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A guide to the weakness of Berith and how to quickly defeat this Shadow in Kamoshida’s palace in Persona 5 Royal.

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Unlike Persona 4, the true ending path is a lot simpler in Persona 5, and can largely be explained without spoiling. Simply put, keep playing until you complete the Casino Palace (Casino of Jealousy Shut Down). With minimal spoilers, after the Casino Palace, do the following story options: On November 19, do not accept the deal. Persona 5: Wedgie Palace. Add to Favourites. This place is huuuge!' She shuddered and struggled as the pain of the thin fabric of her red thong shot. Madarame's palace is the first time where Persona 5 truly pops off. Where every palace at its core is about stealing a treasure, this is one of the few that truly feels like a heist. The goal of this strategy is to win a huge amount of money before you reach your Persona 5 Casino Red Panel bonus Persona 5 Casino Red Panel amount, cancel the bonus and walk away with Persona 5 Casino Red Panel your winnings. So let’s do the same example as above. You deposit €100 and get another €100 to play with. The following is IGN's walkthrough for Futaba's Pyramid, the fourth Palace in Persona 5. You are able to infiltrate this Palace freely starting July 26 (7/26) and your deadline for completion is.

Persona 5 Royal is available on PlayStation 4 meaning you can now play the best game that’ll take you months to complete. There are elements that are both worse and better than its original, and some of these better elements include Will Seeds to find in palaces. However, away from this added bonus, some new Phantom Thieves are having difficulty with defeating the recurring Berith in Kamoshida’s palace due to not finding a weakness to exploit.

There’s a lot to do in Persona 5 Royal from wooing a new waifu to unlocking a third semester, but you won’t be able to do any of this until after you’ve stolen the heart of the worst P.E. teacher in existence, Kamoshida. His palace acts as a BDSM castle with a lot of provocative symbolism and imagery, and it’s arguably the most memorable level in the game despite being the first.

Although a lot of the palace is a breeze due to Shadows being as low a level as yourself and fellow Thieves, there is one Shadow named Berith who is higher than the rest. With a level nine ranking, below you’ll discover its weakness and how to defeat.

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What is the weakness for Berith in Persona 5 Royal?

Berith has a weakness to Bufu/Ice in Persona 5 Royal.

You should be able to figure this weakness out as Berith has a resistance to Agi/Fire.

In order to easily topple this shadow, you’ll want to have either a Succubus or a Silky.

You’ll probably have the latter before the former as you find and battle plenty of Silky in the beginning stages meanwhile Succubus largely appear when in the Central Tower when nearing the treasure.

How to defeat Berith in Persona 5 Royal

You can easily defeat Berith in Persona 5 Royal by exploiting its weakness to Bufu/Ice.

However, if you don’t have a Succubus or Silky, you can still defeat Berith with few problems by performing Technical attacks.

This is where you get the enemy to suffer from an ailment and then attack them with a move dubbed to be Technical.

Most of these attacks can just be normal ones so you don’t waste SP or HP with a Persona, but you can also use moves that will result in Technical appearing on the screen to let you know that more damage will be delivered.

Persona 5 Royal Casino Palace Red Panel

If you want to conserve as much as SP as possible so you can complete the palace in one go (aside from defeating Kamoshida himself), we recommend summoning one of the DLC Personas you have because of their higher level and stats.

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Simply having one of these DLC Personas equipped will allow Joker to kill most enemies in one go from normal attacks, so it’s a good way to conserve SP while traversing up the castle.

Persona 5 Casino Palace Red Panel -

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