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Read 10 interesting facts about karaoke music that might inspire you to choose it as your next hobby. Karaoke literally means “empty orchestra” because it feels like you are actually singing with a live orchestra – which is not the case.

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What is karaoke music?

Karaoke is an art form originated in Japan. Karaoke music is the instrumental song without vocal part. It is played using karaoke systems to enjoy singing along with lyrics.

It is one of the best hobby activities because it can add fun to any kind of social gathering. On the other hand, it can also be a great companion to celebrate loneliness.

It has been a part of cultural activities for many countries in the world.

Karaoke is not just a musical term – It’s a way of life!

Here are 10 interesting facts about karaoke music

Karaoke is not “sing-along”

“Sing-along” means to sing together in a group or in a community. It’s been a part of singing activity since long time. However, the term became popular only during 1960’s, when television shows broadcast-ed songs along with lyrics.

Karaoke can be called as a group singing activity but without the presence of lead vocalists.

Who invented the karaoke machine?

The earlier prototype of the karaoke kiosk was developed by a Japanese musician, Daisuke Inouse in 1971. Therefore, he was the first person to realize the commercial potential of karaoke music.

He started leasing out his karaoke machines. In those days, leasing out karaoke machines was considered as an expensive lifestyle activity. However today, the karaoke systems and music is quite an affordable affair.

Karaoke was sarcastically considered as a “new way of tolerating people”

Karaoke inventor was awarded a parody peace award for teaching people how to tolerate each other.

Here’s the probable reason for the same.

First of all karaoke was not invented for professional musicians alone. Furthermore, the participants might not have amazing voice yet people come together to enjoy. Finally, the whole point of karaoke is to share joy and spread happiness.

Hitokara – Your companion for loneliness

Hitokara means “lonely karaoke”.

It sounds a bit sad term but actually it is quite happening for many people in Asian countries. Although karaoke was initially used at gatherings, today special kiosks and sound rooms are developed for people to go solo for karaoke.

There might be many reasons including solo practice, celebrating loneliness, killing boredom alone, being introvert – anything.

Hitokara is there for you to feel happy, because there is no audience and there is no pressure of singing good.

You can be yourself as long as you want. Scream, shout and sing the hell out of you, because there’s no one to criticize around.

Therefore, Hitokara can be a great way to relieve stress!

Here’s a YouTube video log about japan’s solo karaoke booths where people usually go for lonely Hitokara.

Plan for a “Karaoke Roulette” game on your next birthday party

Karaoke Roulette is a popular game in which participants are selected randomly to sing a random song.

It is also known as Kamikaze Karaoke.

Karaoke Jockey or KJ – The job that you will love

We all know how it feels like working in a 9 to 5 corporate job. Little do we know that there exists other exciting jobs too. Being a karaoke jockey is one of them.

Who will not love a job profile that involves announcing song, introducing performers and motivating them for giving power pack performances.

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The longest marathon karaoke took place in Italy

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Based on the facts by Guinness World Records, the longest marathon karaoke ever was attempted by Leonardo Polverelli in Italy on 23 Sep 2011.

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The performance lasted for around 101 hour, 59 minutes and 15 second. The entire act took around 5 days to complete. Polverelli sang around 1,295 songs to raise funds.

The largest karaoke took place in Tennesse, USA

The largest karaoke took place at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennesse, USA on 22 August 2009.

The record was attempted by most number of participants consisting around 160,000 people who sang the song – “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks, simultaneously.

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You can participate in the next Karaoke World Championship

The World Karaoke Championships were held first in Finland in 2003. It’s an international event featuring shortlisted participants from around 30 countries around the world.

Ryota Kaizo from Japan and Astrid Nicole from Panama won the Karaoke World Championship held in 2006. Watch their performances in the videos below.

The global market for karaoke music is worth around $10 billion (approx.)

The karaoke kiosks and hardware made a huge impact in Asian markets during 1980’s due to technological advances made in CD, DVDs and music systems.

Since then, karaoke has been spreading happiness throughout world including countries like China, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines and Australia.

Thanks for reading my 12th article in the series 100 Day Music Blogging Challenge. Stay tuned for more such interesting facts.