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MINI MARIO Digital-Glue supplied this nice mini Mario game.The instructions are very simple, use the left and right cursor keys to control your mini Mario. Press the spacebar to make Mario jump. You will start at yoshi's island and at the beginning you have to kill the Koopa troop. This flash game is funny, you play one the Nintendo ds emulator with Luigi. The game-play is simple, use left and right keys to move and up to jump. This game is in 3D, you have to jump on the goombas heads. There are different levels in this nintendo ds emulator. For New Super Mario Bros. On the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'Post Your Mini-Game Records!' 189 coins, 20 stars (MudkipMaster30) Picture Poker.

Mario is the biggest selling video game franchise of all time. When he first appeared in Donkey Kong in 1981, Nintendo was sceptical about his success, but they soon realized they had a winning formula. It was just a year later that Donkey Kong Junior was released, and soon after that came Mario Bros. By the end of that decade, there were several new Mario games on the market and a variety of characters had been introduced, most of which are still in the games today.
‘Mario vs. Super Luigi’ – JD Hancock via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Mario has also made a guest appearance in other games, such as Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, The Legend of Zelda, and NBA Street.

The Mario and Nintendo universe also moved away from console games and even made a film starring Bob Hoskins as Mario. In 2020 a theme park called Super Nintendo World will be opening in Japan, an idea that Universal Studios hope to import to their Hollywood and Orlando resorts.

There are educational Mario games and films, as well as ones relating to sport and the Olympic Games. There was also a shift to other devices, and now Mario games can be played online. Perhaps one some people would not expect to find in what is usually considered to be a game for children is the Mario and Nintendo poker games that are widely available.

1st Class Poker And BlackJack

If you were thinking of a game of poker you would be more likely to go to a casino or trawl the internet for a good site to try your hand at. Nintendo is not the first brand that springs to mind.
‘Royal Flush’ – Min Hoang via Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

As the name suggests, you have the choice of playing either poker or blackjack, with a number of variations of them both. Choose poker and you will find options including Texas hold‘em and Omaha, as well as 5-card draw rules. Then you opt for which table you want to play, the higher buy-ins having larger pay-outs.

You could opt to play the videopoker mode, which has five options very similar to electronic poker machines. This option is also available for blackjack, which for beginners is a much easier game to master. These modes are a perfect way to get some practice before playing in full poker or blackjack games.

Each mode has a set of instructions and rules, but really the game needs an interesting visual tutorial, as not many players will want to sit and read through a large amount of text.

1st Class Poker and BlackJack has an impressive array of modes and a good variety of games, but some feel it is let down by a bland presentation. Overall, it is probably not the best poker game on the market, but it will provide hours of fun and is a good way to practice if you want to progress to online casinos.

Picture Poker

Picture Poker is generally a single player minigame. In Super Mario 64 DS it's classified as one of Mario’s brother, Luigi's minigames, and in New Super Mario Bros it is shown as a table minigame.

These casino-style games involve playing against Luigi and it's as simple as getting a better hand than him to win. The skill comes in knowing when to swap cards, and which ones to change. Different cards have varying values, and the higher your cards are, the more coins you will win. If you run out of coins, the game is lost and has to be restarted.

You can play multiplayer, and then the winning hand takes coins from everyone else at the table. There are maximums, though. For example, with four players, the most you can win is 48 coins.

Although you are not playing with real money, in some European countries, this game was given a higher age rating because of the gambling laws, and it was considered to be very close to playing a real game of poker.

Governor Of Poker

Governor Of Poker seems to be one of those games you either love or never play a second time. It's quite a long game where, after choosing a name and gender for yourself, you are placed in a town in Texas. You then have to play poker to win enough money to buy the buildings, and when you have them all you become the Governor of Texas.

When you start, there are NPCs to give you tips on how to play Texas hold‘em, which is the type of poker you will be playing. Part of the problem is that you have to go through these tips every time you start a new game. Once past them, Governor of Poker becomes a lot of fun as you work your way around the town, starting in the local saloon.

This is a simple, no-frills game that provides a really good playing experience. There are three skill levels to choose from, so as you become more experienced you can play harder games. Older versions were slower and less controllable, but the newer ones are much easier to play.

Other Poker Games

These are just three of the online or video poker and blackjack games that are worth a try to see if you enjoy them. There are many others, and most online casinos have free poker and blackjack games you can play to learn the rules and to practice. Which one you choose is usually down to the amount of instruction you want, the speed you want to play, and ultimately your personal preference.

However, if you have never played any of these games with real cards you may find them a bit confusing to start with. The one thing Picture Poker, Governor Of Poker, 1st Class Poker, and BlackJack have in common is they provide a good learning platform for beginners, while fun can be had at the same time.

Mario is the biggest selling video game franchise of all time. When he first appeared in Donkey Kong in 1981, Nintendo was sceptical about his success, but they soon realized they had a winning formula. It was just a year later that Donkey Kong Junior was released, and soon after that came Mario Bros. By the end of that decade, there were several new Mario games on the market and a variety of characters had been introduced, most of which are still in the games today.

Picture Poker

It's a great day at the Mushroom Kingdom Casino where I was about to play one of my favorite games in the casino, Picture Poker. I saw a table that has stars and in the table is Luigi as the dealer of the game. I smiled to him and said, 'Hey Luigi! I'm ready for a game of Picture Poker.'

'That's great, Dragon!' Luigi smiled, 'You are so happy that you came to play my card game. Now, do you know how to play the game?'

'Of course not.' I said, 'Tell me how to play!'

'OK. First, I'll shuffle the deck of cards. Then I'll deal out five cards for the both of us. The object of the game is to get a better hand than me. We're going to play three rounds and whoever gets to win two hands first is declared the winner. So, are you ready for round one?'


'Of course!' I replied as I get myself seated for the game, 'Let's shuffle up and deal!'

'Alright then, here we go!' Luigi said as he shuffled the deck. Then he gave me five cards for my hand and five for Luigi. Luigi said, 'OK, my hand is hidden so you don't know what do I have. Go ahead Dragon, reveal your hand.'

'With pleasure!' I said as I revealed two stars, two Luigis, and a mushroom. I said, 'Luigi, one card please. Get rid of the mushroom!'

'OK, one new card for Dragon Puncher, coming up!' Luigi said as he gave me a new card. Then Luigi gets three for himself because he had two clouds. Then Luigi said, 'OK, our hands are ready to reveal so, let's find out who has a better hand. Ready?' Luigi asked.

'All set!' I replied.

'One, two, and… three!' Luigi counted as we revealed our hands. I had a full house of Luigis and stars while Luigi has two pairs. Luigi said, 'You win round one! Great job! I had two clouds, two Marios, and a flower, while you had three stars and two Luigis so, full house beats two pair. Good job. Now, are you ready for round two?'

'Yeah!' I replied.

Round two was a fast round as Luigi won with a five of a kind against my three of the kind. Now it all comes down to the final round. Luigi said, 'OK, this round will decide our champion. Here comes your five cards!'

Then Luigi gave me four stars and a mushroom while his hand is hidden. Luigi said, 'Change your card?'

'Only one and that's it!' I said with a big smile.

'OK, now don't look at the card.' Luigi said as I get a new card. Then Luigi gets one as well.

Mario Poker Ds

When everything is changed, Luigi said, 'Alright Dragon, this is it. When I say go, we'll reveal the cards and find out who won the game. Are you ready?'

'I'm all set. Luigi, reveal the cards!' I said as get ready.

'OK! One, two, three…'

It all comes down to the final reveal of the cards. I held in my breath, took a chance and then, Luigi said the word that will decide the game…

Mario poker games


And then…

And then…

The decision is final.

Luigi revealed his hand and said, 'I have four of a kind with Mario and a flower. Dragon, reveal you hand!'

Free mario poker game

Mario Poker Ds 64

'OK, my hand for this final round is…' I said as I flipped my hand over.

And then, my hand was revealed. I took a big deep breath and said the final decision…


'Wow, you won the game!' Luigi said as he hugged me for winning the game. Then he said, 'Five of a kind beats four of a kind! That's the game-winning hand, Dragon. Great job! Say, do you want to play again with five rounds?'

Mario Poker Ds Rom


Super Mario Poker

And so, Luigi and I decided to play another game as I smiled for a big win.