Mont Parnes Regency Casino

The Casino Mont Parnes Regency is only 17 km away from the city centre of Athens, and located in a protected environment in the heart of the countryside, offering many walking trails around the area. In fact, guests can use several special buses from Athens and Piraeus. A few kilometers away from Athens, the Regency Casinos group invites you from Monday to Sunday so you can enjoy the Mont Parnes Regency Casino. Glamorous and modern, the establishment has got everything to fulfill you, beginning with its exceptional gastronomic restaurant the '1055', where you can try Greek meals or international specialties as.

The Regency Casino Mont Parnes is a casino and hotel complex located in one of the most exclusive and idyllic parts along the Attica basin with a history of over four decades in the entertainment business.

It was effectively the first casino to open in Greece. Having recently been acquired by the Regency Entertainment S.A. group it has undergone a series of improvements and developments with a total area of close to 18,000 square meters with some of the highest international standards of facilities available in Europe or this side of Las Vegas.


Regency casino mont parnes athens greece

Mount Parnitha National Park is some 32kms to the north of the city centre. Its highest point culminates at over 1,400 meters in which you can find wild gorges and a variety of hiking trails and many archaeological finds discovered at the Pan Cave. Within the national park there are many wild animals such as eagles, foxes and deer. Among all this natural beauty lies one of the most prestigious casinos in Greece, the Regency Casino Mont Parnes.

Placed at the crest of the mountain the visitors to the Casino Mont Parnes get to enjoy a fully panoramic view of the city of Athens below. Access to the Casino Mont Parnes is only possible via taxi or cable car which takes customers from the bottom of the mountain to the very top. The cable car remains open 24 hours a day.

Casino facilities and games

The Regency Mont Parnes Casino Resort is located in Mont Parnes ( Parnitha), Greece only 32 kms from the capital Athens. It opens from Monday to Thursday from 8pm to 2am and Friday to Sunday from 8pm to 3am. Having recently been renovated by the new owners the Regency Entertainment S.A. group visitors to the casino now enjoy a choice of over 700 gaming machines and some 78 poker and casino games tables to choose from. These include:

  • 16 Blackjack tables
  • 2 Poker tables
  • 2 Punto Banco tables
  • 32 Roulette tables
Mont parnes regency casino athens

Customers of the casino and hotel complex can also relax and enjoy the benefits of the Club Olympus Fitness Club that is modern and fully equipped including an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor 1,200 square meter pool as well as one paddling pool for the kids.

The blackjack tables are suitable for all kind of players from low stake players to high rollers. Just make sure you are aware of the blackjack rules and you are fine to play on any table.

Don’t expect a live casino bonus but there are plenty of other perks to enjoy for free!

Restaurants and Bars

The Regency Casino Mont Parnes offers its visitors the chance to dine in style in the luxurious 1055 Café – Restaurant which is a reference to the altitude of the restaurant within the splendid surroundings of Mont Parnes commanding an unhindered and unique view of Attica Bay and looking down upon the historic monuments of Athens.

Slot machines

The Regency Casino Mont Parnes has an extensive choice of slot machines to choose from, some 708 games in total including some of the most recent state-of-the-art slots that are very diverse and offer a high quality of graphics.

Regency Casino Mont Parnes Restaurant



The hotel accommodation located within minutes of the casino may not be on the scale of the complexes in Las Vegas but offers patrons a choice of 70 rooms and 6 suites in a very modern and luxurious setting with unparalleled tranquillity and views from the top of the mountain.

The casino can also be found on Facebook.

20-FUN Mont Parnes

Customer Regency Entertainment S.A.
Location Athen, Greece
Vertical rise 572.0 m
Inclined length 1,713.0 m
Speed 6.0 m/s
Capacity 2000 p/h

Regency Casino Mont Parnes

Greece currently has nine gaming operations. The Mont Parnes Casino Resort in the Mt. Parnitha National Park is the fourth largest with an annual revenue of around EUR 90 million. The resort includes the actual casino itself, a hotel, bar/café, restaurant and meeting rooms.

The Mont Parnes resort can be reached by ropeway; the infrastructure is currently being completely refurbished. In the first stage of construction, an underground parking lot with spaces for 1,800 vehicles was completed at the bottom station along with the Funitel. In May, the old Habegger reversible aerial tram with 30-passenger cars originally built in 1972 closed down and is scheduled to be demolished at a later date. It has now been replaced by a modern Funitel from Doppelmayr, which can still be used at wind force 10 (storms of approx. 100 km/h, 60 mph). (The old tram had to stop operating at wind speeds of around 50 km/h, 30 mph).

Wind stability is extremely important because the mountain peak is frequently exposed to severe winds. In a further stage of construction, a new casino, VIP casino, 5-star hotel, restaurants, bar, etc. are to be built on a 5 acre site, while the existing facilities continue to operate. The refurbishment and construction work will be organized so that the casino will not have to close its doors. As a special service during normal operation of the lift, VIP customers will be able to board luxury cabins from an exclusive VIP area. A separate rail is provided to allow the VIP cabins to travel from this area onto the ropeway. This installation is Doppelmayr’s first Funitel with electric grip force testing devices. In view of the national park location, only three towers were permitted on the line. A special combined sheave assembly was used on tower 2 to ensure proper rope guidance. High availability was a major priority, as the lift operates 20 hours a day. This made it necessary to install two high-power drives. The drive capacity was designed to allow one drive to be shut down for a week for maintenance work without affecting passenger service. Diesel-driven emergency units are also on standby. Doppelmayr was responsible for the complete installation (with the exception of the civil engineering work).