Netflix Gambling Shows

The Ocean’s 11 series, 21, Rounders, and Casino Royale are among the most-watched gambling movies. But there are many more gambler movies you can find on Netflix. Here are a few that you may have missed and can add to your queue for the next Netflix binge. Watch #Mank on #Netflix.' Another fan said, 'I'm a sucker for movies with great dialogue. And ManK's definitely got it. I love this movie.' Get the latest news on Netflix shows by subscribing here. RELATED: ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ Is About to Be the Netflix Show Everyone Is Talking About—Here’s What We Know. Based on the novel by Walter Tevis (who penned The Hustler and The Color of Money), Netflix's limited series The Queen's Gambit charts the rise of gifted outcast Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy).

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Netflix is a full to the brim with great choices for your evening’s entertainment. There’s also plenty to pick from if you want something connected to poker, or even gambling in general. As poker players we also all secretly enjoy to watch the occasional piece of degen behaviour when it comes to gambling. There’s something here for everyone.

KidPoker – 2015

This is the Daniel Negreanu story filmed in documentary style after his induction into the Poker Hall of Fame. Charting his rise to the pinnacle of the game, we get to see a glimpse behind the scenes at exactly how it all came together.

We also learn how he maintains the best version of himself possible, because it’s no secret that Negreanu has come in for some stick about not being able to compete with the younger generation these days.

A great piece of cinema, even if you’re not a massive fan of the man himself. Worth a watch.

No Limit – 2006

This is a fun look into the world of high-stakes tournament action by two independent filmmakers. Made during the height of the poker boom we get to see the excitement behind what poker players are chasing day-after-day.

Big names from poker such as Mike Sexton and Doyle Brunson feature to give their opinions on the game that transformed their own lives.

Win It All – 2017

This Netflix original movie is a fictional comic look into the life of a gambling addict. Eddie Garrett, played by Jake Johnson, is rebuilding his life after gambling away $50,000 that wasn’t his. Things are going well until a friend arrives at his house with a duffel bag stuffed with bank notes, and asks him to take care of it while he goes to prison.

There’s not a great deal of poker in the movie, but the themes are all relevant to the gambling industry and there’s plenty of laughs.

Netflix Gambling Shows

Killing Them Softly – 2012

This all-star movie has it all. We have a mob protected poker game that is robbed by three nobodies and Brad Pitt is on the case to restore order as an enforcer. Ray Liotta and the Soprano’s James Gandolfini play big parts in the story of the mob’s efforts to show that they won’t be messed with.

Full on Hollywood blockbusters that touch on the gambling world are quite rare, especially starring names such as these. This is an excellent production and definitely one you shouldn’t miss.

Cold Deck – 2015

This modern thriller is all about a compulsive gambler’s agreement to rob a high-stakes poker game hosted by a rich banker, Turk. Bobby is neck deep in a long losing streak and accepts an offer to pull off the heist from a local gangster.


Netflix Poker Shows

After successfully getting away with the money, Turk is determined to get his revenge and Bobby is now in fear for his life.


Although cliché ridden, this is still a decent choice if you can ignore the cheesiness of the actual poker.

Need a little boost to your Netflix queue? Why not pepper in a few of their best movies about gambling? Usually these movies have surprisingly star-studded casts, include a lot of drama, and many twists and turns.

It’s hard to say no to brooding men staring at their hand of cards. Tensions run high and emotions get the best of your favorite protagonists. We’ve put together a list of Netflix’s very best gambling movies to give your queue the boost it needs.

Molly’s Game

This 2017 film stars Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, and Kevin Costner. It was also directed by Aaron Sorkin. Chastain plays Molly Bloom, a real person. The film is based on Bloom’s 2014 book The True Story of the 26-Year-Old Woman Behind the Most Exclusive, High-Stakes Underground Poker Game in the World.

The book’s title is a mouthful, but the movie is a great story about a woman capitalizing on her position inside of an illegal gambling ring.

Win it All

A Netflix original which debuted in 2017, this movie stars Jake Johnson as a man named Eddie Garrett who promises a friend bound for prison that he’ll protect a duffle bag until his friend gets out. However, Garrett finds out the bag contains money and ends up in debt. When his friend’s sentence is shortened he’s forced to try and win all the money back as soon as possible.

Mississippi Grind

This little talked about 2015 movie, believe it or not, stars Ryan Reynolds, and Ben Mendelsohn. The movie follows two men (one who is in a bit of a rut when it comes to luck) who set off on a road trip with the hopes of winning big.


Netflix Gambling Shows 2020

This 2008 movie stars Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, and Kim Sturgess. The movie follows a group of students who study the “art” of card counting in the hopes of taking millions from Las Vegas casinos by playing blackjack.

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