Nars Bronzing Powder Casino Review


  1. Nars Bronzing Powder Casino Reviews

This product I will forever hold dear to my heart – my very first blush/bronzer purchase. And let me tell you, it has remained one of my favorites even after many other cheeky products have been added to my growing makeup collection. I will start off by saying that NARS powder products are absolutely amazing: pigmented, finely milled, and in extremely flattering shades. Many of you have probably heard of the cult favorites NARS Orgasm Blush (crude name I know) and NARS Laguna bronzer, but have overlooked Sin and Casino.

Nars bronzing powder casino reviews

Sin is a beautiful plum/berry with a hint of gold shimmer running through it, perfect for fall and winter. Although it looks super dark and daunting in the pan, it appears much more pink on the cheek. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it gives the skin a rosy appearance, but it’s perfect for giving the skin some color it desperately needs in the colder months. I find that on days when I’m not sure what blush to wear, I end up reaching for Sin as it perks up my face and adds a subtle highlight due to the gold shimmer. Something to note about Sin is that it is super pigmented. More than one light dab of the brush in this and my cheeks look like those of a painted doll, a scary sight. As much as I use Sin in the winter, I use Casino in the summer. It has become one of my favorite summer bronzers since it’s dark enough to show up on my tanned skin and is neither too brown nor too orange. I know in my picture it looks a bit orange but it’s just the lighting I swear! Casino is also perfect because has enough shimmer in it that it could be used to bronze up the face, but sparse enough to be used as an effective contour.


This product retails at $41, which may sound like a steep price but is actually a great deal. Individual NARS blush and bronzers cost $29 and $33 respectively, so both for $41 sounds great to me! Yes, there is a significant downsize in the amount of product in the duo compared to the full size versions, but these powders seem to last forever, and have I mentioned how pigmented they are? Let’s also remember how sleek and simple the NARS packaging is. The rubberized compact feels both sturdy and professional and come on, who can resist black and white packaging? I would definitely recommend this product, especially those who are just getting into blush and bronzer as I was when I purchased this!

Here are our dupes for NARS Casino, which is a very warm-toned, medium brown with a pearl finish. It is a permanent bronzer that retails for $38.00 and contains 0.28 oz. It is a permanent bronzer that retails for $38.00 and contains 0.28 oz. Nars has transformed its hero Laguna bronzing powder into a liquid version. It can be worn on its own, layered with makeup or used to boost your foundation shade.

What’s your favorite blush/bronzer duo?

Nars Bronzing Powder Casino Reviews

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