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One of the finest developed games and series of any slot machine has to be awarded to the Monopoly series from WMS. The original Monopoly slot machine game according to WMS was developed and offered to land based casinos in late 2001. This particular slot was developed as a video theme base and was an instant hit. Since the original, there has been over 30 Monopoly themed games developed. Just recently it’s been reported 4 more different Monopoly games are being developed and will be hitting casino floors shortly.

I have had the privilege or according to my accountant, “unfortunate privilege” being able to play most of them. The Monopoly series clearly is one of my favorites and I’m comfortable in mentioning it is pretty addicting to. I have never actually won a jackpot on any Monopoly Slot version but hopefully and likely will change as I tend to believe the law of probability should be hitting any time!

Within this Monopoly slot machine review I will be discussing virtually everything about the games including my personal favorite Monopoly slots I prefer playing. Sorry I refuse to breakdown a review on each and every one of them as I haven’t even played them all. Let’s also be honest, writing over 30 unique reviews regarding the same game theme would get monotonous and way to long of an article.


Monopoly Jackpot Station Slot Machine

Monopoly Jackpot Station Slot Machine Bonus-BIG WIN at Palazzo. #slotmachine #lasvegas #casino #dianaevoni. EPIC (for me) WMS Monopoly Party Train Bonus (Average Gay VLog episode 227. Monopoly Party Train; Monopoly Wild Chance; Monopoly All In The Cards; Monopoly Wild Dice; In conclusion the Monopoly series of Slot Machine probably will continue to be developed and made assuming casino fans continue to demand them. Personally I think offering so many game themes and options weakens the overall brand of the slots. Monopoly Party Train is an online slot created by WMS that has five reels and three rows. The game is themed around the Hasbro Monopoly franchise and there’s plenty of bonuses and features including free-spins, wild modifiers and multipliers. Sales: 1-937-743-2389. Service: 1-937-746-7568. 430 Conover Drive, Franklin, OH 45005. $4 Max Bet Double or Nothin' Please subscribe!!!!

One of the first monopoly themes I played was Jackpot Station and is still offered as a transmissive or video based format. Both formats with Monopoly Jackpot Station are incredibly fun and ranks up as one of my personal favorites. Over the years I have won some good money playing and the feeling of a potential jackpot comes to me during each and every spin.

Jackpot Station Free Spin Bonus Round

The free spin feature for Jackpot Station is extremely fun and probably the best bonus feature area to win larger money. I’m not 100% sure but would assume as I have played this version many times and a majority of my larger wins have come from the free spin feature.

To activate the free spin bonus round you need to receive 3 or more scattered bonus symbols on a active pay line during regular game play. The number of free spins varies as you will need to roll the dice two times on the Monopoly board to determine. Once the number of free spins is determined you will need to choose a Monopoly character on the train before each spin. For doing so you will win a multiplier or wild reel during the actual free spin. Receiving 2 or more bonus symbols during this feature extends the bonus round with more free spins.

Jackpot Station Community Chest Bonus Round

Although the payouts usually not that great for this bonus they are still decent and can activate the jackpot station bonus I just discussed. During regular game play if you receive 3 or more Community Chest symbols you will activate this short bonus round. Simply select one of the five community chest cards during the feature to reveal a slot symbol. Once you have done so Mr. Monopoly will fly onto the regular slot screen and replace the Community Chest symbols with the symbol you selected in the bonus feature.

Where To Play Monopoly Jackpot Station

Your able to play Monopoly Jackpot Station in most land based casinos and just recently became available online. Depending on your state and location you might not be allowed to play this slot game online. For the lucky ones who can you should download the casino software for best graphics and game play but if you prefer not to download the software you can still play directly on a few websites.

There is so many benefits and reasons why casino players should choose to play online, personally I simply hate having to drive to my closet local casino. Then once I do arrive I still have to deal with the people sometimes rude or have a foul smell next to me. Whatever that reason is for you, it’s good enough for me. So with that in mind here is where you can actually play monopoly slots for free or real money.

Epic Monopoly Slot Machine


My wife and I really enjoy playing the Epic Monopoly slot machine together. Usually we just move a seat up next to each other and take turns spinning at max bet. This slot machine is sort of volatile but if luck is on your side at all you will have no problem making some sort of profit while playing. This is the only machine I can think of where we actually sit and play together so it’s neat to us in our own personal way.

Epic Monopoly is designed from the Colossal Reels series as it offers 4 unique and separate video slot sets per spin. To play simply wager 50 credits (50 cents in most casinos) or more to receive all 80 pay lines. You will also notice this particular slot from others as it sticks out with a large spin screen located in the upper section of the game.

Epic Monopoly Random Bonus Features

The Epic Monopoly slot machine offers 2 random bonus features that will activate at any given time during a regular spin. Epic Multipliers is the first option which multiplies at a minimum the 3 smaller slot screens with a unique multiplier for each. On occasion the main screen will also have a multiplier during this feature. The payouts seem to be better when there is one and higher multipliers so keep an eye out for it. Epic Wild Reels is the second random feature option where two or more reels will become active on the main screen. These particular wild reels also transfer over to the mini screens providing you more opportunities for decent wins.

Epic Monopoly Spin The Wheel Bonus Feature


When you activate the Spin the Wheel feature you will have the opportunity to win slot credits, Epic Chance, Epic Free Spins, or the Around the Board bonus round. Once the spin lands on a location you will know exactly what feature you have been awarded.

Epic Chance you will simply need to select one of the five chance symbols on the screen where you will win a coin credit or select another card feature. The prizes for this particular feature sort of bummed me out as they never was very impressive.


Epic Free Spins when activated offers you a set number of free spins on all four slot screens. The payouts for this feature is pretty good but still not to much better than what I have done with the Chance feature. You can however reactivate for more free spins during this feature by receiving 3 or more Monopoly board symbols.

Around The Board in my eyes is the best bonus round you can get while playing Epic Monopoly. First you will need to roll the dice to determine what Monopoly space you land on. Once landed you will need to choose one of five cards for a coin credit. When playing Around The Board bonus you might win other mini bonus rounds that help add up the win nicely. I have learned by experience this is also the hardest bonus feature to activate while playing.

Super Monopoly Money Slot Machine

One of the newer Monopoly slot games available is called Super Monopoly Money. This particular slot machine is extremely popular right now in the casinos as it offers players a unique twist to the game they are unfamiliar with. When playing you will earn Monopoly Money that can be stored or used immediately to spin the wheel feature. When you decide to use the stored Monopoly Money you can increase it up to 200x! Being able to choose when to enter a feature is a unique and new concept in the slot machine industry.

This slot machine is available in two unique themes which are Hot Days or Cool Nights. Depending on the casino the line amount you can wager will vary per theme. The Hot Days version offers Free Parking during regular spins and the bonus rounds while Cool Nights offers Replicating Wild symbols during regular game play and bonus rounds. I personally do not have a favorite between the two as they both are lots of fun!

Monopoly Party Train Slot Machine For Sale Online

Super Monopoly Money Random Progressives

I’m completely fascinated with the entire concept of winning a progressive randomly. During regular play on this slot you can win a minor or major progressive at any time. The progressive payouts on these slots vary per machine or in some casino networks player wide. I have won several minor progressives playing but nothing large just yet.

Super Monopoly Money Wheel Bonus

Monopoly Party Train Slot Machine For Sale Cheap


The main attraction and bonus feature on Super Monopoly Money is the Wheel Bonus. As I was mentioning earlier this feature can be activated when you so choose during regular game play if you have any Monopoly Money saved up. The mini bonuses available to be played on the Money Wheel is Community Chest and Chance where you can win all the spaces or just a particular prize after selecting a card. While spinning in the main Money Wheel bonus it’s possible to have a spin again option but by doing so you will be risking what you earned from winning prior to the 2nd spin. Depending on the amount previously one is how I determine if I want to spin again or not but usually I just take the original winnings.

This particular Monopoly slot game is not available online just yet but one can assume it will be shortly as other Monopoly versions are. I will keep everyone updated and let people know when it does become available.

These 3 unique slot themes I have had the best luck in and obviously my personal favorites. Here is a list of more Monopoly slot versions I can think of which should be available locally and online.

  • Monopoly Free Spin Bonanza
  • Monopoly Party Train
  • Monopoly Wild Chance
  • Monopoly All In The Cards
  • Monopoly Wild Dice

In conclusion the Monopoly series of Slot Machine probably will continue to be developed and made assuming casino fans continue to demand them. Personally I think offering so many game themes and options weakens the overall brand of the slots. I must be wrong as they continue to develop and bring them to the floor. The big down side that is a concern to me is the fact when a new theme of this game comes out another one must more than likely will leave. If the already popular ones get removed and players complain more than likely management and WMS will wake up and understand enough is probably enough.

Monopoly Party Train Slot Machine For Sale Near Me

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