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Poker Shop Europe: wholesale and retail poker equipment and accessories, sourced worldwide and shipped worldwide direct from our UK warehouses within 24 hours of your order. Find traditional favourites such as Copag 1546 poker and bridge playing cards, or Kem 100% plastic acetate poker cards at industry leading prices, or take a look at the very latest collectible playing cards from Theory11 and Gambler's Warehouse. If poker chips are what you're looking for, that's fine too. We have a full range starting from low cost Dice style chips, through to heavyweight graphic chips, right up to professional quality ceramic chips such as Lucky Dragon, Ascona and The Valentino. If you're searching for high quality home poker equipment, then you should find it here. Can't see what you're looking for, or not sure? That's fine, just contact us, or call us on 0113 238 0302 - we're happy to help :-)

Everything you need to get the most from your fire…

…from flamers to famous forks


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A fire pit on its own is a thing of great beauty. It gives you heat, light and creates a magical atmosphere. Add a simple BBQ rack, toasting fork or cooking bowl and you also have a feast.

We have a wide range of accessories to inspire you and help you get more from your fire pit or outdoor kitchen. We’ve thought of everything from lighting your fire to putting it out safely at the end of the night.

Something for everyone


We have fun accessories like our marshmallow toasting fork, which we’re proud to say has been featured on This Morning. We have practical accessories like fire pit rakes, tongs and blow pokers. And we have striking accessories like our circular log store.

We can help you light your fire and keep it burning to perfection. And we can help you cook anything from a slice of toast to a gourmet dinner. All outdoors of course.

All our steel accessories are made to the same high quality as our fire pits and outdoor kitchens. From roasting ovens to pizza paddles, BBQ racks to wok stands, all our accessories are beautiful, functional and designed to last for years.

They’re clever too. We have half-moon shaped BBQ racks so you can easily keep the fire burning while you cook. We have fire pit lids that double-up as table tops. And we have long-handled pans so you can protect your hands from the heat.

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Poker Accessories Uk

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