Planning Poker Tool Online

Free Online Estimation Tool for Agile Development (Planning poker, aka Scrum poker).

  1. Azure Boards Estimate is an open source tool that allows estimating with Planning Poker for Azure Boards. You can play Planning Poker in Azure DevOps. You can select work from an iteration, query, or your backlog, estimate the effort of those items with your team, and immediately update the work items.
  2. To get started with Planning Poker with your team, you can purchase Planning Poker cards from Mountain Goat Software. Or, play Planning Poker online for free. How Does Planning Poker Work? At the start of this agile planning exercise, each estimator is given a deck of Planning Poker cards.

You can then use our Online Planning Poker Tool just like real poker cards. Select the appropriate value and wait for your team members to finish. When everyone is done, you will be able to see what the other team members have “played”. And if you want to play a new round of Planning Poker, one of you simply click on the appropriate button. Poker Planning is a great tool with many benefits, but there are other ways to help improve the process even more. Small steps that most people miss, can be done to improve the process. Knowing these tips will enable the successful coach or trusted team member, to help their team improve. So what are these nuggets of wisdom?

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Important information for users of version 1 (8/23/2019):

Version 1 of the extension will be turned off in a few days. Please talk to your admin to upgrade to Version 2 otherwise you won't be able to connect to sesions.

Play Planning Poker in Azure DevOps. Select work from an iteration, query, or your backlog, estimate the effort of those items with your team, and immediately update the work items.


8/28/2019 - 2.2.0

  • Allow restricting selecting work items/commiting values to the creator of the session #43

7/3/2019 - 2.1.0

  • Public release of Estimate 2

2/1/2019 - 2.0.0

  • First beta release of the new Estimate version

11/3/2016 - 1.0.19

  • Fixes backend connection problems.

4/5/2016 - 1.0.13

Planning Poker Tool Online
  • Improved support for projects created from an inherited process.

Planning Poker Tool online, free

4/2/2016 - 1.0.11

  • Bugfixes for projects created from CMMI template

3/27/2016 - 1.0.8

  • Performance optimizations
  • Non-numeric card selections are now indicated as a warning when being revealed:
  • Improved support for Internet Explorer 11 when revealing cards

Estimate work items from your backlog...

Select any number of items on your backlog and start a new session from the context menu.

...or in an iteration

Planning Poker Tool Online Catalog

Estimate all work items in an iteration.

Planning Poker Tool Online

Work with your team in real-time

See immediately who has joined the session, who has selected a card, who has picked which estimate.

Update your work items as you go

Each estimation is saved to your work items as soon as you have estimated

Starting a new session

  1. Start a new session from the backlog context menu or use the Estimate hub and select an iteration
  2. Share the generated link with your team members, so that they are able to join
  3. Once all members have joined, everyone picks a card
  4. After everyone has picked a card, click Reveal to reveal everyone's estimate
  5. Select and commit the final estimate
  6. Move on to the next work item. Estimates are automatically saved to the work items.

After you are done, you can end the session.

Joining an existing session

There are two ways to join an existing session, use a direct link, or pick an existing session from the Estimate hub

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