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  1. So, no matter what kind of online gaming service a company intends to offer, the Malta LGA likely has a license to make it official. Whether an online gaming site intends to offer lottery games, bingo, casino games, poker, non-profit games, sports betting, or sweepstakes, Malta can provide them a legal backing.
  2. Welcome to the Malta Business Registry The Malta Business Registry (MBR), established under Subsidiary Legislation 497.27, is responsible for the registration of new commercial partnerships, the registration of documents related to commercial partnership, the issuing of certified documentation including certificates of good-standing amongst others, the reservation of company names, the.

Online Gambling License in Malta. Malta has one of the more popular licensing authorities for online gambling in Europe. The island is located in the Mediterranean and is a full member of the EU. The country first started regulating online gaming in 2000 via the Public Lotto Ordinance. Malta then joined the EU in 2004 and thereby became.


Let Us Help You Move To Sunny Malta And Work In The iGaming Sector In 2020

Do you want to make a change in your life, live differently and take on a new career challenge? If you do, today might be your lucky day! The iGaming sector has grown at an incredible rate in recent years and Malta is one of the main locations for online betting, casino and bingo companies.

The harsh reality is that it is not easy for the online gaming sector to recruit staff locally. The total population of Malta is relatively small and until recently the education system has not been focused on the types of skills that gaming firms require. You would be right to guess that the number of Maltese nationals that grow up as web developers and also speak Norwegian or Swedish is very, very low!

This means that gaming companies have little choice but to pay competitive salaries to staff in Malta and that there is quite a lot of movement between companies, so promotions can come quickly to smart, hard working staff. There are many vacancies to be filled.


  • 1 Let Us Help You Move To Sunny Malta And Work In The iGaming Sector In 2020

What is igaming?

In case you are unfamiliar with it, igaming is a business sector that describes itself as “entertainment” but in reality is the digital version of gambling. There are lots of different versions of online gambling that people like to play. Probably the largest revenue generator is sports betting, but there is also online casino, which can be categorised as slots and table games, bingo, lottery, fantasy sports and now esports.

There are companies representing every part of the sector based in Malta. That means that there is everything from TV studios broadcasting 24/7 live casino with croupiers in front of the camera, to game developers and legal compliance.

Why is igaming in Malta?

The Maltese government established regulations and a regulator to oversee the sector much earlier than most other governments. Most European Union members still do not have their own nation rules in place and beyond the EU, most governments of the world either have no rules, or at best unclear rules, to oversee online gaming. By being an international license and in an EU member state, Malta filled that gap and continues to do so. It also means that there is a requirement for a very diverse and international workforce.

Malta has developed into arguably the global hub for igaming. As well as the hundreds of companies and thousands of staff based on the island, it is also host to SiGMA, which is an annual conference near the end of the year for the online gambling sector. There are other larger events in Europe each year, most notably in London and Amsterdam, but SiGMA ensures that thousands of people connected to the gaming space visit Malta annually. These conferences are mainly targeted at affiliates, because affiliation is such an important element of the sector’s marketing, but they are important events for operators, game providers, platforms and payment solutions as well. These events host hundreds of companies and their display stands, presentations and industry speakers, training and educational content from sector experts and, of course, networking and lots of drinks.

Do you have skills that an online business needs?

Not everyone has the right education, training or experience to work in an online casino or online sportsbook firm. Online casinos need to hire staff that have very specific skills, such as software developers and testers, digital marketers, graphic designers, IT security and business intelligence experts. They also need staff to handle the less specific roles, such as social media, HR, payroll, legal and compliance.

What languages do you speak?

The gaming sector in Malta has moved from being international to worldwide. The markets companies compete in are mainly chosen by their legal status and expected profitability. This means that there is a need for native speakers of many languages from Brazilian Portugese to Japanese.

Many of the early founders of online gaming firms are Scandinavian. In fact, most of those were Swedish. This has pushed most online casinos to focus on Sweden as one of their core markets – because it is what and where they know – and then to expand into other countries such as Norway, Denmark and Germany.

What languages are in highest demand for online gaming jobs in Malta?

Each company will have it’s own needs, but generally: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German, Finnish and Japanese are in demand. However, most companies use English internally because they are such international companies. This means that staff need to speak business English plus (ideally) another one or two languages that the company requires. There are, of course, many British staff and few speak a fluent second language, so if your skills and English are good, there may still be an igaming job in Malta for you.

Do you have the right mix of skills for jobs in the betting industry?

The result of this is that many of the betting companies in Malta need to employ staff that possess the combination of digital skills and multiple languages. Additionally, most igaming companies in Malta use English as their language internally, because so many people speak it as a second or third language. This adds to the difficulty in finding the right staff because now a company might need a web developer that is also fluent in both German and English.

It is very common for companies to advertise positions for [language] speaking [role]. Examples might be German Speaking Content Writer, or Swedish Speaking Social Media Manager. Not everyone can apply for those kinds of igaming jobs in Malta!

Are there really that many online gaming jobs in Malta?


Yes, there really are a lot of online gaming jobs in Malta. It is estimated that there are around 10,000 staff in gaming in Malta. There are around 200 companies that have some form of license to operate from Malta – there are game developers, software and platform developers, payment providers, legal and compliance firms, operators (running a bookmaker or casino), affiliates (generating leads and customers to the operators) and many types of specialist service provider, such as betting recruitment agencies.

Additionally, there are many other companies that have licenses from other jurisdictions that have an office and staff in Malta, either for tax reasons, because there are so many experienced staff, or because they want to be where the action is to meet industry players and be able to do deals.

Some of the largest companies in the betting sector – firms like Betsson, Kindred (formerly Unibet) and Catena Media have very large offices with hundreds of staff each in Malta. They all need to recruit smart, skilled and motivated staff – maybe you! – which is why there are always vacancies to be filled.

Can you build a career in Malta?

Yes, building a career in Malta is very possible. There are already many hundreds of people that have put down their own personal roots, purchased a property and have a family in Malta. As one year leads into another, they are building their lives and careers in the Maltese gaming sector. If you wish, you can do it too.

The larger igaming companies all recognise that it is difficult to retain staff and so as well as offering a nice work environment, many offer different educational options to help their personnel develop and grow. This kind of education can be a lever to help find a promotion or new position with greater responsibility and higher pay.

Why live and work in Malta?

Let’s be clear, there are many worse places in the world to live than Malta! If you are from northern Europe, then by your standards, Malta will have between seven and eight months of summer per year! There are more than 300 days of sunshine. That might not appeal to you – summer can be very hot and humid – but if you have seen enough grey clouds and rain to last a lifetime, Malta might just be for you.

Most of the gaming firms are located in the few central areas – Sliema, St Julians and Msida. Most of the foreign workers also live in those areas, plus a few surrounding areas – Gzira, Swieqi, Pembroke and Valletta. This means that for many of us foreign staff, our daily commute is a walk of 30 minutes or less each way. Compared to the gruelling train journeys or traffic jams that most of us commute through in Europe, this is a great way to travel to and from your job.

Being near to the Mediterranean Sea means that for several months each year you can swim before or after work most days! We know many people that skillfully weave the feeling of a summer vacation into their daily life. It isn’t easy to do that in Stockholm or Berlin!

Malta is mainly a tourist location which means that most areas – and especially Sliema, St Julians and Valletta – have lots of bars, restaurants and things to do. Plus, everything is close by, so you can walk to and from most places and not need a car for your daily life. This kind of lifestyle is not for everyone, but it can be a lot of fun.

It is worth noting that the sector has not penetrated Gozo at all. It will be difficult to live and work in Gozo whilst in the gaming sector. This means that real estate prices are high for gaming staff because we all live in the same areas as each other, squashed in with the locals, the tourists and the language schools.

What are most betting company jobs like?

Most betting companies are quite relaxed on a day to day basis. Everyone has their role and most people work hard, but there are normally lots of perks.

For example, there is no real suit and tie culture in the gaming sector. Through summer, many staff will work in shorts, T-shirts and flip flops. That might sound silly, but when it is 35C in the shade, everyone stops judging your dress sense and gets on with life.

Most gaming firms have a start-up feel, which means that there is normally a social culture within the firm – food, drinks, nights out and summer trips. It is worth remembering that this is a part of the entertainment sector and entertainment is meant to be fun so there are lots of people that like having fun that apply and are hired for these jobs. Luckily for most staff members, the company founders like having fun too and they are the ones pay the invoices! For many people, gaming jobs in Malta are quite appealing.

Are there customer service jobs in Malta?

Yes. Many companies have their customer service teams based in Malta, near to the rest of the business. Customer service agents are often at the start of their careers and so are young and new in Malta. Not everyone that moves to a new country settles and stays, which means that there are lots of staff that move and then move away. This creates constant turnover and opportunities for new starters.

Many customer service agents use the experience they gain as a way to move into new positions in the sector, such as content writing, social media, finance and payments.

Are there jobs in the sports betting industry in Malta?

Yes. The main sports betting firms have offices in Malta. There are relatively few odds compilers and traders in Malta, but we do know of a few. They seem to have a great life – watching and reading about sport all day.

Are there jobs in the poker sector in Malta?

Yes. There are actually a lot of professional poker players that live in Malta full time. There are a few poker firms based in Malta. It is surprising how many former poker players now work in the gaming sector.

Are there jobs in lotto and lottery in Malta?

Yes. We only know of a few companies that specialise in this sector. Since a lottery company will normally be competing with government run lotteries, there are far fewer businesses in this sector, but it is possible to find these jobs.

Are there live casino jobs in Malta?

Yes. There are several companies that run their own in-house TV studios where the tables and dealers are based. These firms have 24 hour content running in several languages. In addition to the main European languages, there are also studios with Turkish and Japanese croupiers, for example.

Are there marketing jobs in gaming?

Yes. The online betting and casino sectors are heavily dependant on marketing to find new customers. This means that there is a very wide range of digital marketing roles available. These include content writers, social media, copywriters, CRM and campaign management, Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), VIP managers and business intelligence. Most companies operate with one person having overall responsibility for the marketing efforts within a market – these are called Country Managers and anyone with good experience as a Country Manager can find work!

The affiliation sector is also growing strongly. Affiliation businesses usually require SEO, PPC and email marketing skills, plus lots of technical and development staff.

Are there specialist IT jobs in Malta?

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Yes. These positions can be difficult for companies to fill. Positions such as web development, PHP, AngularJS, network engineer, graphic design, IT security, software development and testing and many more are in constant demand. If you have this sort of experience (and if you speak a second language) please fill in the form and contact us – we can help you make the connections to find a new position quickly.

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Are there management jobs in Malta?

Yes. Many of them! Many companies promote their staff from within to keep the skills and knowledge learned about the business in-house, but there are many people that move up into management in gaming in Malta.

Is previous gaming or betting experience required?

This will depend on both the employer and the role. For some positions, previous experience is vital, but for other types of position it is hardly relevant. Despite this, most employers would like to hire people with industry experience wherever possible.

Will my new employer help me to relocate?

That depends on the company, but many have staff in their HR teams that help new recruits to move to Malta. They can help once you arrive to get settled in and go through the legal requirements to register, but many firms will also help with the financial costs of relocating.

Do you need a visa to work in Malta?

Malta is a part of the European Union which means that citizens of EU member states – plus Iceland, Switzerland and Norway – can relocate and work without needing a visa.

Staff that come from outside the EU will need to go through some visa process. The process itself will depend on which nation you come from. For smaller firms, this will be a process that they will help with, but will not be easy for them. Larger firms will be able to help staff to obtain the required working visa more easily. As a general rule, whether the company is willing to go through this extra effort will depend on how important the role is for the business, the difficulty they have had in finding suitable candidates and how much they like you. So be nice!

Should you find out more?

Yes. Here at we work with one of the leading betting recruitment agencies in Malta. After years of living here and working in gaming we know who we trust and we will introduce you to the people we ask advice from. Just click on the link, fill in the form and we will have someone contact you to help you understand more about the roles currently available and what might be a good fit for you.

They will be able to help with your cv if you need and then help you to apply for a specific vacancy. From that point, they can help with further applications to suitable positions, provide coaching before interviews and help with follow up and salary negotiations. We look forward to helping you.


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