants and bars, revenue flow has completely vanished. The liabilities of the company still cost Crown Casino millions each day though, with the Barangaroo project disaster the biggest concern across its balance sheet.

As such, Crown Casino is eager to get back to business as usual, with Perth given the green light to continue with business as usual, we look ahead to see what precautions casino staff in the venues restaurants, hotel, bars and casino floor will be taking to ensure that guests are able to safely visit.

Safely Welcoming You Back

There are several fundamental processes that must be enforced to safely welcome back guests to Crown Casino this Saturday. The resort will be operating at close to normality but will be providing a few extra domestic services to ensure the highest stands of hygiene and health are maintained for all guests and staff.

Physical distancing is at the core of these measures. Guests and staff must comply with physical distancing measures whilst inside the building and on the vast expanse of the property. There will be capacity limits on the number of people who can enter the building at any one time. Density limits will be maintained, Crown Casino will limit the number of active tables in the casino to ensure these are kept.

Heavy duty cleaning has already been carried out across the venue and staff intend to maintain these high standards of cleanliness. High-frequency cleaning has already been carried out across the entertainment complex with emphasis on cleaning the tables and chairs between meetings or human contact.

Hand cleaning stations will be widely available throughout the entire building. Guests are encouraged to regularly clean their hands using complimentary hand cleaning stations. Alcohol hand wash is placed inside these devices, ensuring any harmful bacteria are killed.

Contact registering details must be provided by all visitors to the Crown Casino venue. This is to ensure that if positive cases of COVID-19 are reported from the premises, you are easily contactable and can be advised on the necessary precautions to take.

Crown casino understands its responsibility to safely open its buildings, and the crucial part all public venue managers have to improve the health and safety of guests during the pandemic.

Crown Sports Bar Also Re-Opening

Crown Casino has been closed since March 23, and it feels like it’s been far too long since we’ve been able to clink a few pints together and enjoy the good times. It’s nearly time to catch up with our mates and begin to transition into the post-COVID world. Following the approval of the Australian Government Department of Health This Saturday June 27 Crown Casino at Perth is welcoming back its loyal customers, opening the hotel, restaurant, casino and infamous Crown Sports Bar.

Is Crown Casino Perth Open Now Today

The fan favorite bar is a non-stop sports tv arena, giving guests the chance to watch popular sports from all over the world in a vibrant and large-scale bar environment. Watch the return of the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, AFL and a wide-variety of top American leagues.

Throughout the bar you’ll have immediate access to sports betting functionality, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of placing a bet on live sports. On top of providing an excellent facility to enjoy the professional sport from all over the world, Crown Sports Bar offers excellent odds across a massive range of betting markets.

Is Crown Casino Perth Open Now Open

As Saturday fast approaches casino and sports betting enthusiasts in Perth, Australia eagerly await the return of the city’s most phenomenal gambling venue.