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As an employee, you can claim LTA exemption only for two journeys in a block of four years. The block applicable for the current period that began in January 2018 and ends in December 2021. If you claim only one LTA in a block then the remaining LTA can be carried forward. However, it has to be claimed in the first year of the next block. Hence, in one block an employee can claim a maximum of three LTAs. If you are not aware of it, leave travel allowance (LTA) forms a part of your CTC (cost to company). You can claim a 'leave travel concession' as a salaried taxpayer under section 10(5) of the. Please find below the creteria for availing LTA: LTA is tax free for the amount you have submitted the bills. Say in your package LTA is 25000/- and you have performed journey for 15000/- and submitted the relavent documents, 15000/- is exempted from tax as per sec 10 of IT Act and remaining amount is taxable.


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Hi, I've been working with a Japanese MNC as HR Executive since past One and half year (I joined in 01-01-2019).
Now I applied for LTA Claim ,my accounts person said my Last One year LOP days will be deduct to the LTA Amount.
Is It Right?

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LTA claim has to be lodged once in a block of two years for the purpose of IT relief
If your service rules / HR Policy provides for a minimum of three days to be availed to undertake a tour outside , you need to do so accordingly .
From what you said , you had gone on leave on loss of pay for some days in the last one year and eventually you could have lost salary for that period. Where is the question of deducting money from your LTA entitlemnet.
If your question is otherwise than what i understood, do you mean to say that the Loss of pay days in the last one year alone should be taken for the purpose of offsetting the duration of LTA tour, then it is to your advantage to collect the LTA amount without necessarily taking leave afresh.

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